FileNet5.2.1 new queue Component and the use of Component nodes in the process

First, the new queue Component 1 to establish the Java project, the preparation of ordinary Java class, such as just the establishment of a Java class PublicclassChangeFieldValOperation{   PublicStringchangeDirectionVal (int Incoming) { If (incoming >10) { ...
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Mybatis foundation and core class

Mybatis advantage We use the mybatis framework is largely due to its low learning curve compared with hibernate, high efficiency. The advantages of mybatis can be summarized as follows, where no significant difference between 1-3 and hibernate, and 4-7 is worth paying attention, which is a good basis for our choice to use mybatis or hibernate. 1 to eliminate the redundant code - hibernate, SPR JDBC...
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FileNet create spaces application, In-Basket manual

1 to enter the Isolated, open the Regions acce 2 to enter the queue User or WorkQueue, select the appropriate In-Baskets queue page signed, new In-Basket Task filtering is needed to add filter preservation ...
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FileNet521 using the DbExecute node reference manual

This node is used to call the stored procedure to support the ORACLE\DB2\SQLSERVER 1 establish a stored procedure (DB2) PROCEDURE DB2ADMIN.testDbExecute CREATE (incoming INT INOUT, direct VARCHAR INOUT (20)) SQLBEGIN IF incoming THEN > 10 SET direct LANGUAGE...
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Security Web uses the database to obtain resources, roles and permissions to protect the spring application

The entity relation of this example is defined in the definition of resources, roles and permissions in the database, and the implementation of this example is implemented in this paper. There are three kinds of resources in web application. /main/common.action: has the common role of the user can access /main/admin.action: admin has roles users can access /main/share.action: common and admin has the role of the user can access, but the role of the user to see the contents of the two...
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The key to web application security under security Filter:FilterSecurityInterceptor spring

In spite of the spring security provides many filter (refer to the spring security standard filter and dealing with different things in filter chain sequence "), but in the web application security core filter have four core filter as shown in the figure below, and FilterSecurityInterceptor responsible for processing HTTP resources security. The whole process needs to rely on AuthenticationManager, AccessD...
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Security Filter standard spring and its sequence in chain filter

Reference (4.3.6) Http:// Alias Class Filter Element or Attribute Namespace CHANN...
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Use database to define resources, roles, and permissions

In Namespace spring and the core component introduction, we found that URL can access the role is directly in the applicationContext-security configuration, and this makes it a lot of poor adaptability. Pattern= "/secure/**" access= "ROLE_USER" requires-channel= "HTTPS" pattern= "/ > / * *" access= "ROLE_USER" requ...
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Introduction to Namespace spring and core components

Security2.0 spring has supported XML schema Namespace way. It generally includes the following aspects. 1 Web/HTTP Security - the most complex part. Set up filter and other applications that apply to authentication mechanisms, protection of URLS, oriented landing pages, and error pages, and so on, the service bean. 2 Business Object (Method) Security - options for s...
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Security: spring access control list to protect domain objects

Prior to the security protection and access control are only for URL or method calls, only the role of a class of objects. In some cases, the authority control is different from the object entities in different domains. In the first class of sample applications, the system has a report in this category of entities. Due to the special nature of the report, only has the role of ROLE_PRESIDENT users can create reports. For each report, the creator can set permissions for different users. For example, some reports only allow a specific number of users can view. For such a requirement, it is necessary to realize the object of each domain...
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Security: spring protection method call

Basic user authentication and authorization This section begins with an introduction to Security Spring from the most basic user authentication and authorization. In general, Web applications are required to save the user information in their own systems. This information is usually stored in a database. Users can register their own account, or by the system administrator to conduct a unified distribution. These users generally have their own roles, such as ordinary users and administrators and the like. Some pages only specific roles users can access, for example, only the administrator can access /admin such. Here's how to use...
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Test the basis of the use of jbpm6.2 class

To facilitate the understanding of the jbpm6.2 function we can build a test project, in which to build a test base class, the specific steps are shown below. New project jBPM in eclipse, which integrates the plug-in The plugin is included in the reference link 1. The introduction of this project relies on the jar needed for the jBPM - in the installation of jb...
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Installer jbpm6.2 using MySQL

Required environment JDK1.6+, Ant1.7+ Experimental environment in this paper JDK1.8.0_51, Ant1.9.6 1 extract instller-full:jbpm-6.2.0.Final-installer-full\jbpm-installer 2 copy the to the following directory lib: jbpm-6.2.0.Final-ins...
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Security Settings jetty

Org.mortbay.jetty Jetty-maven-plugin 7.5.3 Ten /test Realm Test ${basedir}/src/etc/
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Base config jetty

Webapp1 >org.mortbay.jetty Jetty-maven-plugin 7.5.3 Ten ${basedir}/src/staticfiles / ${basedir}/src/over/here/web.xml ${basedir}/src/over/he...
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Manually install or deploy jar in Maven

Some third party jar package we need to manually install the deployment, in addition to the use of nexus when the index is not updated to use when the index can also be installed or deployed. Install (install) only the corresponding jar package installed to the local warehouse, and the deployment (deploy) will be deployed in the jar package to the private warehouse. The following two sections of the code are in the form of a command line to install the JDBC Oracle driver package, and the deployment of the surefire-junit package to the server code. Install:install-fil mvn...
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Elements to allow for the emergence of profile Maven

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......
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Use maintainJ to quickly understand project class relationships

Maintainj can in a very short period of time to debug (find out defects), to facilitate the understanding of the project and the existing features thus easy to enhance the function of (their), can show call time consuming thus able to quickly locate bottlenecks adjust system improve system performance, in addition to the use of it can quickly establish consistent with the actual call UML class relational view and calling sequence view. This is also a form of document key data. And the rapid completion of these tasks are due to MaintainJ is a AOP based implementation of the in the specific use cases (case Use) in the process...
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Using NTLM to carry out jcifs protocol authentication, generating WS access to the client

WebService calls in the IIS of Windows Server 2012 deployed services need to NTLM authentication protocol, in order to use the normal CXF generate client, first and foremost solution is requires Windows NT authentication, the earlier open source library jcifs. Static void main public (args String[]) { Config.registerSmbURLHandle...
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BPMN use tool

EA Many designers are using EA, he not only supports UML, but also fully supports BPMN2.0. The three view in the BPMN specification is displayed in the BPMN, and the three view is the use of this tool. Activitidesigner Designer activiti is a eclipse plugin. It follows the release of activiti. There are two ways to install designer activiti: offline or online. The way is in eclipse - >...
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