Sogou The scope of application of measurable performance management model

Communication results in a measurable performance model at the Tencent headquarters...
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Sogou [against project management] weak project management and technical expert extended discussions

Here to pick the former, however, here to discuss the problem of the branch, a is the original problems of deep, another is conflict means to deal with problems can occur, the detailed contents of the following response process, should be able to feel. 13 sender: chaobill (if I leave, never ever meet again, the letter: SoftEng) Title: Re: very difficult questions, solving. Return: (17 11:05:37 Nov Tue Mizuki community station, 2009)...
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[life] about software peer competition, you need to know, you need to pay attention to the following

In yesterday's I and iSoftStone subordinate peer competition between the smart companies prohibit arbitration and the opposing lawyer insisted a: two of the company's business license registration of the business scope is same. So, there is peer competition prohibited. Completely ignoring the two companies in two completely different industries, products are completely different facts, adhere to ask me for more than 50 million counterparts of prohibition of business strife compensation. At the end of the day, the Yingke Law Firm lawyer Huang Guoxing suddenly think of one thing, says to the arbitrator, last time I appeal mentioned reimbursement models already gave me the, and I was in the appeal of the mentioned is the same. I will ask him,...
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Today I microblogging do reply, on the Chinese knowledge to instill education and foreign knowledge to guide education

On education in China, I don't think instilling knowledge is wrong, different people for different ways of education, individualized, teach students in accordance of their aptitude. Some people can do such things, some people for another kind of education mode, these should be distinguished, and not with a method of education for all children. Similarly, foreign education mode, also do not adapt to the child, perhaps these children is more suitable for knowledge inculcation and guide is not knowledge. If your child is not suitable to do creative work, do it, an ordinary worker is not what a shame. Everyone should find what they are interested in and what they do...
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[life] about software peer competition, you need to know, you need to pay attention to the instance of -2

About the labor arbitration, a peer competition, on compensation and compensation, some related to you...
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[life] about software peer competition, you need to know, you need to pay attention to

I agree with smart / iSoftStone the lawyer's professional spirit and professional behavior, but don't agree with this way of doing things, this is helpless in real and effective settlement of disputes will only let a dispute more intense. My contract and the related data are all real samples, I need to be responsible for. And all do not recognize easy to provoke a more intense confrontation. Respect for the facts, should be the most basic legal matters of the entry, as legal personnel should be so. As a programmer, it is recommended you recent attention my blog, updated daily on labor arbitration and related matters and the soft and I between the arbitration process, to find work and the present work can be phase...
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[software life] on how to protect themselves in the labor relationship

Please pay attention to my blog I will real-time broadcast I and iSoftStone and its subordinate company smart information between labor arbitration process. Which relate to the following: 1, peer competition how to define how to perform, similar in the business license of the scope of whether it belongs to the violation of peer noncompete agreement this is the key problem. 2, the two agreement between the two Associate Company trial period, labor arbitration how to decide. 3, reimbursement is seriously lagging behind the issuance of solution, I met is iSoftStone stop travel reimbursement for up to six months, to reach a total of 1...
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[technical discussion] Jingdong product business logic error analysis

In terms of electricity suppliers, Jingdong strong logistics weak in the payment, Ali weak in the logistics strong in the payment. Logistics and logistics needs of the business is not much less than the amount of payment, this is not a good word, Jingdong these product managers can indeed class. ...
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[technical discussion] all with agile, why to use, how to?

Methods are summed up, so, others can be summed up, you can also...
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[discussion] power rating technology artisans feel polished 15 fighters, flying shark fighter core components

Today in Shuimu saw this post:! Article/Picture/988902? P=1@ CCTV news # country artisans # [three thousandths of a millimeter of the "gods" thousandths of a millimeter, 1 / 25 of the hair. This is precision CNC machine tools are difficult to achieve. 31 year old locksmith Fang Wenmo, a 200 pounds of weight, height of 1.88 meters big guy, each day for ten years, every day practicing the four hours and a year practicing bad 200 file, simply forged a pair of "hand of God", purely by hand...
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[technical discussion] and see 99% of the words

Today in an agile group to see some people say: "the rapid development of the deep meaning of inspiration...... Ninety-nine percent of the things in the world are rubbish. Why? Because, we always stop thinking too soon...... Never stop thinking, we can find that one percent, which contains an infinite variety of possible." I replied: "a person has a view, not necessarily correct. No survey statistics, should not be casually conclusions. As to whether the 99% or 80%, with no statistical, casually throw a like amazing statement, I think is irresponsible, is not the technical personnel with the behavior. You can say most how...
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Thinking about the problem of talent outflow in the city of the middle of the city

