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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

Linux performance monitoring - Average Load

Web site does not load out? A small chrysanthemum kept turning, may Average Load can tell you the answer......

Linux Top Average load Performance monitoring load

The difference between long term, medium term and short term scheduling in operating system

In many processes or threads are prepared to use CPU to deal with the task, there will be the problem of competition and allocation of resources. Generally the process or thread will be placed in a buffer pool, waiting for the right timing of the scheduling process from the choice of a process or thread to CPU for processing. As shown in the figure above, in the scheduling, divided into long-term, medium-term and short-term three. Long-term scheduling, also known as scheduling or advanced scheduling, the scheduling will have entered the system and in standby mode of operation based on some algorithm choice one or a group, for the establishment of a process, and enter the host, when the completion of the implementation of the operation, is also responsible for the resource recycling system,...

Investment logic on enterprise service, you have to listen to the 6 dry cargo expert

In this paper I will share "column share in 36 krypton equity financing platform" investment. We are very much concerned about a market is the enterprise service in this piece of investment layout very much, now I talk about why I am so valued enterprise to serve this market and our investment logic. ...

Investment Enterprise service SaaS Entrepreneurship

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IIS compiler error message: CS0016 failed to write to the output file "ASP.NET Files\roo c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary expert

The error message is as follows: Solution: Windows/temp attributes - Security - Advanced add IIS_USERS users, while editing permissions for full control (write and edit) can be. Note (not met): To ensure that the permissions are added, the win7 is likely to be safe, and you will automatically cancel the permissions you have done. First administrator to obtain ownership, and then add. ...

IIS Compiler error CS0016 Write in output file

IIS could not read the configuration section 'system.web.extensions' because it is missing a section declaration expert

Today in the local installation of IIS, set up the site, the application of the error when the error: server error Information Services Internet 7.5 Error summary HTTP error 500.19 - Server Error Internal Unable to access the requested page because the related configuration data for this page is invalid. Detailed error information Module Web Core IIS Notification BeginRequest Processing has not been determined Error code 0x8007...

IIS Read configuration section Extensions Lack Section declaration

IIS can not recognize the property "targetFramework"". Please note that the name of the attribute is case sensitive. expert

The specific error message is as follows: the server error in the application program "/TestService". Configuration error Description: an error occurred while processing the configuration file required to provide the service to the request. Please check the specific error details below and modify the configuration file. Parser error message: unrecognized attribute 'targetFramework'". Please note that the name of the attribute is case sensitive. Source error: Line 31: Line 32: Line 33: Line 34: Line 35: "/TestServi...

IIS Could not recognize attribute TargetFramework Case size

2015 year-end summary expert

Good fast, soon to the new year, and the end of the year to write a summary of the. Just look at the writing year ago own summary, is still filled with a thousand regrets. Technology last year, in addition to continuing to learn Java, but also to get started Python. Python's advantage does not have to say, at the beginning of the design of the subject, while learning to do, to complete the task has been almost mastered. Learn more things in the future, and then to touch the new technology, feel very quick to get started. 15 years to learn a lot of new technology, fully aware of the technology as a practitioner, not only to master the technology, but also to take a certain time to read other technical blind spots, do not take the...

The age of the Internet 100 books to read, from the 100 big coffee industry recommended

90 entrepreneurs how to understand industry trends, streams of people busily coming and going, product development? The blog Chinese invited 100 Internet cafes, sharing large coffee are my best "list". NO.1 "from 0 to 1" [recommended] (recommended book initials ranking order, based on the same below) Chen Yizhou: Thousand Oaks interactive group chairman, CEO Jason: Focus Media chairman, CEO Li Kaifu: founder of Innovation workshop, chairman, CEO Liu Donghua: founder and chief architect of the island Qiao Jian: Vice President of Lenovo group...

Internet Industry trends Founder architect Open source China

Artificial intelligence and machine learning areas open source project

English: Quora Translation: CSDN CODE Link: GraphLab GraphLab is a new parallel framework for machine learning. GraphLab provides a complete platform, so that the organization can be used to expand the machine learning system to build large data to analyze the product, the company's customers include Zillow, Adobe, Zynga, Pandor...

