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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Alibaba Android development engineers, love to learn and share the new business. GitHub address:
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Programming language Scala:Set expert

Set Scala type...


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Mobile development IOS access to the screen width, device model, system version information

This paper introduces the method of acquiring the iOS device's screen width, equipment type and system version information...

IOS facility information Screen width height unit type System version

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Mobile development [IOS] the development of basic UI controls (UISegmentedControl UIImageView | | Xiangjie UIProgressView | UISlider | UIAlertView) expert

A segmented control (UISegmentedControl). Controls display: 1 UISegmentedControl (1) Style control properties of the Style property: - Plain: a segmented control using the most common style; - Bordered: add a frame in the most common style; - Bar: a segmented control using the toolbar style; (2 State) State property: - Momentary...

UISegmentedControl UIImageView UIProgressView UISlider UIAlertView

[integrated] [case actual combat] catering enterprise branch financial data analysis system solutions: business needs expert

[case actual combat] food and beverage enterprise financial data analysis system solutions: business needs, building a catering group need to analyze the financial situation of each branch, the use of Excel to store the income of each region, each region of the income summary data are displayed through multi sheet, because this is a relatively large restaurant group, many regions have branches. So, the single is for the income, it is required to do a lot of Excel to carry out the summary of the income situation. This leads to the problem of query history data is very troublesome, is not conducive to data...

data analysis solution proposal Analysis

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[integrated] Import and export of Engineering in Eclipse or MyEclipse expert

Project introduction: the project will be put into the appropriate folder to open MyEclipse - the cursor is positioned at the PackageExp position (i.e., the project location), right click and click "Import"..." Click on the General node, select the "Existing Projects into Workspace" Next, select "Selectroot directory" and click "Browse" button in the "browse for folder dialog box found to import the project folder...

[integrated] Eclipse or MyEclipse - operation (3) in MyEclipse or Eclipse expert

1, if the console (ie Console) can not find the Window - View - Show - Console2, if the work interface changes (such as Debug later) how to recover: Reset - Perspective Window...

[integrated] Set the size of the MyEclipse editing code area and the font, font, and color of the non keyword expert

Set MyEclipse to edit the size and non keyword font, font, and color: >Preferences - Window - > >OK - > General - > Click Appearance node - Font >Colorsand - > select Basic - > select TextFont - > Edit (Change) (or TextFont). Practice certificate...

[integrated] MyEclipse when the server is turned into Debug mode expert

Always to Debug Tomcat server in MyEclipse, then click on the next step will be running; today finally found the reason, need to close the MyEclipes Dubug mode: 1, open the Debug view: (or not to see the next option): 2, Run: 3, click click options to remove all breakpoints so far: be accomplished...

[integrated] Setting the background color in MyEclipse expert

Set up the method of setting up the area background color: >Preferences - >General - >Editors - >TextEditors - Background - color - Appearance - color - Color - Window - Options - - >Apply - - >OK - - > select the right. Set up the method of the Console (i.e., the method of the console) area: when the console is used (...

[integrated] Set the color of the text when the Tomcat is started. expert

Set the color of the Tomcat display text on the boot: Preferences - Run/Debug - Window - select the "Console" node - click the Error text color Standard on the right side, select the color - click the OK button - Apply - OK. ...

[integrated] How to recover the files in MyEclipse expert

Select the project to resume - > click on the right mouse button - > click "from Local History Restore" - > select the file to be restored in the upper left window - > click on the "Restore" button. ...

[integrated] After the JSP file is created automatically set its pageEncoding value to UTF-8 expert

The JSP file is automatically set up after the pageEncoding file is set to >Preferences, UTF-8:Window, >MyEclipse,, JSP, ISO, 10646/Unicode >Apply (UTF-8), Encoding, >OK. ...

[integrated] Solution to the problem of "using MyEclipse, writing JSP code for Chinese characters and cannot save" expert

When you use MyEclipse to edit JSP, sometimes the "use of MyEclipse, write JSP code because there are characters and can not save" phenomenon, how to solve it? Window - >Preferences - >General - >Content Types - > click "Text" before the plus - > click "JSP" before the plus - - > select "JSP Tag Definition" - > most below the name "Default encodi...

Fast open the file for the JSP type in MyEclipse expert

MyEclipse open JSP always have to wait several seconds, well, the problem is really annoying, actually is MyEclipse "fancy" results (by default it with Visual Designer to open), the following settings can effectively alleviate this phenomenon: 1 or right click on the file and select "MyEclipse - Open With JSP Editor open, so as not to use visual open, less resource consumption, automatic prompt is very fast. 2 or take the way once W...

[integrated] Improve MyEclipse startup speed expert

A lot of people feel that MyEclipse is too slow to start, because it integrates too many features, but it is not necessary for most people, just according to their own projects are being used to load the appropriate tool. Wait until the other time to load the required. There is a file called eclipse.ini installation directory below 1 and Myeclipse, modify the parameters to use Notepad to open,: -Xms128m into -Xms256m -Xmx256m into -Xmx512m 2, W removal does not need to load the module...

