Sogou Android models fit the pain [share] dry cargo

Android platform was born as the popularity of smart phones have made great contribution to the, but the biggest drawback is more and more prominent, that is fragmentation serious: equipment and different, many brands, different versions, chip, camera, resolution is not uniform and so on, these have gradually become the obstacles to the Android system development, fragmentation serious not only caused Android system is in chaos, but also lead to Android Application of stealth development costs increased. This paper introduces in detail the adaptation problem of the Android a superb collection of beautiful things. One, personalized full Launcher shortcuts although it looks just one...
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Sogou Android multi-threaded HTTP download four assistant download - imitation

Let's start with a simple review of the basic principles. Http:// Android multi-threaded HTTP download a Android multi-threaded HTTP download,
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Sogou The development of Android client based on openfire smack [3] XMPP

In two papers in the article, we sequentially presented openfire deployment and use of common smack API, in this section we focuses on how an Android client is developed based on asmack, the focus of this article in practice, explanation and principle of link, we can refer to the previous article Openfire smack based on the development of openfire XMPP introduction and deployment of [1] Introduction and use of XMPP class library based on openfire smack smack development [2]   1 source structure...
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Sogou Java self-study video finishing (continuous updates...)

1.Java based video "Zhang Xiaoxiang JAVA video tutorial," the full version of [RMVB] (East and West Network) After 5 years of temper (Java based video history is most suitable for beginners) (wisdom podcast) Zhang Xiaoxiang 2010 New Year Video: Java high technology (Chuan Chi podcast) Java multi threading and concurrent libraries advanced applications (Chuan Chi podcast) Shang Xuetang JAVA video download (continuous updates in... Please pay attention to! (Shang Xuetang) () "Power node, Wang Yong JAVA series video tutorial" (East and West Network) Zhang Xiaoxiang Java high technology...
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Sogou Android multi-threaded HTTP download three

Today with everybody share the next Android development more difficult to link, many people see this headline will feel a great indeed if there is no good coding ability and logical thinking, this is difficult to understand, anterior 2 summary have for everyone to share a basic essentials on the technology, let us first simple review its basic principle. Http:// Android multi-threaded HTTP download Ht...
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Sogou Project management experience: a project manager's personal experience, experience summary

Preface Between many of the position of project manager in strange and ambiguous, sort out some of the classic case will get their own personal experience and reading, communication, a friend asked me, this article source in where? These many is not a person's experience, these summed up a lot is not from the hands of a person, as we think of a piece of code to write good will collect become their part to be perfect for sharing, then we have perfect sharing down... So each have the same perception can become the author of this article, the precious experience perfect...
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Sogou Principle analysis and practice of Android message push technology based on openfire smack XMPP development [4]

Origin of the XMPP protocol to the well-known Linux instant messaging server service jabber, sometimes we will call the XMPP protocol jabber protocol, in fact this is irregular, the XMPP is a protocol and jabber is a server, because open source jabber, sophisticated design, security, stability, cross language, cross platform, package to develop simple, more and more people start using it, and gradually improve, it soon formed a powerful system of standardization, Google Gtalk, Pidgin, psi, spark, once, M...
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.so files on the Android need to know

Early Android systems were almost exclusively supported by CPU's ARMv5 architecture, do you know how many kinds of support you are now? 7 species! The Android system currently supports the following seven different CPU architectures: armv5 and armv7 (since 2010), the x86 (from 2011 onwards), MIPs (from 2012 onwards) armv8. MIPS64 and x86 64 (from 2014 onwards), each is associated with a corresponding abi. Application binary interface (Binary Int Application...
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Android surfaceview (a).

Surface, the meaning of this word is floating on the surface, then surfaceview is floating on the surface of the view. If this explanation really, estimated to have. However, the words can not say so, take this name, or a little bit of a relationship. Surface is a visible area. We see these view on the screen, the screen is to see the screen, in the memory is a memory area. Drawing, is the display of the hardware such as graphics card memory area of the graphics data drawn to the screen. So, from the point of view of memory to see these things, will be more than...
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Mobiscroll introduction [a slide plug-in compatible with PC and mobile devices]

Mobiscroll is a date and time selector for touch devices, and its use will not change the native user experience of HTML5, PhoneGap, and hybrid applications. As a jQuery date plug-in, users can customize the theme style, for their own mobile UI component Tim color. Mobiscroll supports all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Phone BlackBerry 8, and Kindle Amazon. This works is a very practical and compatible with PC and shift...
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Android 4.4 after some of the notes WebView

Since Android 4.4, Android WebView start based on chromium. (this is probably because Android department person in charge from Andy Rubin became chrome department director Sundar Pichai the, ^ ^). This change makes the performance of WebView greatly improved, and the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and has better support. So, as a client developer, what do we need to pay attention to when we write code? 1....
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ReactJs tutorial - the essence of

Now the most popular front frame is AngularJS, React, Bootstrap, etc.. Contact the ReactJS, ReactJs virtual DOM (virtual DOM) in the and the component-based development deeply attracted me, here with me a taste of the ReactJs style bar ~ ~ the have long since the patience to read, you will have a great harvest oh ~, ReactJS introduction react origin in Facebook's internal project, because the company on the market all JavaScript MVC.
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Android custom control series four: draw practical column chart and line graph

Overview: a few days ago suddenly need to do two chart column chart, line chart, so first reaction is to see online are not readily available, results there is, but are not wanted, and most are not used pure Android code completed, but HTML5 seems to complete this kind of job is much easier, only we are good at. * * knowledge point: **android custom view, graphics, images, Fragment, MVC mode. The Demo interface is to imitate the red circle marketing to build the line chart: code, very detailed notes, directly on the line of code: 001.publi...
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Android custom control series three: how to paint

