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Agile development is no stranger to most programmers, this is a "fashion" development mode is a great impact on the new generation of programmers. Whether the pair programming, continuous integration and test driven development, each kind of agile development best practice makes a lot of the traditional software development methods of programmers eager. However, another problem that we have to think about is why the software development needs to be agile.

In order to improve the efficiency of development, is to embrace change, is to strengthen the team communication, or to improve the quality of the code? In fact, these are just the process of software development, rather than the basic purpose of agile. What is the fundamental purpose of agile? We believe that the basic goal of agile is to use technical methods and practices to respond to the changing business, while the business changes from the market and the continuous changes in user needs. With more concise words to express is, agile development is to agile business!

As the second dual realm of agile thinking, agile business has more extensive application fields. It can not only help those engaged in software development companies to provide software development services more efficiently, but also allow for end-user enterprises have more flexible customization of business, this is this group of articles describe the key. So, how to improve business agility?

SOA is one of the ways, Web Enterprise 2 is also the same. In the enterprise IT infrastructure as the core of the technology system, the concept of software technology, the purpose is just to make their business more flexible, more modular, modular. It is because the former software is too lack of such flexible characteristics, so that today's enterprises are increasingly concerned about this. Whether it is IBM or BEA on demand, the calculation of fluid, on behalf of the people longing for flexible business today.

However, most people seem to think that agile business is only the patent of small and medium-sized enterprises, because only in the process of the enterprise, the organization structure is not complicated, agile business can be implemented. The communication between people and people, the development of business strategy, the rapid response of the business to achieve agility, for large enterprises is a huge challenge.

In addition to the above aspects of the adoption of agile thinking through the software development and implementation of the business, the realization of agile third state of the realm of agile business is more likely to manage. Toyota's famous "accurate" theory has to traditional enterprises set a good example, and people will IBM to become a metaphor, the dance of the blue elephant, is wants to express this huge enterprise without losing the characteristics of agile.

Of course, the three level of agility has different meanings for different enterprises and different roles, and agile development is not the only means to achieve agile business and agile enterprises. This group of articles can give the enterprise software development and related readers more in-depth thinking.

Carter IBM, vice president of the current character interview with you to discuss what is SOA? What is the fundamental idea of IBM advocating SOA? What is the relationship between Service Web, Web 2 and SOA? What is the nature of the so-called Governance in SOA?

CollabNet company founder Behlendorf Brian once again came to China, and to accept the "programmer" magazine interview, for everyone to bring the CollabNet leader in the eyes of the open source world.

Special report to take you to see what VC is thinking? How to make your own technology entrepreneurial project got into VC fayan?

This column Gao Huantang tells you what to do with the software. Nature either to use for this, to this, or it is with the person this, the three are all views are not essence, only three points of view of both is more close to the software in software.

Attached to the "programmer" in the 2007 8 directory:

Fingertips, 5 years after graduation......
If graduation is the beginning of society, what is the first five year plan for programmers? Has experienced the first five years of the program programmers, whether it has been fruitful?

Secret Media Center Windows application development technology
In June this year, Microsoft released the latest version of the Media Center Windows, this article will unveil the veil of its application development, for the programmer to bring more personalized new entertainment experience.

Multi core era of parallel programming
-- an interview with Intel developer Division
She Fei (De La Zerda Phil), director of marketing and business development director of Intel's developer product division, the impact of the compiler on developers in the multicore era.

Establish dynamic business Web 2
If your company is a Web 2 site, and you are managing the technical team of no more than 10 people, then perhaps the author of this article some experience can let you get some inspiration.

Project quality control
In the development process of the project, the quality of software release is related to the success of the whole project. This article mainly introduces how to use a series of methods and processes, so that the project code of the company's website is orderly and controllable, so as to improve the quality of the project.

Effectively reduce development costs
Why outsourcing and offshore development can not be scheduled to reduce costs, for enterprise software development, it can not improve the end user satisfaction? It appears that lowering rates and improving human resource management are not sufficient to address the lack of engineering specifications related to the problem. TopCoder chief architect tells you how to effectively reduce the cost of software development.

From 0 to 1, the establishment of R & D management system
How to establish an effective R & D management system, so that the development team to achieve more efficient and accurate research and development tasks, is plagued many small and medium enterprises R & D Manager, project manager of a proposition. This paper, combined with the author's practice for many years, talks about his own understanding, in order to give readers some inspiration.

Continuous construction
Continuous construction is an important and indispensable part of agile development. A lean Agile Management Master once said to ensure team agility, is to ensure the fluency of the development process, and to ensure the continuous build fluency is key to ensure the agile development process fluency.

Small businesses how to expand research
Dialogue massive technology CEO Hao Xilong
From the development time and scale, it is just a huge amount of small and medium enterprises, but it is in such a more than a hundred people in the team, there are forty or fifty of researchers doing basic technology research. In many people it seems that only large enterprises can do basic research, the mass is how to do it? See this reporter dialogue massive scientific and technological CEO Hao Xilong.

The essence of the template WPF
This is Mr. Cai Xueyong series of articles on WPF in our last article. In this article, still maintained a previous various articles all clear style of writing, and when we finished reading after the will of the WPF is a sense of the whole.

Boost.Tuple (on)
Discussion on the Loki.Tuple
The so-called Tuple, to a combination of object as a single object, seemingly simple, but if the violence law hard to do, very low level. This article explores the Loki's ingenious approach to the subject.

The best practice of.NET cross database programming
Cross database with cross platform like are the symbol of excellence of the application, this article in to the Microsoft. Net Platform Enterprise Library of Daab data access module add open source MySQL database support, for example, demonstrates the. Net cross database platform Daab solve the flexibility and simplicity.

Inter process interoperability
The Java platform has grown to include a surprising number of API and technology, and the CLR because backed by the windows operating system, because the windows and natural fusion, is also a platform that can not be ignored, whether the interaction between the two, the efforts of the author is undoubtedly a which can be used for reference in the attempt.

JavaScript code optimization of a case
With Web 2.0 and Ajax concept in this article and the related technology is more and more popular, the javascript technology get more and more attention, in this paper, the author show in enterprise development optimization code skills of a case, or on we can inspire.

110 on the candidates to answer

RoR development tools competition
RoR to get more acceptance and acceptance of the programmer, a good development tool is essential. With the rapid spread of RoR and popular support for RoR development tools have sprung up in general, have sprung up. The current toolbar will introduce several popular RoR development tools to readers and friends, hoping to find the right tools for RoR programmers interested in.

Books: technology trends barometer
This paper mainly from the book sales data to summarize the technical books of the market performance and change trends, the observation of the change of the market itself. The author analyzes the development trend of various technologies in the first half of 2007, with the use of domestic data, but also with the United States market.

Kwan - "Mastering regular expressions" Book Review
The regular expression has all the characteristics of great technological invention, it is simple, beautiful, powerful and worth. For a lot of practical work, the regular expression is simply a panacea, can improve the development efficiency and the quality of the program a hundredfold.

Development and application in a variety of languages
Most people use only one language in the business layer, but I think you should consider the development of multi language. Most work in an efficient language environment, a small number of key functions can be used to enhance the performance of C or C++, but the premise is that you actually consider the exact location of the bottleneck.

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