Deep understanding of Docker mirror JSON file

Many times, when we talk about Docker, often referred to Docker as a container solution, there is no small advantage in terms of virtualization resources. The advantages of lightweight virtualization technology aside, from the software life cycle point of view, Docker in packaged software, the ability to distribute software is equally outstanding. The latter is largely dependent on the mirror image technology of Docker. Docker mirror technology provides a set of standards, creative use of Dockerfile to standardize the production process of Docker applications, the results of the Docker image to facilitate transmission and management...
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Depth analysis of Docker mirror principle

The first part: docker mirroring the basic knowledge of 1.1 what is docker image from the overall perspective, a complete docker mirror can support a docker container operation, in docker container operation mainly to provide file system perspective. For example, a ubuntu:14.04 mirror, provides a basic version of the ubuntu:14.04, of course, this mirror is not included in the operating system Linux kernel. When it comes to this, you may need to pay attention to, Linux kernel and ubuntu:14.04...
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Docker source analysis (two): Client Docker creation and command execution

In the above Docker source analysis - Daemon Docker start, introduced the Daemon Docker process start. Daemon Docker can be considered as a Server as a running carrier for Docker, and the true to send a request for the container docker operation is the carrier, that is Client Docker. This article from the perspective of Docker source code, analysis of Client Docker start and implementation of the request process. ...
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Docker source code analysis (three): Daemon Docker start

Starting from the source code of Docker, this paper briefly introduces the running process of Docker as a background process. ...
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Docker source code analysis (1): Docker architecture

PaaS is an open source LXC based Docker application container engine, based on the Go language development, to comply with the Apache2.0 agreement. Over the last year, Docker in terms of cloud computing continues to heat up the heat, the community and other active degree also continued to rise, so that people generally hold a positive attitude toward Docker. During the graduate student, mainly engaged in the research and practice of PaaS, the specific research platform for the open source Foundry Cloud. Recently Docker is hot, let oneself in the learning process of Docker, inextricably bogged down in. ...
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Open source service discovery project Zookeeper, Doozer, Etcd

This article is Wilder Zookeeper for the common service discovery project Doozer, Jason, Etcd wrote a blog, its original address is as follows: Service Discovery Open-Source. Service discovery is a core component of most distributed systems and service oriented architecture (SOA). This problem, simply speaking, can be considered: when a service exists in a number of host nodes, the client side of the decision to get the appropriate IP and port. In the traditional case, when a service exists in a number of host nodes, it will use the static configuration method to realize the registration of service information. But...
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Design and implementation of warden network in Foundry Cloud -- IPtable rule configuration

In the Foundry V2 Cloud version, the platform uses warden technology to implement the resource control and isolation of the user application instance. In the network, the warden container technology create a virtual NIC, specifically for the warden container internal use, also as warden container within the virtual network card in the warden server where the host also matched a virtual NIC as container of the external network. Just create two virtual network card, the principle can ensure physical "connected", but it is difficult to achieve network communication between "China Unicom", so the physical resources and complete physical and virtual resources, wa...
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The use of environment variables in Foundry DEA Cloud startup application instance

In Foundry V2 Cloud, when the application users need to start the application example, the user through the CLI cloud to controller CF to send a request, and controller cloud to DEA through to forward the request to start NATS. Implementation of the real start is completed by DEA, the DEA is mainly doing the work for starting a warden container and copy the contents of the droplet into the interior of the container, finally finished configuring the specified environment variables, under these environmental variables start application startup scripts. This article will explain how to use the Foundry DEA as an example of the startup configuration loop Cloud...
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Cloud gorouter support for StickySession in Foundry

Foundry Cloud as the industry's outstanding PaaS platform, in terms of application scalability is very good. Specifically, in an application to lateral extension of time, the cloud foundry can easily help users to do extension work, that is, to create multiple instances of an application, multiple instances of equal status, multiple instances together for service users, multiple instance share access to the pressure. Generally speaking, it can be considered to share the pressure of access, but it is not for all access to the application, are balanced, distributed to different application examples. For example: when Foundry Cloud's access to the user's application, the first visit, goroute...
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Foundry DEA in Cloud and warden communication to complete the application port monitoring

In Foundry V2 DEA, Cloud is a user application running control module, and the actual operation of the application is dependent on the warden. More specifically speaking, cloud controller request is received by the DEA; DEA sends a request to the warden server; warden server to create a warden container and droplet of user applications such as environment configuration; DEA send application startup request to the warden serve; last warden container execution startup script to start the application. This paper mainly describes how warden interacts with DEA to ensure that the application of the end user can be successful...
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Discussion on the safety of Foundry warden container Cloud

This article from the Foundry warden container Cloud to start, to explore the safety of container warden. Mainly concentrated in the multi tenant between container, container and cloud platforms may exist between security issues. ...
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Architecture and implementation of warden in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud, when the application developer's application by the Foundry Cloud component DEA to run, the application of resource isolation and control is particularly important, and the existence of warden is a good solution to this problem. Cloud foundry warden projects for the primary purpose is to provide a simple interface to manage the isolation environment. These isolated environment can be called "container", they can be used in the CPU, memory usage, disk usage and equipment access to do corresponding restrictions. Starting with the warden architecture, this paper briefly introduces the client warden, server warden and container warden...
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Analysis of cloud_controller_ng architecture in Foundry Cloud

In this paper, the architecture of cloud_controller_ng, and a simple analysis. Cloud_controller_ng is an important component in the Foundry V2 Cloud version. Where cloud_controller_ng is the meaning of next generation cloud_controller (NG), and cloud_controller_ng design is not compatible with the original old version of cloud_controller. The old version of the cloud_controller using MVC Rails framework to achieve, while the cloud_controller_ng is using S...
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Foundry dea_ng in the Cloud source file analysis

The function of each file in /dea_ng/lib/dea/ directory Bootstrap.rb: mainly responsible for the allocation of DEA ng other modules, was also responsible for will start these modules work, the main modules are NATs, logging, loggregator, droplet registry, instance registry and staging task registry, instance manager, snapshot, of resourc...
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Analysis of file directory in Foundry Cloud application example life cycle

In Foundry Cloud, the application is running on the DEA, and the application in its own life cycle, its own file directory will also with different cycle, make different changes. In this paper will be from the creation of an application (start an app), stop a stop an app) application, delete a (delete an app) application and restart a (restart an app) application, application crash, the closure of the DEA, start the DEA, DEA abnormal exit and restart after the...
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