2016 database of Hunan Institute of Technology

Fill in the blanks One point one The essential characteristics of a database: permanent storage, organized, and shared. The target features of the database: small redundancy, high independence, good scalability One point two Database management system provides the main functions are: data definition function (DDL), data manipulation function (DML), data control function (DCL). The technology of computer data management mainly includes: the stage of artificial management, document management and database management. One point three Data model three elements are: data structure, data operation, data integrity rules. ...
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The need to know the requirements and recommendations of the road to Andrews

(a) become a master must master the 8 basic requirements of Android [1] Android operating system overview 1 Android system architecture. 2 Android using the design concept. 3 Android open source knowledge. 4 Android reference site and authoritative information. [2] SDK Android and its development environment to build 1 Andro...
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Android performance optimization manual

This manual is suitable for at least the primary experience of developers access to or review the use of relevant knowledge, novice may not understand. 1, java code optimization 1.1 Andrews how to execute the code dvm:.java->.class->.dex->.apk Optimization of the Fibonacci sequence: The Fibonacci recursion formula is f (n) = f (n-1) + F (n-2), characteristic equation: x2=x+1, the solution of the equation was (1+sqrt (5)) / 2, (1-sqrt (5)) / 2. So f (n) =Ax1n+Bx2n, into f (0) = 0,...
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Java basic knowledge - network programming, IO flow

IO stream byte stream: Processing byte data stream object, the smallest data unit in the computer is byte. OutputStream InputStream character stream: the character encoding problem, the byte stream and the encoding table package into the object is the character stream. Write Reader read and write will occur IO exception. IO exception handling mode:io must write finally. (fw.flush); / / refresh buffer (fw.close); / / close the stream. The use of IO to a design pattern: decorative design...
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Analyzing software outsourcing projects

Recently read a book, called "programmer connected single collection", although only a short period of more than 70 pages, but written quite good, there is a lot of experience are worthy of our study and explore, so I learn from the experience of the great God, to shallow outsourcing project of things to talk about. At the same time there are a lot of wonderful summary. I'm here to condense this book to my blog post. First, the current preparatory work The book mentioned need to create a team and of course for many students or junior developers, it seems difficult to create a good team work, maybe I...
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Java basic knowledge summary

Java in the Android's development is very important of, so today I summed up the basic knowledge of Java. Of course, there are some not summarise, such as network programming, IO stream will in the next article Bowen write. Javac overview: responsible is part of the java compiler: responsible for the running of the. Will start the JVM. Loading operation required libraries and to class files were execution grammar rules data type 1 1): basic data types: byte (1 byte), short (2), int (4), long (8), flo...
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Android development tool kit

My kit information directory My personal summary, recently to do the project needs some information, feeling quite a mess, and then sort out now. Jar package The package name version number Effect Download address XUtils 2.6.14 and 3.1.26 Large file upload and download, etc. Old version: https://github.com/wyouflf/xUtils New: ht...
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Cloud computing application solutions

Pick to   Narrow cloud computing IT infrastructure refers to the delivery and usage patterns, through the network to obtain the required resources according to the needs, easy to expand; generalized cloud computing service refers to the delivery and usage patterns, to through the network to obtain the required service according to the needs, easy to expand. This service can be IT and software, Internet related, can also be other services. It means that computing power can also be used as a commodity through the internet. Cloud will achieve security analysis. From the online shopping to medical to home automation, analysis in so many fields, thus, the analysis of the security and privacy of the data.
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Android image processing tutorial

The first chapter introduces the concept of image processing 1, RGBA model analysis, green, blue, RGB:red, alpha Hue: object color transfer Saturation: the color of the gray, from 0 (gray) -100% Brightness: the relative brightness of the color ColorMatrix SetRotate () SetSaturation () SetScale () PostConcat () second chapter color matrix transformation and the role of the matrix in the example image is usually used to initialize the color matrix Third chapter pixel analysis...
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Android learning route guide

