Sogou SDWebImage usage

Why use it (the original address: SDWebImage is a library to download pictures from the site, it extends the UIImageView class. UIImageView can be directly from the site to download pictures, but it does not consider the image of the cache, resulting in only if the picture is to access the network. And SDWebImage has solved the problem (of course). Download location
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Sogou New live555 proxy server

For a long time did not engage in streaming media, and recently returned to the live555 proxy server to update to the latest live555 code (V0.82). Improved ahella problem, also took out a class, more streamlined code. Improved command line parameter format, as long as this: rtsp://source-rtsp-server-addr:port/123.264? Rtsp://proxy-server-addr:port/proxy on the line. "Behind" is the standard RTSP address format, you can add...
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Sogou A detailed Windows Phone background music

Applied in: Windows Phone 8 Windows PhoneOS 7.1 | you can write music playing in the background of the app is winphone. This means that your application can continue to play music even when the user clicks on the back or the start button to leave your application interface. This paper discusses the composition of background music applications and how they work together. This article contains the following sections. And background audio architecture, background music best practice background audio architecture background audio application use.
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Sogou VLC framework analysis

Player VLC is not difficult to understand, it is difficult to understand the role of the object of its meta system, class inheritance mechanism, class hierarchy, and message passing route. Object meta system has been implemented in the meta system VLC I initially considered its function is: - attribute of a permanent easily, and configuration files to the original ecological combination. - - dynamic properties of many processes or message driven mechanism by the properties of considerable check mechanism. Class inheritance (structure) - most classes are inherited from vlc_object_t. ...
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Sogou The Windows Phone agent.

Application to Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone OS 7.1 scheduling of task of and the background agent makes an application if not running in the foreground can execute code in the background. Different types of scheduling tasks are designed for different types of background processing scenarios, and thus have different behaviors and constraints. This topic describes the issues of scheduling, duration, and limitations. This topic contains following parts: - the life cycle of scheduling type, background agent, all scheduling task types.
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Sogou How to explain the Android compiler to use as an independent tool chain

Now that you can use the NDK Android tool chain to be used in an independent way! If you already have your own system, it will be very useful. A typical application scenario is to invoke a'configure'script that relies on an open source library of the CC environment variable. This document will explain how to do. 1 select your tool chain: first, you need to determine your independent tool chain for the goal of CPU plus structure, is the ARM-based device, x86-based device, or MIPS-based device. Each...
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Sogou Step by step to learn OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (6 end)

Response touch events make your OpenGL es application can respond to touch the key is to expand to achieve your GLSurfaceView code overwriting ontouchevent () to monitor touch events. This article shows you how to monitor the user's touch events to enable users to rotate a ES OpenGL object. Setting a touch the listener in order to make your OpenGL es application responds to touch events, you must be implemented in your GLSurfaceView ontouchevent () event. The following example demonstrates...
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Sogou Step by step OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (5)

Adding motion on the screen is a basic ability to draw OpenGL, but you can also use other Android graphics framework classes to do, including Canvas and Drawable. But ES OpenGL provides the ability to move and transform objects in 3D. In short it can create a very cow B user experience. In this paper, you will learn how to use the ES OpenGL to add a spin to the shape. Turning a shape using the ES OpenGL 2 to rotate an object is also very simple. You create another transformation matrix (a rotating moment...
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Sogou Step by step OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (4)

<! -- @page {2cm margin:} PRE.western {font-family: "New Courier", monospace} PRE.cjk {font-family:, monospace} "new song" PRE.ctl {font-family: "New Courier", monospace} H2 {margin-botto...
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Sogou Step by step OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (3)

<! -- @page {0.79in margin:} PRE.western {font-family: "New Courier", monospace} PRE.cjk {font-family:, monospace} "new song" PRE.ctl {font-family: "New Courier", monospace} H2 {margin-bo...
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Sogou Step by step OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (2)