In the previous sections we say how to define an attribute, how to define the height and width, such simple components contour or outline is already out, or have defined the canvas size, solution is down to the canvas brush ink. Components (in addition to the container components) are in fact by drawing out, through the system provided by the brush (Paint) and the basic graphics (circles, rectangles, lines, etc.) can be a complete outline of a component. The following details on how to draw as well as some skills: how to get the color of the general situation, to achieve what kind of components, is designed by the artist effect chart, or online to find some pictures...
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Android custom control series two: how to customize the properties

On Android custom control series a: how to measure the size control we speak the how to determine the control's properties, this article then and speak a necessary knowledge how custom attributes. Custom attributes are essential for a complete or truly practical value. How to control defined properties in res/values/attrs.xml (attrs.xml if it does not exist, you can create a) are defined with the tag attributes, for example, I want to define a display picture of the circular picture control AvatarImageView:01.x...
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Android custom control series one: how to measure the size of the control

Measuring the dimensions of the control (width, height) is the first step in the development of custom controls, only to determine size to start painting (with the canvas painted on the canvas, we use controls are actually so painted). Of course, this size is calculated according to the control of the various parts of the calculation, such as: padding, text size, spacing, etc.. Non container control onmeasure below we take a look at how to non container (i.e. directly extends view controls the size of 1.@Override2.protected void...
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Programmer's passion is actually a kind of pain

I am not a passionate programmer". I think, after 8 hours of work, you should do something else, such as a look at science fiction, and my dear wife chat and so on. When asked, I would really say, "this is the so-called life. You should try it too". Actually my heart is not the passionate programmer, their so-called passion is a smallpox 12 even 16 hour sit in front of the computer to write code, or sacrifice their own hobby, sleep, and interpersonal communication in order to write code, sometimes even the basic life self-care are too busy to take into account. This one...
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Memory leak detection in Android development process

A memory leak will reduce the number of available memory to reduce the performance of the computer. Ultimately, in the worst case, too much of the available memory is allocated to cause all or part of the device to stop working properly, or the application crashes. Memory leaks may not be serious, or even can be detected by conventional means. In a modern operating system, an application is released when the program is terminated. This means that a transient operation of the application in the memory leak will not cause serious consequences. In the following case, the memory leak leads to more serious consequences: 1...
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The difference between the two methods of replace and add in the destruction of Fragment

The first from a bug to start, as shown in Figure: we all know fragment switch has two ways: 1. Replace transaction.replace (, IndexFragment); 2. Add - hide - show the way transaction.add (, IndexFragment); transaction.hide otherfragment; Tr...
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MP3 Android recording implementation

Android recorded in the format of AMR, AAC, but the two audio formats in cross platform performance is not good. MP3 is clearly the best choice across the platform. Recently because of the need of the project, the demand, managed code in GitHub, welcome clap brick project address GavinCT/AndroidMP3Recorder use, see: recommended download integrated into their own projects. [tips: only to download this Chrome can use the GitHub plug-in Mate zip] to achieve thinking...
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Using FileExplorer ADT to view the database in Android mobile phone

Before the first mobile phone to open the root permissions, you can with Android BRUSH ELF, a key root software secondly like Meizu, millet mobile phone to get the root cannot perform the Su command, so I can't give phone file authorization and need to download a SuperSU authority control of them we can begin the following steps: 1.window->show input view->other2. file search. Out. Unfortunately, data folder anyway is not open ah, look at the way of course before the need s to...
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From programmer to project manager

Del at the temple of Apollo in Greece, a mysterious moment was the motto: "know yourself". To a certain extent, we are all the most familiar strangers ". Know their place, is the first lesson for each person to grow. A person's location, the impact of their words and deeds is essential, as the saying goes: "the bottom of the head", although listening to vulgar, but full of life philosophy. Since our ass in the project manager's position, it should be like the project manager to think about the problem, do things. A project manager's situation after several years of hard work, with a good yearning, we finally became him - -...
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Advice to programmers (turn)

Looking to the future, over the past 10 years, the programmer career summary, give programmers little brothers and sisters some summary through the advice, recall is so twists and turns, the own some experience sharing to the programmer brothers and sisters, although era in change, but it is very likely that you will come I've done 10 years away, some experience experience you can learn, that speaks the truth. You receive, that didn't the truth, you must abandon, the following is from the bottom of my heart and give you advice, especially for those little brothers and sisters. 1 your account records, endowment insurance and medical insurance,...
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Android.9 pictures to explain (two)

1, Android placed resource picture folder Android generally have placed drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi, drawable-xxhdpi etc. resource picture folder, the folder corresponding to the pixel density: folder corresponding to the pixel density drawable-ldpi120dpidrawable-mdpi160dpidrawable-hdpi240dpid...
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Android.9 pictures to explain (a)

What is the.9 picture as to what is the.9 picture here is simply to mention, that is, the picture suffix.9 pictures, such as pic1.9.jgp, pic.9.png, and so on, the picture is called the.9 picture. .9 picture of the role of the role of.9 picture is in the picture when the picture is stretched, the specific area will not happen image distortion, as to which part will not be distorted so you have to see how the picture is drawn. When a picture can be used as a background, the display area of the foreground content can be specified. Figure: gray is the background, green is the future. So the prospects for the specific location of the background can be passed...
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