Design and implementation of warden network in Foundry Cloud -- IPtable rule configuration

In the Foundry V2 Cloud version, the platform uses warden technology to implement the resource control and isolation of the user application instance. In the network, container warden technology to create a virtual network card, dedicated to the internal use of container warden, in addition to the container warden inside the virtual network card in the host host server warden is also paired with a virtual network card, as container external network. Only create two virtual network card, in principle, can guarantee the physical "connectivity", but it is difficult to achieve communication between the network, China Unicom, it is in the physical resources, as well as the situation of virtual physical resources, wa...
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The use of environment variables in Foundry DEA Cloud startup application instance

In Foundry V2 Cloud, when the application users need to start the application example, the user through the CLI cloud to controller CF to send a request, and controller cloud to DEA through to forward the request to start NATS. The real implementation of the start, is done by DEA, DEA mainly to do the work to start a container warden, and droplet and other content to copy into the container internal, the final configuration of the specified environment variables, the start of the application of these environment variables start script. This article will explain how to use the Foundry DEA as an example of the startup configuration loop Cloud...
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Cloud gorouter support for StickySession in Foundry

Foundry Cloud as the industry's outstanding PaaS platform, in terms of application scalability is very good. Specifically, in an application needs to be lateral extension, Foundry Cloud can easily help users to do a good job of stretching, that is to create a number of examples of applications, multiple instances of the same status, a number of instances together for the user services, multiple instances together to bear access to pressure. Generally speaking, it can be considered to share the pressure of access, but it is not for all access to the application, are balanced, distributed to different application examples. For example: when Foundry Cloud's access to the user's application, the first visit, goroute...
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Foundry DEA in Cloud and warden communication to complete the application port monitoring

In Foundry V2 DEA, Cloud is a user application running control module, and the actual operation of the application is dependent on the warden. More specifically, is the DEA to receive the Controller Cloud request; DEA to send a request to the server warden; server warden to create container warden and the user application droplet and other environmental configuration is good; DEA to send the application to start the request to serve warden; finally container warden to start the implementation of the start application. This paper mainly describes how warden interacts with DEA to ensure that the application of the end user can be successful...
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Discussion on the safety of Foundry warden container Cloud

This article from the Foundry warden container Cloud to start, to explore the safety of container warden. Mainly concentrated in the multi tenant between container, container and cloud platforms may exist between security issues. ...
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Architecture and implementation of warden in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud, when the application developer's application by the Foundry Cloud component DEA to run, the application of resource isolation and control is particularly important, and the existence of warden is a good solution to this problem. Foundry warden Cloud project is the primary purpose of providing a simple interface to manage the isolated environment, these isolated environment can be called "containers", they can be used in CPU, memory usage, disk usage and device access rights to do the corresponding restrictions. Starting with the warden architecture, this paper briefly introduces the client warden, server warden and container warden...
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Analysis of cloud_controller_ng architecture in Foundry Cloud

In this paper, the architecture of cloud_controller_ng, and a simple analysis. Cloud_controller_ng is an important component in the Foundry V2 Cloud version. Where cloud_controller_ng is the meaning of next generation cloud_controller (NG), and cloud_controller_ng design is not compatible with the original old version of cloud_controller. The old version of the cloud_controller using MVC Rails framework to achieve, while the cloud_controller_ng is using S...
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Foundry dea_ng in the Cloud source file analysis

The function of each file in /dea_ng/lib/dea/ directory Bootstrap.rb: dea_ng is mainly responsible for the configuration of other modules, the other is also responsible for the work of these modules, the main modules are NATs, logging, loggregator, droplet_registry, instance_registry, staging_task_registry, instance_manager, snapshot, resourc,,, and...
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Analysis of file directory in Foundry Cloud application example life cycle

In Foundry Cloud, the application is running on the DEA, and the application in its own life cycle, its own file directory will also with different cycle, make different changes. In this paper will be from the creation of an application (start an app), stop a stop an app) application, delete a (delete an app) application and restart a (restart an app) application, application crash, the closure of the DEA, start the DEA, DEA abnormal exit and restart after the...
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Source analysis of Stager components in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud in a component, called Stager, it is mainly responsible for the work of the user is deployed into the Foundry Cloud source code packaged into a DEA can extract the implementation of droplet. About droplet production, Foundry V1 Cloud in a complete process for: 1 users will use the source code to upload to Controller 2.Cloud; Controller Cloud through the NATS to send requests to Stager, request the production of dropet; 3.Stager from Controller Cloud download compressed application source code, and decompression; 4.Stager will extract the...
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Source analysis of collector components in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud there is a component called collector, the function of the component is through the message bus found in the Foundry Cloud registered in the various components of the information, and then through the varz and healthz interface to query their information, and finally collected the various components of the data sent to the designated storage location. This article from the function of collector, mainly about the above three functions of the realization of the source. ...
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Startup and resource monitoring of DEA component in Foundry Cloud

All applications in Foundry Cloud are run in a component called DEA, the full name of Droplet is Execution Agent DEA. The main functions of DEA can be divided into two parts: running all applications, monitoring all applications. This article mainly explains how to start an application of Foundry V1 Cloud version of DEA, and how to monitor the use of DEA resources. Although DEA two functions to achieve far more than that, but I believe that the application and monitoring of the application is to monitor the essence of DEA is located, a lot of other content is in these two points on the package or strengthen. ...
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Analysis of the realization of syslog_aggregator in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud, used to collect Foundry Cloud components of each component of the log information, called syslog_aggregator. Syslog_aggregator can be done to facilitate the collection of Foundry Cloud in all the components of the log information, and these information for initial treatment. The syslog_aggregator module mainly includes the monit module, the log management module. ...
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Foundry gorouter in the Cloud source code analysis

In the Foundry V1 Cloud version, router as a routing node, forward all requests to enter the Foundry Cloud. Since the development language is ruby, the ability of router to accept and process concurrent requests is limited by the language layer. Although in the V1 version, router has a certain optimization, the use of lua script instead of the original Ruby script, Lua to analyze the request, making a part of the request is no longer through the ruby code, and directly to DEA access applications, however, the effect is still not very ideal. In order to improve the availability of Foundry router Cloud, Foundry Cloud open source community recently launched gorouter. G...
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Principle of tunnel VMC and Caldecott in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud, the user can create a create-service service instance VMC, but under normal circumstances, the user can not manually further the design of instance service. In mysql, for example, the user can create a MySQL instance, but under normal circumstances, users can not directly to the MySQL database were schema design, or for CRUD operations. For service MySQL...
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