(welcome to join Android technology exchange group: 209796692) define the shape will be defined on the shape of the view OpenGLES, is the first step you create a masterpiece of high-end graphics applications. If you don't understand the basics of OpenGLES defining a graphic object, using OpenGLES might be a bit tricky. This paper explains the coordinate system of OpenGLES with respect to the screen of the Android device, define the basic knowledge of a shape, shape the appearance, and how to define a triangle and a square. Define a triangle OpenGL...
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Sogou Step by step OpenGL ES2.0 Android programming (1)

<! -- @page {0.79in margin:} PRE.cjk {font-family: "Micro Hei WenQuanYi", monospace} H2 {0.08in margin-bottom:} H2.cjk {font-family: "Micro Hei WenQuanYi"} H1 {0.08in margin-bottom...
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Sogou Qt animation explain two

A application that will get together with animation will usually contain more than one animation. For example, you might want to move multiple graphics item at the same time and also the order of one after another. QanimationGroup's children (QSequentialAnimationGroup and QParallelAnimationGroup) are containers for other animation, so they can be either parallel or serial. QAnimationGroup is an example of a non property animation, but it's time to change the notice. This makes...
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Sogou Android Content Provider ContentProvider MIME type eight -.

Welcome to join the Android technology exchange QQ group: 209796692) implement ContentProvider MIME type ContentProvider has two method returns the MIME type. (getType) one for any provider method. (getStreamTypes) if your offer is provider file, this method is expected to be realized. Table MIME type getType () method returns a MIME format S...
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Sogou Android Content Provider - seven detailed implementation of the ContentProvider class

(welcome to join the Android technology exchange QQ group: 209796692 realize the ContentProvider class ContentProvider instance management on a structured data set operation to handle requests from another application. All operations were eventually called ContentResolver, then it calls the ContentProvider a concrete method. Query method are virtual class ContentProvider defines six virtual methods, you must in your derived class...
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Sogou A detailed Qt animation

Overview the main classes in the Qt animation architecture as shown in figure below: the animation frame is composed of a base class QAbstractAnimation and its two QVariantAnimation...
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Sogou The Qt property system Xiangjie

Qt provides an excellent property system. With the properties that are provided by the compiler. However, as an independent repository, the Qt does not rely on non - standard compilation features, such as __property or [property]. Qt can be compiled under the standard compiler on any platform. The Qt property system is based on the metadata object system, which is the one that provides the object's built-in signal and communication mechanism. Declare attributes need to declare a property that you want to use Q_PROPERTY () macro in the class that inherits from the QObject. Q_P...
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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed six

Create a Providercontent provider Content to manage the access to the central data warehouse. You implement a provider, that is, in a Android application to achieve one or more classes, plus some of the elements in the manifest file. You implement a ContentProvider subclass, which serves as the interface between your provider and the other. Although the purpose of providers content is to provide data to other applications, it can also be in your own...
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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed five

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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed four

Provider data type Contentproviders can identify a variety of different data types. The user dictionary only identifies text types, but the other provider can recognize the following format: integer long integer (long) floating point.Provider (double), another provider is often used by the big two Cursor (BLOB), it is like a 64KB byte array...
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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed three

Content provider permissions a provider application can specify other to manipulate their data should have the permissions. These permissions ensures the user can understand an application to operate the data. Other applications need to request the appropriate permissions based on the provider needs. User installed applications will see their requested permissions. If the application of a provider does not specify the priority tasks, then other applications cannot operate provider data. However, where the provider application components is complete...
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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed two

From the provider to obtain data in this section about how to get data from the provider, user dictionary as an example. In order to clear analysis to understand, this section calls ContentResolver.query) (snippet placed "UI thread". However, in the actual code, you should be in a different thread executing the query action. One way to do this is use cursorloader class. And the sample code is only a fragment, they do not show a complete application. To get the data from the provider, shall be in accordance with the following steps: 1.
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Sogou Android Content Provider detailed

Content providers - content ProviderContent providers management of structured data sets. They encapsulate the data and provides the standard interface of another in the process of data from a process connection data security mechanism.Content providers. When you want to use a content provider data, you need in your application context use a contentresolver object as the client and provider communication.Cont...
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Sogou Android recording and playback

