Database design of the database tinyint field and the use of Int

Tinyint in SERVER SQL: integer data from 0 to 255. Storage size of 1 bytes. SQL SERVER Smallint: storage size is 2 bytes. SERVER int in the SQL: storage size of 4 bytes. I looked at our existing system, the number of table has 400. "Type" field in the table, not less, right, such as orders have order type, the reason for cancellation type 10 to a type field, (these types, up to more than 10 values, and also more than where), though...
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Programmers and will not repair the computer in the end there are a few cents relationship?

Transfer from: Http:// Http:// in fact this is a commonplace but there has been no clear answer to the question: why want to: This article is because recently many procedures apes with me Tucao repair computer this, today I have to horse to this solution to you. Q: "my computer seems to be a bit of a problem, you help me to see where the problem is to help me repair a downward not?" A:"... Look at it, but I'm not really going to fix it, Q...
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An optimization of EF in.Net for large data query timeout

The old code: --receiptIds ID set, check each 1000 var = mappingList new list (); mappingList.AddRange (SettlementMappingRepository.Entities.Include (o = > o.ReceiptsTo).Include (d = > d.FinanceSettlement) where (d = > re...
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MVC.Net structure in the API interface to determine the HTTP header information to achieve public access to verify the filter sample

//control action public class TestController: ApiController { [MyAuthFilter] String test public (STR string) { Str.Trim return (); } } / / filter class Class MyAuthFilter public: ActionFilterAttrib...
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Non Technology: Comments on 12306 features

And I bought a ticket I is served, buy tickets more than very much, not to grab that, is landing and submit orders all kinds of trouble, if other types of sites, it is estimated that their company closed down early. I am not saying that they, the function, do is so speechless. You yourself to play, this landing cookie, less than 3 minutes to re login, who made this site? 12306 you are nothing. Don't you do not convinced, function, people can not say? Technical problems are not solved is useless. ...
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Talk about the independence of the module to split up some experience on the line

On-line time: 20151214 it on December 14, 2015, our financial development financial independent system (hereinafter referred to as the financial system) on the line, in general is very successful, but there are some of the details, it is worth summarizing and problems, there are some of the implementation of the scheme, below I say to sum up a few points. A, problems, is also the biggest mistake is online environment database and local database environment different, when the use of the local test order master database, and online considering does not affect the orders database performance, so that we can use from the library, I painted a little ugly...
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Comparison of EntityFramework.BulkInsert extended insert data and EF itself

Extended download address: Note that at the same time the installation depends on the project, or will be reported to the wrong, there are other versions of the program in the same DLL, it may be a time to install, to a DLL installation of a dependency EntityFramework.BulkInsert insert data and EF comparison Initial guess, it should just put a number of SQL synthesis, no matter how optimized, the final generation is sql. For example: 20 data,...
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.NET to obtain the current program where the computer's CPU and memory usage

System using; System.Diagnostics using; System.Text using; System.Runtime.InteropServices using; ConsoleApplication1 namespace { Program class { Static PerformanceCounter CPU public...
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Note update to generate the 20150522- statement to update duplicate document number

String GenereteUpdateSql public (type int = 0, localdb=0 int) { Sb StringBuilder = StringBuilder new (); SbToday StringBuilder = StringBuilder new (); SbToday.A...
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.Net performs CMD to obtain system information

String Test public () { W Stopwatch = Stopwatch new (); W.Start (); Sb StringBuilder = StringBuilder new (); STR string = RunCmdForJobs ("systeminfo""...
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.Net achieve real download address with the thunder, QQ tornado download address conversion

String Index public () { Sb StringBuilder = StringBuilder new (); String orgAddr = GetOriginalString (""); / /...
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Redis cache, MemCached and.Net internal cache for the use of the switch

Interface file: //IDataCache.cs System using; System.Collections.Generic using; System.Linq using; System.Text using; Ypsuit.common namespace { Interface IDataCache public { X X...
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Simple to seven cattle API.Net management documents for a simple package of the class

Package / class code System using; System.Collections.Generic using; System.Linq using; System.Text using; Qiniu.Conf using; Qiniu.RS using; Qiniu.RPC using; Qiniu.RSF using; Qiniu.IO using; Qiniu.IO.Resuma using...
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The personal use of seven cattle cloud service API as non diamond QQ space background music.

Seven cattle documentation center: I was to do a page using API upload files, and then get the link to upload the file used in QQ space, say the steps to use music. Personal background landing address: Http:// After go in, select menu: Upload files: After the update, file link...
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.Net to simulate the process of uploading files to show the progress of the event sample

Class UploadEventArgs public: EventArgs// as a parameter of the event, it must be derived from the EventArgs base class { Public UploadEventArgs (int percent) { This.Percent = percent; } Public in...
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