Understand the C language - from God to a promotion of the road (5) - program flow control

Control flow statement in C language is used to determine the order of execution of each statement in the code. Usually the running order of the program is in the order of the structure, the selection of the structure and the structure of the cycle. 1, sequence structure Under normal circumstances, the C program is from the start position of the main function, according to the order from top to bottom. Program execution to statement as a unit. Usually an expression with a semicolon ";" to make a statement, such as assignment expression "x = 1" with a semicolon constitutes the assignment statements "x = 1;". In addition to a single statement, using a pair of brace...
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Understand the C language - from God to a promotion of the road (4) - data types, operators and expressions

Data type Is one of the basic functions of the program of data are processed by the, so for any programming language and data types are is an important part of. C language defines a more perfect data type system for processing different types of data. (1) identifier The identifier C language can be used as a variable name, rich life, function name, file name and so on. Identifiers can contain letters, digits, and underscores (not at the beginning of a digit). C language is case sensitive language, so it is the same as it is...
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Understand the C language - from God to a promotion of the road (3) -- the basic structure and method of debugging C source program.

In the last one, we performed the Studio Visual 2013 installation and the first demo program "HelloWorld". Now we look at one of the source code and related to the basic knowledge of C language. Open the project, you can quickly open the source code in the source file tab bar in the directory where the source code. HelloWorld simple code: #include Main int () { Printf ("World Hello! \n!");...
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Understand the C language - from God to a promotion of the road (2) - the choice of development environment and HelloWorld program

Video watch: As the saying goes, to do good work must first sharpen his tools. In addition to a small number of wonderful work, most people should not go to use Notepad or Word documents to program it? ...
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Understand the C language - from God to a promotion of the road (1) - C language introduction: past and present

C language is now one of the most widely used programming languages, and it is still the most popular programming language in the history of one of the most. In programming languages that are widely used by the industry, many languages are developed on the basis of C. C language is one of the most important basic courses in the engineering specialty, especially in the teaching plan of information specialty in many kinds of universities. For a compiler to compile the language as the main development tool for programmers, the use of C language proficiency and theory can also be a deeper understanding of other programming languages. Therefore, in this series of tutorials, we hope to be able to understand the C language...
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"Information legend" fifth sets

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"Information legend" fourth sets

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"Information legend" third sets

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"Information legend" second sets

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The first episode of "information legend"

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[software test] 5, unit test

Unit testing is an important part of software testing process, which refers to the process of testing a single subroutine or process in a program. Unit testing is not an entire program, but rather a test that is performed on a smaller program module that is a whole. The purpose of unit testing is to compare the function of the module after the implementation of the function and the function of the module, and to find out the part which is not satisfied with the demand. 1, test case design Unit testing is generally for white box testing. Compared with the general test of the program, the white box test is relatively easier...
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[software test] 4, test case design

As we all know, trying to complete the test software and found that all the problems is an impossible task, for testing purposes, the most effective idea is to try to make the test as completely as possible. In this process, the design of test cases is essential. Because the most critical problem in software testing is: how to find the most likely subset of the most likely to be found in the complete set of all possible test cases. 1, white box test The focus of the white box test is the degree of test case execution, or the extent of the source logical structure of the test case coverage program. The full white box test will go through every possible path of the program,...
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[software test] 3, code check and Review Code

For a technology company to improve the development process, the code review is an essential part of. Although most of the code review work is done by the R & D team of engineers, broadly speaking, code review is part of the software test. This is different from most people's idea of software testing, and they might think that the only way to test software is to use a computer to execute code. In fact, the use of computer software testing is just the traditional test methods, and the new concept of software testing that the traditional test before the code manual review is also very necessary. 1, code check ...
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[HEVC learning and research] 46, HEVC reference code in the implementation of SAO

1, encoder SAO on the HM10 initialization operation Before encoding starts, the encoder will have some initialization settings related to SAO. As in TAppEncTop:: encode () function call TAppEncTop:: xInitLibCfg () to config related settings: M_cTEncTop.setLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag (m_bLFCrossSliceBoundaryFlag); //p...
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[software testing] 2, the concept of software testing and basic principles

1, test psychology I have mentioned in the above research and development and testing in the ideas and concepts of some of the contradictions. In most cases, R & D engineers are not proficient in the way of software testing and therefore may think test is nothing more than a walk a process, that "software testing is to prove that software does not exist error process", or "test is that software can complete the function,", or "demo software do the process should be done". In fact, almost all of the code at the beginning of the existence of large or small errors, and the actual significance of the test is to find a variety of errors and the implementation of...
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