Sogou Open source IOT - a minimum of the Internet of things system design programs and source code

Maybe this is your graduation project or you can use it to control what you want to control, in short, you can use it to do a minimum of the Internet of things. However, here may not be as complicated as the function, because the emphasis is the smallest. BareMinimum, which is why I did not change the name of the project above the Arduino reason, because it is the smallest, (PS: we all know, if playing hardware). Things, this thing has been very complicated, it is not very complicated, but from hardware to software involved too much, more than a little. ...
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Growth - to help you become a top developer of APP

The days passed quickly, so in the past three weeks, in the blink of an eye in Github is much more than 600 commits. Easy code over a million, I also pretty fight. However, the inspiration to the feeling is really good ~ ~. Growth introduction as a programming learners, we always have to learn a lot of knowledge, but when to learn what knowledge is a very interesting topic. And, we also hope to be able to have a very good understanding of many things at the very beginning. This is Day's Growth page. As shown in the picture above: in this page, i...
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Programmers how to improve the influence of 2

Although there has been a very good article on how to improve the influence of the article, but the article is a lack of theoretical support. Don't know you found no you on the Github code is not worse than others, but no matter how hard you do not get the same attention. When people start to use the micro channel public number, you also began to use, but how hard you can not be less than one percent of the amount of reading. Yet you don't know why, even though you feel very uncomfortable! I remember when mruby just wrote a, I got a thousand star...
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Growth: a Web on how to become an excellent Developer App

Think or decide to release a preview version today, so as to continue to improve. Growth is a about how to become a excellent web developer app -- combined with skill tree, growth roadmap, advanced lists, web seven days on and quizzes. It is a summary of my previous learning experience, but I try to make it simple and measurable. Growth is mainly concerned about the point of Web development process and its technology stack, learning routes, which are: Almost complete Web development process introduced How to write code - refactoring, testing, and module...
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Repractise basic article: Web application development seven

Repractise Basics: Web application development for seven days on originally wanted to just draw following a seven - day chart to talk about web development, then think again it seems to be a very good web development related knowledge introduction. Application development is a very interesting cycle, most of the time we always think that other people's code is not well written. Even if it uses a very good design, we may also find that he is very complex. And it's a summary of what's happening in the next seven days. Seven, in fact, for the development of Web, there are below this figure is enough. The first day: a new beginning I
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To become an excellent Developer list

This is a report on how the Re-Practise technical books recommended reading list. Always draw / write a recommendation for your reference, but can not find a suitable form. One day, thought of the technology tree, then began to fall. I am well aware of their own knowledge is limited, so write this to learn to communicate with everyone. You are welcome to share your experience with Issues GitHub or direct Requests Pull. Look forward to your feedback. Basic reading...
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Editor - publish - development separation: git as the NoSQL database

Dynamic web pages is the next problem to be solved. We read the data from the database, and then dynamically to render a static page, and the cache server to cache this page. Since we can use Squid, Varnish such software to cache the page - indicating that they can be static, why not consider the direct use of static web pages? In order to achieve before it comes to the editor - released - the development of the separation of CMS, I spent two days to create a common user oriented editor. The results are as follows: as an ordinary user, this is a very simple software. In addition to El...
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You no longer need dynamic web pages - Edit - release - development separation

Although there is no special power to build a new CMS, I would like to write a paper about how to do such a thing - Editor - release - the development of separation mode is how to work. Micro service is one of the trends in complex applications, and the release and development of separation mode is another trend. In the article "a Repractise architecture: Reconstruction and evolution" in CMS, we talk about the development mode of separation - Edit - release. System architecture, as previously mentioned, Carrot uses the following scheme to build their static content of CMS. In this program...
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Repractise architecture chapter one: the evolution and reconstruction of CMS

Refactoring is a very challenging thing. Usually, in our system is the second system when it needs to be reconstructed, that the system itself has been very bloated. We spend too much time in the logic of the code, the development of new features become more and more slow. This is not only possible because our previous framework is not designed well, and in the process of our development has not maintained some of the principles of the original design. If this is the case, then this is a complex process. One more case is that we have found a framework that is more in line with our current business. Dynamic CMSCMS profile CMS is...
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The programmer must know the front end of history

Carefully sorted out in the past have been exposed to the front end of the technology, and found that the evolution of the front end is particularly interesting history. People are always in the past to make the future needs of the framework, and now popular in the past has been invented by the past. For example, one of the shortcomings of the responsive design is that he's just going to do something in the template layer and put it into the style (CSS) layer. Complexity Tongli does not disappear, also does not come out of nowhere, it always from an object transferred to another object or a form of converted into another form. If the speed of the mobile network six or seven years ago is just as fast as it is today, the direct technology is the response...
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Listen to me talk about my blog: the monthly visits to the amount of personal IT blog's technical history

Used to write a series of articles in the past, trying to encourage more people to write articles. Before graduating from the "pen", "writing become driven learning "Rethinking the meaning of Blog "To the work of the" how to improve the influence, "are trying to show people to write blog can promote their own learning, improve their influence. Wait until after work, found that people who want to write is not the time, do not want to write the time does not exist. People are caught in the vicious circle of life, the more there is no time to work overtime to learn technology, the more there is no time to learn technology, the need to work overtime. I don't belong to those who are particularly good...
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