[编程语言] 66:加一leetcode

给定一个非负数表示为一个数组的数字,加上一个数字。 该数字被存储,使得最重要的数字是在该列表的头部。 / /题意:一个整数按位存储于一个int数…

[编程语言] leetcode笔记:长串无重复字符 expert


leetcode + + 字符串 字符 子串

[互联网] DICOM:c-get服务 expert


DICOM c-get

[编程语言] 实战C++中的矢量系列--可怕的迭代器失效之二(删除矢量中元素) expert

有了上一篇博客《实战C++中的向量(矢量重新申请内存系列–可怕的迭代器失效)》的基础,这里的内容就显得简单了直接撸代码:#包括。 #包括 使用命名空间标准; 国际main() { 矢量伏; (1)v.push_back; (2)v.push_back;…

矢量 + +

[网络前端] jQuery自定义内容滚动条插件 expert

使用方法: 首先下载插件: 一、HTML 引入以下文件 链接rel=“样式表”href =“/ jQuery。mcustomscrollbar .css”/> 脚本type=“text/javascript”src=“JS / jquery-1.11…

jQuery 插件 滚动条

[编程语言] 实战C++中的矢量系列--可怕的迭代器失效(矢量重新申请内存) expert

矢量给我们提供了很多的方便,但是偶尔也会有陷阱。当不注意的时候,就掉入其中。说到底,还是对矢量的机制不够彻底掌握很轻松的写下这段代码:#包括。 #包括 使用命名空间标准; 国际main() { 矢量伏; (1);v.push_back std::向量<我..

矢量 + +

[综合] 操作系统学习笔记:I/O输入系统 expert

计算机两大主要任务:IO操作和计算处理。许多情况下,主要是IO操作,计算处理只是附带的(而操作系统的两大任务是管理物理设备和为应用程序提供一个虚拟机器的抽象)。操作系统在IO方面的作用是管理IO操作和IO设备。 一、概述 I/O设备在功能与速度方面存在很大差异,所以需要采用多种方法来控制设备。这些方法形成子系统的核心使得操作系统内核其他部分不必涉及复杂的IO,IO设备管理。 IO设备技术呈现…

操作系统 IO

[移动开发] Android上下文到底是什么? expert



[编程语言] Arduino - serial operation function and sample code Recommend

In this paper, we summarize the Arduino common serial operation function of the description, syntax, parameters, return value. The sample code is written in the function definition, and the specific usage of each function is explained by experiments. Is a comprehensive summary of the Arduino serial operation function, can be used as a tool to find the use of. ...

Arduino C language C++ System embedded Serial function

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Because an old acquaintance of the structure of a sentence and pull him. expert

A P8 from Ali, now a small company. Even as some point of madness: the following is the original microblogging: [often see before "good architectures have evolved, not design", and also a lot of people agree, I will not only MLGBD, really tears trickling down cheeks, summer insects can not speak of ice ah] a Ribaba P9 P10, P11, P12, so many architects level is inferior to you a person ah. It looks like I have never let you to design the Ali architecture is wasted. Well, a company is...

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[database] Oracle GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include Does 8 (document ID 1147116.1)

Oracle GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include Does 8 (document ID 1147116.1)...

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Programming language The relationship between the]-6.2 class and the object of the [javase class

This section we look at the relationship between class and object. We learn java language, the purpose is to use the Java language to describe the real life of things. So how do we describe it, this leads to the class, we are in the actual implementation, is reflected in the form of a class. So for real life things how to describe it? In real life, we often focus on two aspects, one is the attribute and the other is the behavior. Then it is natural that a computer can produce a specific object. For example, we want to describe a car, that...

Se Java object Example class

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Programming language A thorough analysis of the JavaWeb Item24 - jsp2.X custom tag development.

A simple label (SimpleTag) as a traditional label use three tags to complete different functions, it is too complicated, is not conducive to the promotion of label technology, SUN company to reduce the learning difficulty of labeling technology, in JSP 2 defined a more simple, it is to write and call the SimpleTag interface to achieve the functions of tags. SimpleTag interface to achieve the label is often referred to as a simple label. A simple tag defines 5 methods: SetJspContext method SetParent and getParen...

Web Java JSP Label Custom tags Jsp2-x

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Architecture design Bridge mode and strategy mode of design pattern

Bridging (Bridge) is one of the structural models, and the strategy (strategy) is a behavior pattern. Here are their UML structure diagrams. Bridge mode: Strategy mode: In the bridging mode, Abstraction references Implementor by means of polymerization. Give an example: the strategy mode: I want to draw a circle, to the solid circle, I can use solidPen to configure, drawing dotted circle can be configured with dashedPen. This is strategy mode. Bridging mode: the same is the painting circle,...

design pattern bridge pattern

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