Today to see that on the issue of the north of the post, as a long-term field wandering people, just write a little. My high school is Xinxiang Tieyi. At the beginning of the same school, but in our class is part of being cheated, because most of the railway children, natural easy to be cheat railway system, railway walks system class. Head teacher at first we thought it is very strict, and later were disappointed, in fact, is a personal interests and to the Lord, even she was most proud of some of the students have not seen her, because of too much in the middle of the chores. The class from the beginning of the 47 people, a high of 56 people, to the third year before graduation has been expanded to 73 people. At present...
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[Business Administration] to the mobile Internet bubble burst

Ignorance and blind follow up caused the current bubble, analogy 2000 years ago, the Internet bubble, which is the same result, then, there are few people really have to know what the Internet is. When the bubble burst, is actually a process of optimization and integration of the industry, I would like to see the bubble burst. Actually five years ago, it should have been broken, but because some of the new technology has delayed the process. I'm cheering for this. Http:// PropagandaI?...
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How to define the risk of completing a task ahead of schedule

To fulfill the task ahead of time is not necessarily the risk, not necessarily not the risk may also is a crisis in the future, such as long efforts of the staff can not display, would consider leaving, because of the loss of the goal and motive force of the development. One day, your company's best employees have left, and the enterprise is on the edge of death. ...
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A brief introduction to the application method of the first phase of the performance management model

Measure performance management model in the stage of the beginning of the need to build a data base and data base must be source in the real. That is to say, we must do the following: 1. Through a number of methods to real data acquisition; 2, these methods cannot be applied to the influence to the normal schedule; 3, these methods can effectively collect data, and will not become the source of false data. So in these years, forming a some specific methods to the following requirements, note: all methods are derived from actual you heard or used, but the purpose and usage will and there is a difference between the common method, direct copying...
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Amateur and expert in management

In the last few years I have begun to have a different view. Even the management of technical personnel to upgrade, but also have their own do not know the technical field, if you can not touch or leadership, then there will be a lot of direction can never start. Now I agree: the key lies in the leadership of the art of leadership, not whether it is an expert or an outsider. ...
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Discussion on the cultivation of information accessibility talents

See this title, I think a lot of people will want to scold me, you have any qualifications to talk about information barrier free talent, do you know what is the information barrier free? You do a software, a soft, and talk about what information accessibility. Well, I want to say, really, I talk about this, however, does some guilty, I can always express their point of view. In April this year, I was a friend of the past, has become the Shenzhen information accessibility research advisor, during and their communication, found a lot of problems. On the one hand the information accessibility research completely depend on various donations. They are basically no income, not to speak of profit...
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Quantitative workload method has been preliminarily formed.

After 14 years of thinking, 8 years of repeated thinking, 2 years of practice, the current model of quantitative abstract labor has begun to take shape. Interested can join the QQ group to participate in the discussion, group number: 367283656 ad Zhewu nuisance. Related methods have been done daily work record, weekly workload summary, the iterative workload. These methods have been the four companies in the field of deduction, and repeated changes to consider. From every employee's work record, to the project level of work measurement, to the enterprise efficiency evaluation, the future expansion of enterprise investment and financing productivity calculation and cost evaluation, this will be the future...
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Some new problems found in standing meetings

Some of the new problems found in standing meetings have recently found some new problems at the executive meeting: Some people want to record, and then read Serious phenomenon, records tend to produce a large number of redundant text, read a long time, will waste other people's time. Some people say, do not read, there will be forgotten omission. In fact, it does not matter, forget the omission of the general description of this matter is not important. A long time, it should be done, and to do things I remember very clearly, because it would not have a lot of. If there is a forgotten, when the project manager will be asked to verify the differences, will this...
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Management of human nature based on the discussion and thinking of the groan

I 11:06:15 2015/5/9 have a thing, has not been good to ask, is also afraid of your sad place. You came to me this time, I mentioned that you like people to let you be a teacher, you have to choose a teacher as a career. Well, you broke up because of you...... ? If you don't want to answer, you can ignore it. A friend 11:06:57 not the introduction of our why break, I think, you were very good, long have not bad, is what reason? A friend of 11:08:54 wrong time met the love reality destroy love I 1...
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Some common problems about standing meetings

Recently saw some views about the various agile with view, source in Shuimu community, interested friends can search, here is not listed, the only recorded some of the problems at present I drive in a new team to see, forums, and some points related to the wrong point, may in the future will release a series of this text, the essay with wrote. 1, someone said Shuimu a state-owned enterprise in agile development, the results of a standing meeting in 35 minutes. From here you can see a few application errors: first, the state-owned enterprises are purely formal standing, and the traditional form of meeting in the heart is still not...
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Software engineering, University of software engineering

Mizuki post, I do a reply, or here:! Article/ITExpress/1567664 I have in 2003 to the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics software engineering master's lesson, so some understanding about this. Soft master, at the beginning of the creation of the existence of a more serious positioning problem. Compared with other major computer information technology, to be positioned as a high-end technology management group, but there is a serious problem. From the teaching point of view, is still the most university teachers,...
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