Deep understanding of Docker mirror JSON file

Many times, when we talk about Docker, often referred to Docker as a container solution, there is no small advantage in terms of virtualization resources. The advantages of lightweight virtualization technology aside, from the software life cycle point of view, Docker in packaged software, the ability to distribute software is equally outstanding. The latter is largely dependent on the mirror image technology of Docker. Docker mirror technology provides a set of standards, creative use of Dockerfile to standardize the production process of Docker applications, the results of the Docker image to facilitate transmission and management...
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Depth analysis of Docker mirror principle

The first part: docker mirroring the basic knowledge of 1.1 what is docker image from the overall perspective, a complete docker mirror can support a docker container operation, in docker container operation mainly to provide file system perspective. For example, a ubuntu:14.04 mirror, provides a basic version of the ubuntu:14.04, of course, this mirror is not included in the operating system Linux kernel. When it comes to this, you may need to pay attention to, Linux kernel and ubuntu:14.04...
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What is there in the mirror image of Docker, where is it?

It is said that the important thing to say three times, then I express my personal point of view: Docker mirror is the soul of Docker. The first two to speak on the Docker image of the description, has been from a macro point of view one or two. Once you master the Docker for the level of the management of the image, as well as the Docker mirror the size of the real situation, then come to understand the contents of the Docker mirror and storage, it is a lot easier. Docker mirror content There will always be the first time for the Docker mirror image, since then, of course, there will be no growth, the author...
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Deep understanding of Docker image size

Say good but if there is no law of the container, the Docker image, the Docker is more boring. Do you still remember the first contact Docker when you drop the Hub Docker from the mirror it? On the basis of that virgin image, you run a container of a career in a virgin container. Mirroring the cornerstone of the role has been very clear, in the world of Docker, can be said to be: Image No, Container No. Further thinking about the Docker mirror, we may soon be associated with the following categories of images: 1 system level mirror...
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Docker source code analysis (seven): Container Docker network (on)

1. Introduction what is a docker container) today, docker technology is popular, everyone try and fun docker, at the same time, certainly can not be separated from a concept, that is "container" or "docker container". So we firstly from the angle of realization, to look at the "container" or "Docker Container" in the end what. Gradually familiar with the Docker, we will certainly be deeply felt: the application of Container Docker in the deployment and operation is very convenient...
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Docker source code analysis (six): DAEMON DOCKER network

Abstract: The container characteristics and image characteristics of Docker have brought many benefits for Docker practitioners, however, the network characteristics of Docker can not satisfy the users. This article analysis the docker daemon create the detailed process of the network environment from the docker's network model, especially in the analysis of docker bridging mode created for docker container create network environment to pave the way. 1 preface Docker as an open source lightweight virtual container engine technology, has been brought to the cloud computing...
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Docker source analysis (five): the creation of Server Docker

[Abstract] Server Docker as the Daemon Docker architecture in the request of the portal, took over all the Daemon Docker external communication. Communication API standard, the security of the communication process, the concurrent capacity of service requests, are often the most concerned about the content of Docker users. In this paper, based on the source code, analysis of the Server Docker most of the details of the implementation, and strive to help Docker users to study the design concept of Server Docker. 1 Server Do Docker...
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Docker source code analysis (four): Daemon NewDaemon Docker implementation

[Abstract] Docker architecture Daemon Docker to support the operation of the entire background, but also the unified management of the Docker architecture graph, graphdriver, execdriver, volumes, container Docker and other resources. Can say, docker daemon complex operation were targeted by the daemon to scheduling, and newDaemon happened to can help you understand all the ins and outs of. 1 Introduction Docker ecosystem day...
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Docker container log of those things

If time can flow backwards, every step of the real world can be decomposed to the smallest, recorded, is the log, everything is the log. To face up to history and examine the log can choose to forget, can also choose to remember; experienced, can choose the collection, also can let it covered with dust. Docker container and how it is not? A log is like a timeline, you're in or not, and he's there. Some people on their good intentions, some people are at random. If you do not believe, you can recall, whether to treat the Docker container. 1 the traditional application of the log should not be hurt too deep in the past, into a new world, should also...
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Exec docker and container log

Flipping through the docker's history, you will find docker has been stressed in the "application" word, docker also hope to provide container solution for distributed applications. From the perspective of the life cycle of Docker application software, the development work seems to be located in the construction of Docker, and then the container of the test, deployment and operation and maintenance are closely related to the Docker container. Have to say, Docker thinking under the application of software, management process and the traditional scene has a great difference. The biggest difference is: Docke...
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Analysis of the realization of logs docker

Docker can easily build the user's application, that is, build; Docker can also be applied for rapid distribution, that is, ship; finally, Docker still has the ability to start the application of second level, that is, run. Build, Ship, Run, a simple 3 step, minutes for DevOps to create a shortcut to manage the application life cycle. Application is running up, application running, running state believe that the engineers are most concerned about the point. At this point, Docker how to help engineers to solve problems? Want to know whether the application is still running? "Docke...
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A chart to see the Docker container file system

Dockerfile is the raw material of the software, the Docker image is the delivery of the software, and the Docker container can be regarded as the running state of the software. From the application point of view, the three different stages of Dockerfile, docker mirror and docker container, respectively, on behalf of the software, Dockerfile oriented development and docker image become delivery standards, docker container relates to the deployment and maintenance, all three are indispensable together to act as cornerstone docker. Docker mirror Docker mirror is Docke...
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Docker source analysis (two): Client Docker creation and command execution

In the above Docker source analysis - Daemon Docker start, introduced the Daemon Docker process start. Daemon Docker can be considered as a Server as a running carrier for Docker, and the true to send a request for the container docker operation is the carrier, that is Client Docker. This article from the perspective of Docker source code, analysis of Client Docker start and implementation of the request process. ...
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Docker source code analysis (three): Daemon Docker start

Starting from the source code of Docker, this paper briefly introduces the running process of Docker as a background process. ...
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Docker source code analysis (1): Docker architecture

PaaS is an open source LXC based Docker application container engine, based on the Go language development, to comply with the Apache2.0 agreement. Over the last year, Docker in terms of cloud computing continues to heat up the heat, the community and other active degree also continued to rise, so that people generally hold a positive attitude toward Docker. During the graduate student, mainly engaged in the research and practice of PaaS, the specific research platform for the open source Foundry Cloud. Recently Docker is hot, let oneself in the learning process of Docker, inextricably bogged down in. ...
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