Hadoop machine learning Open source project artificial intelligence Python

Question and answer is suitable for me to do software development? expert

For friends who want to join the line, to confirm whether they are suitable for software development is very critical. Here is a set of practical methods to help us determine whether they are suitable for walking on the road of software development...... ...

software development Career planning Programmer

NLP series (1) _ from basic text on deciphering the alien natural language processing expert

What would you do if you were to decipher the text of the "three body" person? We tried to open a hole in the brain: if you have a USB flash drive, the network text information of a large number of "body" people (Liu Cixin novel high intelligent aliens)... When faced with an unknown language, it seems that the most direct way is to grasp a large number of corpus, and these materials are the best way to mark the. And then carry out a variety of statistics, to explore some valuable information. This is the natural language processing from the perspective of the natural language processing. ...

natural language processing NLP Edit distance participle

Programmers work a year wise remark of an experienced person

Put this article into the column Java background frame series which is also very helpless, just to be able to share to more friends of the apes, hope understanding. Tonight was supposed to write a blog post in technology, because the source material was not ready, and had just finished company year-end summary, blogger is 15 session of the graduates, combined with my internship is a year the, just some summary can share to everyone, for some just graduated from New should have some help, write not good not to blame. Share this article, and not feel that they have more powerful, although the lack of experience of working in an Andy pigeon, but even this paper of an ape friends have a little bit of help I will satisfy the. One, do...

Java work experience Programmer

Operating system learning notes: distributed system architecture expert

Distributed system is a set of processors that do not share memory and clock, that is, each processor has its own memory, communication between processors can be realized through a variety of communication networks. First, the background Distributed file system (DFS) clients, servers, and storage devices are distributed on a machine in a distributed system. Therefore, the service activities must be carried out on the network, the system has a number of independent storage devices. But for the client, DFS is better able to behave like a traditional centralized file system. The most important performance measure of DFS is the time required to meet the service request. ...


Simple prediction expert

Chopper will still need to 1) crude oil as scheduled break 30, also will maintain a period of time, and may be because of the black swan events, there is political not supply and demand, the eldest brother; 2) this year the weather is bad, the food is a big problem; 3) steel and other metals demand is not too will turn for the better, behind the need is quality rather than quantity; 4) fence are tied, the depreciation is inevitable, the exchange rate is the social efficiency comparison; 5) prices will fall, real estate tax collection; do not take the original forecast, for example, the situation will change; industry is so poor, unable to support; 6) said earlier, in the future.

Four thoughts on Tsinghua EMBA curriculum: organizational behavior expert

Discuss the study is still mainly by Tsinghua EMBA in front of three courses of study, the thought that I have been completely adapt to this kind of tense and fulfilling four days to think about the trip. However, the course content and actual progress greatly exceeded before I expected. The reason for this topic too grounded, organization behavior is every entrepreneur students must first face the practical problems, and classroom discussion intensity far beyond imagination, that there are several teacher stopped twice there are a lot of students raise questions in the end of the day, my mind still in the emerging class inside a lively scene, take this feeling still hot occasion...

STL_ algorithm _ rotation (rotate, rotate_copy)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All the containers for / Rotate (B, m, e) / M-B units, moving (rotating) Rotate_copy (B, m, e, B2) /**------**/ #in...

STL_ algorithm rotate Rotate Rotate_copy Variable order algorithm

STL_ algorithm _ reversal (reverse, reverse_copy)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All the containers for / Reverse (B, e) / reversal interval data Reverse_copy (B, e, B2) /**------**/ #include #includ...

STL_ algorithm Reverse Reverse Reverse_copy Variable order algorithm

Deep learning and computer vision series (10) _ on convolutional neural network expert

The previous nine stresses on the structure of the neural network, components, training methods, principles and so on are introduced. Now we go back to the core of this series: computer vision, a special version of the neural network in computer vision in the most widely used, which is known as the convolutional neural network. Convolutional neural network and ordinary neural network, by the "neurons" at the level of structure, in which the weights and offsets are available for training. The same is the input of the data and weights to do the operation, the output of the input excitation of neurons, the output results. On the whole, the whole neural network to do things, is still the pixel level of the input map...

computer vision neural network Deep learning Convolutional neural network Picture classification

Machine learning scikit-learn map expert

Scikit-learn is very popular in the field of machine learning an open source library, based on the Python language. Can be used free of charge. URL: above there are a lot of tutorials, programming examples. And also made a very good summary, the following picture basically summed up the traditional machine learning areas of most theories and related algorithms. We can see that machine learning is divided into four blocks, namely classification (classification), clust...

Python machine learning

ROS exploration summary (nineteen) - how to configure the navigation function of the robot expert

The two-dimensional navigation function of ROS, in simple terms is according to the global position of the input mileage sensor information flow and robot, the navigation algorithm calculated that safe and reliable robot speed control command. However, how to implement the function of the navigation function on a particular robot is a complicated project. As a necessary prerequisite for the use of the navigation package, the robot must run ROS, publish the TF transform tree, and release the sensor data using the ROS message type. At the same time, in order to allow the robot to better complete the navigation task, the developer will also be based on...

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Introduction to Halcon/MFC mixed programming

For the convenience of beginners, as far as possible to write in detail. A a new project, named halconVC, as follows: Two configuration MFC/halcon programming environment 1 in the project - "attribute" c/c++- "additional routine contains a directory with" $HALCONROOT /include/cpp "; $HALCONROOT /include" 2 additional library in the project directory - "attribute" connector "routinely added $(HALCONR...

