UWP tutorial 2 - how to achieve adaptive user interface

The uwp tutorial 1 -- the uwp preexistence as mentioned above, the, panel layout according to the available screen space, designated the size and position of the interface elements. For example, StackPanel horizontal or vertical array of interface elements. The Grid layout is similar to a table control in the CSS, which can be used to arrange the elements in a unit. The new RelativePanel that is relative to the layout, the relative relationship between the various elements, can be used to create an adaptive interface. When the user equipment changes, the user interface will be re organized, and with the Relativ...
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Google new launch sync API Background

Sync Background is the new Google API Web, can delay the user behavior, until the user network connection stability. This helps to ensure that the user wants to send the data is actually sent data. ...
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Tutorial of UWP introduction 1 -- UWP's past life

Directory introduction equipment group UI and universal input mode general control and the layout tools panel adaptive extended universal input processing introduction in this article, you can master the following knowledge: Equipment Group, how to determine the target device new UI controls and panel help you adapt to the different characteristics of the devices from Windows 8 system, Microsoft introduced the windowsrt (Windows runtime). It is a Windows app model of an intermediate stage. Hope to become a common application architecture. Phone Windows 8.1...
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Web API ASP.NET Application Tutorial (a) - the use of data flow

Believe that there are a lot of articles to introduce Web API ASP.Net technology, this series of articles on how to use the data flow, HTTPS, as well as the extension of the API Web technology, a series of articles, there are three main content. ...
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Which IDE JavaScript best to use?

Before reading the article, share you a picture, pictures will find JavaScript development demand accounted for the highest ratio reaches 42.84%, so grasp the JavaScript language did not worry anymore, labor wants the good work must first sharpen its, then choose the IDE to is essential for the development, this paper points out several common JavaScript IDE. Analysis the advantages and disadvantages, such as imperfect Please add...
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Deep CSS, so that the development of the web less pit"

Usually when we learn CSS, the feeling is very easy to grasp, but often encountered in the actual application of a wide variety of difficult to fill the pit, to avoid the same confusion and confusion, this paper explains in detail the CSS priority and Context Stacking and many other advanced features. Let you get a better understanding of CSS. CSS priority is the browser by determining which attribute values are most relevant to the elements to determine and apply to the element. The priority is determined by the matching rules consisting of the selector. If you give a P tag to add a class (Class), run after...
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A variety of controls to release new features to know

Vine City, a grand release new versions of a variety of control products, new recount, give you more all-round development control, more mobile, more platforms, more powerful, more rapid, more efficient and more Chinese. Componentone studio control kit FlexReport for WinForms: applicable in modern enterprises and fast and flexible reporting tool uwp Edition (beta): span plate, mobile and desktop devices common product platform FinancialChart for MVC: in a single control provide the...
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How to choose the front frame: VS EMBER VS REACT ANGULAR

The most recent period of time is to make the front end engineers are very excited period, because the three major Web framework has released a new version, let us see a more powerful Web framework. Ember2.0 has been released 2 months ago, from 1 to 2 upgrade is very simple. A few weeks ago, React released the 0.14 version. There are a lot of popular front-end framework, such as Backbone, Knockout and Aurelia. If you want to develop a app Web, it is recommended to use Angular, Ember or React in one of the three frameworks. These three...
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Recommend 10 great AngularJS study guides

AngularJS is a very good JS framework, able to create powerful, dynamic features of the app Web. AngularJS has been widely used in the development of Web since it was released in 2009. But for people who want to learn JS Angular, only official documents, that is absolutely not enough. Most people are more willing to look at some of the entry video, or is more easy to understand the learning Demo program. Therefore, this paper recommended 10 AngularJS learning guide, to help you a helping hand. 1 Year of Moo super awesome An...
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Top 15 has a large role in the.NET feature set

This paper describes the.Net which is often neglected, but has very much user 15 functions, including ObsoleteAttribute, DefaultValueAttribute, DebuggerBrowsableAttribute, and so on. Operator, Curry and Partial methods... ...
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VS IEnumerable List IQueryable VS ICollection VS IDictionary VS, the most complete data structure details.

In this paper, the commonly used data structures are detailed: Array, ArrayList, List, IList, ICollection, Stack, Queue, HashTable, Dictionary, IQueryable,, IEnumerable,, and so on. Collection (Collection) collection, record data set, write code in the process, it is often necessary to suitable container for the temporary storage of data, easy to modify, and search, how to select the appropriate data containers, the key lies in it will be executed.
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Microsoft experts recommend 11 Chrome plug-ins

Web developers, the need for a long time to use the browser, although the Edge Windows10 browser is very fast, and supports more than 110 kinds of devices, Edge support based on JS expansion, but also remove a lot of old features like Active-X and other plug-ins. In most cases, the plug-in can not only solve some security problems, but also solve the problem of the browser load effectively. Will open a tab page in the Chrome, the plug-in will run on its own, generating new plug-in examples. This means that if you open the 10 tab, and the browser has 10 plug-ins...
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Out of control: abandon centralized control, to create a self organizing system

Writer invited senior manager BigTree. First heard of "out of control", is a couple of years ago an article said micro letter Zhang Xiaolong father to product managers recommend this book, I on the celebrity testimonials are not particularly cold, there is no seriously, just the title of the impression; a see song Hongbing in "Hong concept of" Internet Financial video also recommended the book, sparked my curiosity. A 700 page book covers the biology, computer science, engineering, and many other disciplines and fields, read up and sometimes some sense of hypoxia, it is not clear that this is a book on the future of humanity, or a science and technology...
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How to upgrade GridViewEX to UWP (Windows Platform Universal) platform

The introduction an article, we mainly explain the how in ensuring the GridView control of the user experience on the basis of, extended the GridView generated GridViewEx controls and increased dynamically add new grouping function, the on the basis of the above, describes how to in a Windows 10 use GridViewEx, developed the uwp application. Demo Download: GridViewLiveTiles.zip GridViewEx.zip GridViewDemo.zip development UWP application development UW...
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Microsoft promises to join the Clang compiler in this year's C++ Visual update

Microsoft recently released in November Visual C + + 2015 update joined the clang compiler, open clang compiler compared to GCC faster compilation speed and better error that is known. Clang on C, C++, and C Objective compiler, to generate LLVM of the middle code, is to support cross platform compiler open source projects. At first Clang only supports Apple development, open source in 2007. Currently, Google, Sony, and other big companies are using. VisualS...
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