Android multimedia framework includes acquisition and coding multiple audio format support, so you can easily incorporate audio to your application. If the device supports, you can use for mediarecorder APIs recording. This chapter is to show how to write an application to obtain the audio from a microphone on the device, and then save and playback. Note: Android emulator does not have the recording ability, but real devices generally have this feature. Perform audio capture from the device access audio than playback of the audio or video to complex point, but also is fairly simple: create...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera Xiangjie eleven (end)

Lapse Time video (timing video?) Video method to time allows the user can create a time segment image consists of a video clip. The characteristics used for mediarecorder to record image to a sequence. To use for mediarecorder for a time method to the video recording, you must like recording a video configured as recorder object and rate setting to a low figure and setting time page quality, as the following code are shown: / / step 3: set a Ca...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed ten

The characteristics of the available Camera parameters / / get detection Params Camera.Parameters = mCamera.getParameters (); FocusModes List = params.getSupportedFocusModes (); If (focusModes.contains (Camera.Parameters.FOCUS_MODE_AUTO)) {...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed nine

Release the camera on the device is shared by the application. You can use it after the camera is used, and your application must release it and release it. If your application does not fit the camera, all subsequent attempts to get the right to use the camera, including your own application, will fail and result in those applications...
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Sogou RTSP player demo

A brother of the request, the obligation to help him do the RTSP player propaganda. Available on this site download its demo. Continually manual --------------------------------RTSP player instructions player instructions player instructions player instructions player instructions 1. Player profile player mainly used to follow the RTSP protocol stream...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed eight

Once you have set up the viewlayout of preview class and display preview class, you are ready to use your application to get the image. In your application, you must set up the listener, which is used to control the listener, to respond to the user's action. To get the image, use the Camera.takePicture () method. This method has three parameters. To get JPEG image, you must implement a Camera.PictureCallback interface to receive image data and then write to the file...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed seven

Create a preview class to allow users to effectively obtain images and videos, and must be able to see the image in the camera. A camera preview class is a SurfaceView class, which can display real-time images in the camera, so the user can frame and capture images or video. The following example shows how to create a basic camera preview class that can be included in a viewlayout. Such an implementation of the SurfaceHolder.Callback, in order to obtain the creation and destruction of view callback event, the view used to allocate the camera...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed six

(welcome to join Android technology exchange group: 209796692) the result of receiving the camera intent once you build and implement an image or video camera intent, your application must be configured to receive intent results. This section shows you how to intercept the intent from camera to make your application can get to the image and video to do more action. In order to receive a result of intent, you must override activity onActivityResult (intent)...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed five

The camera Android frame includes a variety of camera and camera support, so you can capture images and video in your application. This document discusses a simple and fast method to obtain images and video, and outlines a new method for creating custom user camera experience. Think of your application in the future. You should think about your application in the future...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed four

A lot of good audio playback is processed by AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISYIntent, which can automatically stop playing when the event occurs when a user is listening to the music, for example, which may not be expected by the user. You can use ACTION_AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISYintent to ensure that your application can stop playing music. You can add the following code...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed three

Although a activity can run, Android is a multi task environment, which brings special challenges to the use of audio, because there is only one audio output and possible multiple media are trying to use it. In Android2.2, there is no built-in mechanism to deal with this problem, it may cause bad user experience in some cases...
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Sogou Android multimedia and camera detailed two

Releasing MediaPlayer MediaPlayer may consume a large amount of system resources. So you should always take some extra steps to make sure that you don't hang up on a MediaPlayer instance. When you run out of release, you should always call MediaPlayer () to ensure that the system resources that are allocated to the MediaPlayer are released. For example, if you are using MediaPlayer and your activity receives a call to onStop, you...
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Sogou Android multimedia and a detailed camera

Android multimedia framework includes the acquisition and playback of audio, video, and various types of image features, so you can easily integrate them into your application. You can use MediaPlayer or MediaRecorderand to record sound, video, or grab pictures from the file system, or Camera API Android...
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Sogou Android OpenGL two