See the Daniel Bowen and could not help feeling almost, I recently faced a lot of problems, unbearable inner hesitation, reproduced Daniel, this blog is in order to better encourage ourselves. The original address at the back of the most. Preface See "in recent years have made a lot of domestic primary Android programmers, but Android senior technical personnel still scarce" is mentioned in an article, this does not leave, I in Baidu carries on the interview from the point of view, looking for a suitable senior Android Engineer certainly isn't easy, generally need to interview to pick out a...
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We must know the black technology -- zero permissions, passwords and other Android knowledge

First of all, we need to understand the Android directory structure, we use the software is yaffs2img browser. #Android directory structure * data * app: user installed applications * data: exclusive application folder * system: configuration information system, registry file Record information of abnormal anr:anr * * dev:devices abbreviation * corresponding storage device file * mnt:mo...
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Screen adaptation Raiders

First, the important concept Screen size: refers to the length of the diagonal of the square meter, the unit is in inches, 1 inches =2.54 cm, it is not very important for our screen adaptation. Screen resolution: refers to the horizontal and vertical pixels, the unit is 1px, PX = 1 pixels, generally vertical pixels * horizontal pixels, such as 1920*1080. Screen pixel density: refers to the number of pixels per inch, the unit is DPI, that is, "per inch dot" abbreviation, pixel density and screen size and resolution of the relevant Pixel density calculation: diagonal resolution -- > diagonal branch...
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Android interview manual

1, DVM Android process and Linux process, the application of the process is the same concept DVM refers to the dalivk virtual machine. Every Android application runs in its own process, and it has an independent Dalvik virtual machine instance. Each DVM is a process in the Linux, so that it can be considered the same concept. 2, SIM card EF file what is the role of SIM card file system has its own specification, mainly in order to communicate with the mobile phone, Sim the body can have their own...
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Andrews interview questions top secret book

1 what is Activity? One of the four components, in general, a user interface corresponding to a activity (setContentView), / / to display layout Button.setOnclickLinstener{ } , Context is a subclass of activity, while achieving the window.callback and keyevent.callback, you can handle events with the form user interaction.   I
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Source text - AsyncTask mechanism

AsyncTask AsyncTask new () { / / run in the main thread to do the preparatory work. OnPreExecute () { } / / run in a child thread, do time-consuming operation DoingBackGround String (s String) { } / / run in the main thread, time-consuming operation, update UI OnPostExecute (s String) { ...
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Source text - Handler message mechanism

Handler message mechanism Message message Message.obtain () MSG Message = Message new () Handler Handler new () { HandlerMessage (MSG Message) { / / message processing } } Construction method of Handler: H public...
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Source text - Andrews start process

First of all, it is the four tier architecture: APPLICTION, FRAMEWORK APPLICATION, RUNTIME LIBRARICB+ANDROID, KERNEL LINUX Android start When the boot program to start the Linux kernel, will load a variety of drivers and data structure, when the driver has been driven, start the Android system will load the user level of the first process init (syste...
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Android source code structure analysis

Google provided by the Android includes: Android source code, the tool chain, the basis of the C library, simulation environment, development environment, complete set of. The first level of the directory and the file as shown below: [cpp] view Plaincopy ---- Just -- Makefile global Makefile Just -- build...
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Best practices for using Contract Content Provider Contacts to operate the address book

Android provides full access to the contact information database for all applications that are granted READ_CONTACTS permissions. Contract Contacts using the 3 layer data model to store data, the following describes the sub category of Contract Contacts: Rows in the table 1.Data define personal data set (phone number, email address, etc.), separated by a MIME type. Although the personal data for each type of predefined available column (ContactsContract....
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Plants vs. Zombies classic development steps

Zombies have been a very popular classic game, I mainly used cocos2d-android to do a similar small demo, here to introduce the main I do to this small demo. Before the development of all kinds of preparation work to do a little game we must first have a map, so I tiled this software to making map, the installation and use are very simple, after a good painting with Notepad + + open look at the image path right, and then put into the project's directory pictures, font files, document maps, TTF. Then we can in the rear.
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