Sogou Record, accumulate and share

Few years summed up the lot, quietly lying on the hard disk, the data many problems summarized, some are from the extracts, no matter how is spent some effort to, rather than let the sleeping in the hard disk, take out share to let more people benefit. A lot of things if you do not record, and soon will be forgotten, clearly before things, took some time to become blurred and had to start afresh as research, time is really a waste. Another record for a period of time, found that the record itself can be very good to urge you to do further research on the topic. Remember...
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What would you do if you were a horse or a chicken on an animal farm?

"Animal farm" (animal farm) is a famous British writer George Orwell wrote a dystopian fable novels, the book a few years ago was banned, now you can read this book in the formal channels, itself also shows we are indeed in progress. Looking back to the history, animal farm story in staged countless times, successful, like a book in the pig, replacing the people became the new rulers; failure, also quietly submerged in the tide of history, no one remembers. The wheel of history so tumbling, success, stand on the forefront of rising tide for hundreds of years, mixed well, ten years...
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Snow in West Lake Tour

Nanjing on business. During the weekend made a special trip to Hangzhou turn, when playing Paladin when the game in Linan City (ancient name of Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty) turned many times, mami also really is first came to the city of Hangzhou. Originally also intends to friends about Ali, Ali R & D center visit. Finally, because of the limited time, it turned the turn west lake and the thunder peak pagoda. This is just a few days to catch cold, Hangzhou under the snow, very cold, I can put on clothes to wear. The snow in West Lake less handsome, more graceful, very beautiful. Because of the snow, not many visitors, a person silly in the snow of the West Lake round. More than ten...
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The most important principle of efficiency promotion - one thing at a time Doing

Some time ago the popular time management approach - tomato works, said is select a task you need to complete, tomato time for 25 minutes, to concentrate on work, halfway is not allowed to do anything unrelated to the task, until the tomatoes clock sounded, then have a short rest (5 minutes), tomato of each of the four periods of rest for a while. I tried several times, the last time I feel this tool is not very practical, the time management is a bit too complicated. Although this tool is not suitable for me, but I think the essence of the work of tomato law is very right, that is, for a period of time you only focus on one thing...
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Happiness - > Happier

The last few days of 2015 began to read the "happy method", is also hoping to have some changes in the new year. Often thought about the "success" of the method, but rarely thought about "happiness", the subconscious to success and happiness a sign, which may also is why we now live very rushing all day, but often confused reason. I should be regarded as described in the book of "happiness" "busy", faith, "delayed gratification", recognized now everything is in order to achieve the goals for the future, the pain is get the way of happiness in the future. Once you reach the goal,...
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Credit - the value of credit

To the bank loans, how to assess the bank can give you a loan, how much can give you the loan? The bank is through the investigation of the credit institutions to your credit situation, in order to determine the amount of loans or loans can not be. What is credit credit is collect credit information, credit the first in my country there is in annals of Zuo, Zhao Gong eight years "," gentleman word letters and sign, so blame far their body, ". Among them," evidence "is verification language for reliance, or validate the credit. Credit information service refers to the organization of enterprises, institutions and other credit information and personal credit information collection, collation, preservation, processing, and to the information users...
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2015 run off the road

In March to start running, start time, didn't want to keep running for long, so run, from 2 to 3 km began to run, then 5 kilometers, run for a long time increased to 10 km run, finally end unexpectedly also ran the two and a half horse (Shenzhen half horse, Nanshan half horse). Records from the plump runs to see, from March to the end of the year run 605 kilometers, 143 km walk, totaling 748 km, except in August and September, because in the hands of a line of the project, the tight schedule did not run too much, several other each month to run are still relatively average, almost 70 to 80 km. With the increase in running capacity, running ability is also gradually put...
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2015 read the book

2015 read 21 books, each month to 2 books, these books mostly on the Kindle, reading time is basically in the subway, dabbling is also more complex, a way of thinking, speech, Internet, education, and some novel, because of the transformation of the role of the work, pure it hard books instead less, it mostly through the Internet to learn. Reading is an important channel for self improvement, work or life has any questions, often find some books to see, from the book of others in the experience of precipitation to find some ideas. Reading is indeed a very cost-effective way of learning, a cup of coffee...
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On the German entry, the advanced reading recommended - "Dezhou poker small green book"

2015 Tencent poker tournament TPT today in Sanya, Hainan war, before I tried three times online TPT qualifiers, but every time ineffective because the strength, every time stop preliminaries, also need to continue to hone. De flutter is indeed easy entry, advanced difficult, even if the maximum pocket of a, a as the hands, in the face of the weakest hands 2, 7, there is no chance of absolute. Many uncertain factors and need to obtain information as much as possible, the information may be is the winning of the cards in your hand, opponent or opponents' tell 'and so on, to make decisions based on these information, is not easy. Just because of the German flutter...
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Start with some attempts to micro channel enterprise number

My team began to make some attempt on the micro channel enterprise, and hope that through the micro channel platform for information in the enterprise in the flow of more smooth, I think there is a very good opportunity. Liu Run, the traditional enterprise, the Internet in the door, said the book about the history of the competition to upgrade the road, the early rush to the lot, and later to grab traffic, and now is the time. Traditional economy of business distance: location, Li Ka Shing investment saying: "factors that determine the value of real estate, the first is the location, the second is lots and lots of the third", good location, in the same time period can gather more potential customers, make machine business will be more, the traditional...
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"The traditional enterprise, Internet plus interpretation of the Internet in timen" book review - easier to understand

