2015 run across the road

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In March to start running, don't want to run long, just ran, ran from the beginning of the 2, 3 kilometers, and 5 kilometers, running for a long time to run 10 km, finally end unexpectedly also ran two times (half horseShenzhen Half Marathon,Nanshan half horse).

From the record run plump, from March to the end of a 605 km run, walk 143 kilometers, a total of748 kilometersIn addition, in September 8, because the hands of a project on the line, not too much time to run, run the other months of each month are still relatively average, about 70~80 km. With the increase of amount of running, running ability is also gradually improve, now runs ten KM has been significantly higher than originally easy, much easier.

As long as there is time, will try and set aside time to run, even travel, tourism, as long as there is a chance will to that place Paopao, also because of running, often can see a lot of different scenery. It has become a part of life, enjoy the process of running,2015 is run upIn 2016, will pay more attention to strength training, improve physique fundamentally.

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