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There is praise - free micro mall Show the micro channel editor Project management software Mobile development platform Android development platform...
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Sogou You great God of the nature of Java some understanding

Keyword final: The definition of the final variable is not complicated, that is, it can't point to other objects (and not be able to change the value). (original link) Keyword static: The member variables and member methods that are modified by static are independent of any object of the class. That is to say, it does not rely on a specific instance of a class, and is shared by all instances of the class. In fact, you need to understand that private is a limited access to the right, static said it would not be used to do so, it is easier to understand. (original link...
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Automatic scrolling ViewPager

Results: viewPager findViewById = (AutoScrollViewPager) AutoScrollViewPager (; viewPager.setDataList (mUrlList); ViewPager.updateView (0); ViewPager.setIsAutoScroll (true); ViewPager.setIsSho...
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Features such a full range of image compression, and who?

Design sketch I/---> com.pengkv.moon: Original Size: 1215*1080 I/---> com.pengkv.moon: final compression ratio: 3 times / new size: 405*360 Compression tools Android.content.Context import; import; import...
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TextView efficient and friendly user design

Phenomenon: in the edit page layout will often encounter this problem, textview placed, but because there is no text and background color, often when editing how difficult to visually see the layout of the page so we can write some text to the default android:text= user name: pengkv "but the textview is often used to display loading information, according to the user's changing value, so the operation will be found, the default text display just run, the data loaded and display real data, this process is not a good friend is there a way...
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Safe and efficient multi-channel App

After the development of a app often encounter some problems, such as some of the operational data, it is to be multi-channel, but the studio Android package is more than the speed of the packet, playing a few packets for more than half an hour, it can not help; or you have to pack up after being compiled, the consequences are not good. To avoid these problems, our team has released a app before the steps are: - > signature - >360 reinforcement - > the U.S. group of multi channel packaging 1: confusion (increase security). Please move: Android code confusion rule 2: signature (logo ap...
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AudioManager class: adjust the system of various volume

Void adjustStreamVolume public (streamType int, direction int, flags, void setStreamVolume, int, streamType int, index, int, int, public, streamType,,,,,,,,, flags: ST...
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Three code to achieve Adapter loading animation, but also to customize the animation effect

Effect: the first step: add mRecyclerView.addOnScrollListener (New RecyclerView.OnScrollListener (sliding monitoring) {// sliding direction judgment @Override Void onScrolled public (recyclerView RecyclerView, DX int, Dy int) {...
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Build Variants to create different configurations of the app (Graphic detailed)

Description and development of a app to avoid running in a variety of environments, such as the development environment, test environment, the official environment, and according to the different environment to configure different variables, in the past, I have achieved through the notes related code, obviously this is more trouble. Get to the point, how can be a key to change the configuration? Step 1: configure the productFlavors node productFlavors of the build.gradle file The name moon {// configuration, can not take /...
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Interface callback classic case - network request callback

Image analogy: you go to a store to buy things, just what you want to have no goods, so you have left your phone in the store, a few days after the store has been in the shop, the clerk will call you, and then you get the phone to the store to get the goods. In this case, your telephone number is called the callback function, you put the phone to call the store clerk registration callback function, then the goods called trigger callback related events, the clerk call you called the callback function call, you go to the store to pick up the response called callback event. (from the knowledge of) the benefits of callback: reducing the code's coupling, making the code more flexible and concise...
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Protect authority

The use of private modified member functions and properties can be used in the class, but not in the external use of the class. The member functions and properties that are modified with protect can be used in the interior of the package, but not in the external use of the package. Using public modified member functions and attributes can be used in the overall situation of second points, the parent class object is modified by protect properties, in different packages, can not be called by the parent class, can only rely on the inheritance relationship to achieve the call. ...
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To solve the continuous toast pops up, long time does not disappear (Jian Jie)

Phenomenon: sometimes when judging events need to play the toast, but when you click, toast, time display, a long time refused to leave the solution: public class MineActivity extends Activity Toast {private toast; / / toast in front of the statement, to ensure that only one page in the public (void showToast) {toast String msg...
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Solve the SwipeRefreshLayout multiple drop load icon display exception

Abnormal phenomenon: abnormal Description: SwipeRefreshLayout circle theory is that refresh when in the refresh status, the circle is not going to disappear and will not be dragged in, but when SwipeRefreshLayout is RecyclerView when the child controls, even in the refresh state, this circle can be arbitrary drag and rotation animation will be added that becomes very strange, ListView does not have this problem. Solution: customize a SwipeRefreshLayout, inheritance Sw...
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Automatically get SMS verification code (detailed notes)

Effect of step one: Custom listening class / * * * by pengkv on 15/10/12. Created * SMS listener, used to automatically fill the verification code * / Class SMSContentObserver extends ContentObserver public { Public final String SMS_URI_INBOX = "content://sms/inbox"; / / inbox...
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Acquisition of common dimensions of Android

Code: / / get the control size (size control can only get in the event inside) MTV TextView = (TextView) findViewById (; Width int = mTV.getWidth (); Height int = mTV.getHeigh...
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GetDrawable replacement method

I just contact Android, with getDrawable () method seems to be out of date, but at that time did not care, did not report the wrong, but this is not good. Phenomenon users recommend Google query results...
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Decision of program running state

How do you know if a program is running or not running at the front desk? The following method can be judged. / * * * to return to app running state * 1: program running in the foreground * 2: program running in the background * 3: program was not started * Note: need to configure permissions * / Int getAppSatus public (Co...
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