Halcon MFC

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STL_ algorithm _ (remove, remove_if, remove_copy deletion, remove_copy_if)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All containers apply Remove (B, e, V) //[b, e) delete value Remove_if (B, e, P) //[b, e) delete p Remove_copy (B, e, R, V) //[b, e v) delete the result in R. Remove_copy_if (B, e...

STL_ algorithm Remove Remove_if Remove_copy Remove_copy_if

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STL_ algorithm (replace, replace_copy, _ replaced replace_if, replace_copy_if)

Primer C++ learning...   The learning process my simple record (code) All containers apply Replace (B, e, OV, NV) / replace oldvalue newvalue Replace_if (B, e, P, V) / / replace V with P conditions Replace_copy (B1, E1, B2, OV, NV,) Replace_copy_if (B1, e1...

STL_ algorithm Replace Replace_copy Replace_if Replace_copy_if

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Significance of practice -- suggestions for the lovers of image processing algorithms expert

Some of my study of digital image processing in the experience and suggestions are welcome to participate in the discussion of the interests of friends. Sharp tools make good work Sometimes some of the methodology and the like can often give you a lot of detours. ...

image processing learning method

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JavaSE entry Study 1: basic knowledge of computer

An overview of a computer Computer (Computer) computer, commonly known as the computer name. It is a kind of modernization which can process massive data in accordance with the procedure. Intelligent electronic equipment. Which is composed of hardware and software, not install any software called bare computer. Common forms of desktop computers, notebook computing Machine, large computer, etc.. Two computer application Of computer application has penetrated into all areas of society, is changing people's work, study and life, to promote the social...

JavaSE Basis of computer The DOS command prompt

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The second session of the national Revit development combat training camp in Beijing successfully ended expert

Jointly organized by Beijing mount of Olives software company and fortification campus Bim in China Training Network "the second session of the Revit development of combat training camp fortification training school classroom as scheduled classes in on January 1st. To participate in the training of architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University in Shanghai (Group) Co., Ltd., the Chinese people's Liberation Army General Logistics Department building engineering planning design and Research Institute, China Municipal Engineering northeast design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Power Engineering Consulting Group Southwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., Yaxiang system integration technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China Great Wall International Engineering Co., Ltd. Tianjin Science University, North...

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The development direction of software industry: cloud, Web and App expert

With the development of the Internet industry, the future direction of software development is cloud technology, Web software and Apps based on mobile devices. Desktop software is mainly responsible for large-scale computing, rendering and consuming a lot of CPU and memory graphics software, as well as two development software based on these software, such as Revit plug-in. Other storage, information exchange, coordination will all move toward the cloud and mobile applications. Cloud: Ali cloud, HUAWEI, Baidu and other cloud based services framework has matured, has come to the front. Now renting a cloud server only needs 2-3 thousand dollars a year, to a fixed IP, to provide free expansion. Than their own purchase...

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Enlightenment of dining room to buy Rice

Every time I go to the canteen to buy rice is always entangled how much I should buy the rice, after careful observation, I found that the same is selling rice aunt, and some people have more rice, and some people less. The rice price list of the canteen is as follows: weight Price 4 hair 200g 6 hair 300g 8 hair 400g 1 block 500g 2 pieces of 1 hair 600g If you buy 2 pieces of 1 hair rice, then the aunt will give you a 1 bowl and then a little more...

Life cost decompose

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The solution of data management information system of Municipal Subway expert

A municipal subway ticket card segment is the subway management system is an important hub and simultaneous line center and the Ministry of Finance and marketing department is responsible for a number of other department daily work, convenient traffic statistics, clearing revenue reconciliation and maintenance management of substation equipment etc.. Before here Municipal Subway by crystal reports development, completion of the passenger flow and clearing settlement business, because the crystal statements made complex function is realized by programming, not good maintenance management, so the finereport this software assistant development, finereport report software for complex format of report data and web statements show, by multi-source slice, irregular grouping, bidirectional extension to easily drag and drop to do complex format of the report, from out of the complex SQL and expression, without programming...

enterprise informationization Data information construction Metro data management system Solution application

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Venture Company in the typical day of operators is how to spend?

Products in different stages of the product, the configuration of the operation team is different, the difference in operation will lead to the daily work will not be the same. The octopus is afraid of the individual micro channel (zyulaoshi), serial entrepreneur. First, the accumulation of information No matter what kind of operation, the accumulation of information must be enough. In the mobile Internet time, so-called debris in the moment have been less debris, we play a circle of friends, the game time is frequently more than half an hour, a circle of friends and then waiting for praise or is waiting for comments through. The "entertainment to death" in Orwell...

data team Read Excel Design

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