Sogou Enter the Australian eight women's from Zhang Shuai to talk about my troubles

Today is January 25, 2016, witness (TV) Zhang Shuai in the Australian Open Grand Slam women's 8, an ugly duckling to the White Swan fairy tale story quietly staged and the genuineness of the touched me, a living in the bottom of the programmer. ...
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Input-file Bootstrap

Input-file Bootstrap is an excellent photo manipulation plugin. ...
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Linux Installation MySQL

Linux Installation mysql...
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Mybatis in the conduct of the null operation, if the status is 0, the value of the judgment condition is false, that is to say Mybatis at this time to 0 as null to make judgments...
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I'm going to talk about me.

, I'd like to cite my body all the deep-rooted bad habits, the quality I always feel is good, because since I was a kid, I was taught to learn self-criticism, so in this respect, our consciousness is still based on...
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To the new year (2015)

The beginning of the end of the year, the total of the few lucky words: I wish in the new year, we can stay away from all the bad things, everyone can do a happy person, I really can not think of is what this sentence more auspicious. ...
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Winform client to the Java server side of the picture display and upload

Upload pictures in JavaWeb have mature component, then the corresponding to WinForm (C# written in the rich client components) client to Java server display and upload pictures, in fact, there are a set of schemes is feasible.
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Connection timed out webservice

Connection timed out WebService, when the WebService link timeout error occurs, I think the reason is nothing more than webclient to WebService link between the passage of an exception, then how to solve it? ...
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FileZilla client ftp530 does not have permission

FileZilla client FTP 530 does not have permission...
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There is no getter for source code analysis property named'class java.lang.String * in

There is no getter for property named '*' in'class java.lang.String'. This error reason is because mybatis of parameterType= "string" SQL statements in limited, if the error occurs when you use this to determine the conditions, but today I have to enquire about. ...
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How to save WYSIWYG Bootstrap rich text data to MySQL

Bootstrap provides a call [wysiwyg] a rich text components are used to display and edit data rich text, but how after editing the data are stored in the MySQL database, is unknown. In addition, how the data in the MySQL database to WYSIWYG is also unknown, for these two issues, let me tell you the solution! ...
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Linux to change the MySQL database directory

Linux to change the MySQL database directory, is a bitter experience...
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Android understanding intent

Know the basic knowledge of activity Android, and then understand the next intent Android (is said to be the media between multiple activity)...
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Android understanding Activity

In accordance with the Guo Lin the teacher of the "first line of Android code", and today I want to learn Android activity, first to a preliminary understanding of the activity, basically is according to dipper gourd painting mode, point back to the original knock Java Hello world model. ...
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CSDN blog QQ plus group

For QQ plus group I have been rejected, not their own attitude, but there is no such influence and ability. Today, however, a friend of the words changed my mind, so try to CSDN blog home page to add QQ plus group function, this blog is also right when a record (mainly in order to upload a two-dimensional code, ha ha)...
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Import static Java

Only interested in static import, to tell the truth, the first time to see...
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Java initialization and cleanup

To tell you the truth, a chapter "initialization and cleanup" Java programming ideas ", I carefully after reading, feeling if no won, let me disappointed, tentatively record in the blog, is because of the hope of future day read about" initialization "," clean up "to enlightenment. ...
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Fibonacci Java

The Fibonacci sequence in the world of programming known to everybody, don't know before whether has written such a java program, and it doesn't matter that Wang today has been programming for many years, again to get a feel for the series of awesomeness.
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The list of books you have to read

You have to read a list of books, time flies, in the twinkling of an eye in 2015 will be in the past, this blog will also come to an end! After all, the cumulative down year after year, this article may lead to failed to load (laugh, laugh), Wanna date me? Let us next year! ...
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Java vampire figures

Ashamed (in fact, no shame, the level), engage in a long time to write out the four vampire digital method for a Java...
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