OpenGL version and device compatibility OpenGLES 1 and 1.1API specifications from Android1.0 began to support Android2.2 (Level API 8), the framework supports OpenGLES 2 API specification.OpenGLES 2 is supported by most Android devices and is recommended for use in new OpenGL based applications. Texture compression supports texture compression by reducing the use of memory can significantly improve the performance of.A applications OpenGL...
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Sogou A detailed Android OpenGL

(welcome to join Android technology exchange group: 209796692) overview of Android through the OpenGL contains a high performance 2D and 3D graphics support. In particular, support API.OpenGL OpenGLES is a cross platform graphics API, provides a software operation 3D graphics hardware interface.OpenGLES is a OpenGL specification for embedded devices. From android1.0 began to support OpenGLES 1 and 1.1API specifications...
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Sogou Android graphics system Xiangjie six: View layer

View layers in all versions of Android, views are painted off screen buffer. This includes using view rendering cache, or using canvas. Savelayer (). Off screen buffer, or layers, use a lot. You can use them to complex view animation or using a combined effect of increased performance. For example, you can use canvas. Savelayer () implement fade effects. This method will be temporary to a view to a layer and then use a transparent coefficient...
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Sogou Android graphics system Xiangjie three: shape Drawable and squares

Shape Drawable when you want to dynamically draw 2 dimensional graphics, ShapeDrawable object is your right choice. Use ShapeDrawable, you can draw the original shape and apply to any style. ShapeDrawable is a Drawable derived class, so you can be used for any want to use Drawable - for example, may be a View background, set by setBackgroundDrawable (), of course, you can also take your shape as it from...
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Sogou Android graphics system Xiangjie two: Drawables

Android provides a custom 2D graphics library to draw images and images. You can find the general class for the 2 dimensional painting in the package. This paper discusses the use of Drawable objects to paint the basics and how to use a pair of derived classes for the Drawable class. Drawable is an abstract of the sort that can be painted, you will find that the Drawable class has expanded many specific, but can be drawn, including BitmapD...
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Sogou NDK Android development easy entry

Welcome to join the Android technology exchange group: 209796692. AndroidNDK is a combination of a series of tools that enable Android application developers to embed native code that is compiled from the c/c++ into a series of applications. Note: AndroidNDK can only be used for Android1.5 and above. Android NDK I. Objective: Android virtual machine allows you to apply in the source code (JNI) in the implementation of the method to call the local code (c/c++). To sum up, this means:...
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Java zero based run the first program

Java zero based starting the first program a overview 1 java code compiled compiled in order to in computer operation, the compiler is the person can read the code into machine can read in the form of compiling Java 2 advantages a, run everywhere. Because the Java code is running in the virtual machine, the virtual machine eliminates the difference between different operating systems. Java virtual Machine--- referred to as the sun, the version JVM3 Java release Java1.2 after called the Java call the Java2, so now call J2XX. ...
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Zend Framework2 PHP (a)

1 prepare this tutorial assume that you run at least PHP5.3.23, WEB server apazhe and MySQL.MySQL. Access to MySQL is an PDO extension. You have to make sure that the Apache is configured to support.Htaccess files. This can be done by changing the settings in your httpd.conf file: None AllowOverride for FileInfo AllowOverride. If you don't put mod_rewrite and.Htacce...
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The problem of using gcc in makefile

If you are compiling the cpp file instead of the C file, you should explicitly point out the use of g++ instead of makefile. Otherwise the compiler will appear a mistake. ...
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Software development is not Fruits fall off when ripe., forcing

It is very difficult to turn the to predict when a task can be completed. I have seen all the software engineers have a headache, including me. Some people will be too high to estimate the time needed to develop a feature, while others will greatly underestimate the amount of work they have on hand. But is this a real problem? No, this is not a problem. Don't know who invented the artificial one to give a final time, it has no meaning. Even if you do one thing...
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Server git configuration summary

Git server configuration that is hard, but also not easy to say, because no matter how you understand the principle will encounter problems. Now sum up my configuration process. I chose giosis as the GIT server (as if it was only this one?) , and installed in win7. Gitosis attached to the openssh, and is written in python. So you need to install these things. In order to facilitate, I in the cygwin environment configuration. 1 install cygwin. 2 when installing cygwin, remember to install python2.7, openss...
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