"Internet plus" this speculation is very hot, this year is the last year of the twelfth five year, estimated that many enterprises are busy making thirteen five strategic development plan, for many of the traditional business, how to use the Internet to reconstruct the business model, but it is like smoke and mirrors, it is difficult to see through. Years I also participate in the planning of the company 45 information and short term planning is very easy to do, but to fall into the business model of planning, the height and the angle of thinking is completely different, we see Taobao, Jingdong electronic commerce website of traditional retail impact; didi taxi change of traffic; the balance of treasure to challenge the financial...... I living in...
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The most beautiful time on the road - remember the first deep horse

Ran yesterday, Shenzhen marathon, half marathon, this is my first two horses, doorstep happy or some exciting, because the excited vigor, at two o'clock in the morning to fall asleep, hazy sleep for three hours, 5 point and a half had to climb up to wash rinse, prepared breakfast, take the first train rushed to the Civic Center, 7 20 arrived at the Civic Center, is already a sea of people, parties running friends on this convergence. Words, in the past two years running is becoming more and more popular, I am feel and now running the rise of app. With these in mind step app, run step under the sun, friends little praise. The positive feedback so that your running of heart qi...
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Kindle ebook production

Is still used in the Kindle slowly some lengthy, before is the guide into a TXT see, but for chart format articles not of Kindle e-books making method, some of the more complex recommended here a relatively simple method. Software: calibre (free of charge), download address: operating procedures 1. The text copied to the word, and layout is good, not into HTM / HTML format 2.Calibre just imported HTML file, then edit under cover,...
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Shaanxi opera and Jia Pingwa "Qin opera" - on the change of time

Middle school, secretly seen Jia Pingwa "deserted city". The book was banned, now on the plot of the book is not impressed the, just remember full "mouth mouth mouth cover of pornography, to see people really crazy. Get Maodun literature books are worth a look, old Jia the "Shaanxi opera" years ago took Maodun literary prize into the I to be read list. Very early to buy the Jia Pingwa Qin Qiang, the first look at the time, it was inside many of the points not clear characters to engage in Mongolia, rolled, did not find the feeling down on the recently picked up the book, slowly, to find the feeling...
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Run - record the first horse race

Early to start running, and gradually like the sport of running, in March, also wrote the article "2015 - run up the, at the three small annual targets: * not fat, 171 cm tall, 141 jins weight, most belong to extra baggage, 15 at the end of the year to see can not be reduced to 133 pounds. * traveled to Shenzhen every mountain park. * run a half marathon. These three small goals have been reached today: first goals: the weight of the current 130, reduced by 11 pounds, the body becomes light, the stomach is not, and the happiness of the trouble is that before the clothes are pants...
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Very exquisite carved sirloin

Some time ago to travel to Beijing, Shun experience the legendary "carved sirloin" and carved sirloin is known as light luxury meal, cooking beef brisket recipe is to Stephen Chow movie "God of cookery" archetypal characters of Hong Kong chef Dayron to 500 million yuan to buy and. Carved sirloin dishes is two pages, but every dishes done is very exquisite, indoor table and chairs and tea are some argument, in short, is a hotel "feelings", since it is light luxury meal, the price is certainly not cheap, I point the a bowl of "Jintang abalone sirloin face, 128 yuan, is my this whole life had the most expensive face, soup taste good.
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Live SQL Oracle (

October 14th Oracle released a free SQL, PL/SQL online learning site -, users do not need to install the local test library, and then to test their own PL/SQL, SQL more convenient. Live SQL Oracle based on Application Expresse Oracle (APEX) to build, the background database is 12C Oracle. ...
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"Good bad" strategy, strategy study

The beginning of the end of the 12th Five year 45, many state-owned enterprises are busy do five-year summary and 45 prospect, I also have the honor to participate in this work. Before you have not had this experience, the process is a lot of personal feeling to do, of course, because there is a consulting company led, so the planning is an orderly completion of the. Afterwards still want to explore, in the end what kind of strategy is a good strategy, how to develop a good strategy. Found a number of books, which Richard Rumelt's "good strategy, bad strategy" written by the very exciting, with the author's many years of rich experience, made a profound insight into the strategy. After reading this book...
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New entertainment project - Dezhou Poker

Like the 10 years of game "StarCraft", with game dropped, really has been declining, used to be able to find a few friends to play two, now really is not one to play, so always wanted to find a fun, competitive and strong, and the game playable instead of interstellar. Heard very early on a lot of E-sports athletes, such as boxer, grrrr, LX, PJ, to retire after fought poker, once won the runner up StarCraft WCG Elky even in the European Poker Tournament (EPT) won the prize of $200 million, de flutter in the end is a what kind of game, why so many people turn...
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Three months to modify the password really can improve information security?

How long have you been rehabilitated bank card password the? If bank allows you to three months must modify a password, the password and new password cannot be reused 5 times recently used, you will be mad? I recently implemented a project in the process, a large number of users complain information system for three months to change the password for the account of the strategy is really very troublesome, or even a "nuisance". Three months of time passed quickly, the user had to modify password and according to information system password complexity requirements, "can not be reused 5 times recently used passwords, so users have to create many commonly used and hard to remember new password...
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Talk about online group collaboration tools -

Process design color produced tower is clearly modeled on foreign god, 37 signals Basecamp, Cheng Cai CEO Shen Xueliang also admitted that the this point (the debate in the know almost is noisy very hot), tower and Basecamp interface design and style is indeed very similar. Whether Tower is plagiarism, this product really solve many of my problems in the project management, I have to say I love this product. The traditional project management tools through Project or Excel software to the Gantt chart to record the project plan and schedule...
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