Docker source analysis (two): Client Docker create and command execution

In the Daemon Docker startup, the Daemon Docker process is introduced. Daemon Docker can be considered as a Server Docker operating carrier, and the real container docker operation on the carrier, the request is Client Docker. This paper analyzes the process of starting and executing requests from the Client Docker, from the perspective of Docker source code. ...
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Docker source analysis (three): Daemon Docker start

This paper starts from the source code of Docker, and briefly introduces the process of Docker as a background process. ...
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Network design and implementation of Cloud warden in Foundry IPtable

In the Foundry V2 Cloud version, the platform uses warden technology to achieve the resource control and isolation of the user application instance. In the network, container warden technology to create a virtual network card, specifically for the internal use of container warden, and container warden internal virtual network card in the host on the host of server warden also paired with a virtual network card, which acts as the external network container. Only create two virtual network card, in principle, can guarantee the physical connectivity, but it is difficult to achieve the communication between the network China Unicom, so the physical resources and virtual physical resources, wa...
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Foundry DEA in Cloud and warden communication port monitor

In Foundry V2 Cloud, DEA is a control module for a user application, while the application is actually running on warden. More specifically, it is a request for Cloud to receive Controller DEA; sends a request to server warden; server warden creates container warden and is configured to use droplet,, and serve DEA; warden warden; container DEA. This paper mainly describes how DEA interacts with warden to ensure that the application of the end user can be successful...
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Foundry dea_ng Cloud source file analysis

Introduction to the role of the /dea_ng/lib/dea/ directory Bootstrap.rb: mainly responsible for the configuration of dea_ng other modules, in addition to these modules, the main modules are NATs, logging, loggregator, droplet_registry, instance_registry, staging_task_registry, instance_manager, resourc, snapshot...
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Analysis of file directory in Foundry Cloud application examples in the life cycle process

In Foundry Cloud, the application is running on the DEA, and the application in the life cycle of its own, its own file directory also with different cycles, make different changes. In this paper will be from the creation of an application (start an app), stop a stop an app) application, delete a (delete an app) application and restart a (restart an app) application, application crash, the closure of the DEA, start the DEA, DEA abnormal exit and restart after the...
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Source analysis of Stager components in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud has a component, called Stager, which is primarily responsible for the work of the user into the Foundry Cloud source code packaged into a DEA can extract the droplet. About droplet production, Foundry V1 Cloud in a complete process is: 1 users will be the application source code uploaded to Controller 2.Cloud; Controller NATS through the Cloud to send requests to Stager, the production of dropet; 3.Stager from Controller Cloud download compressed application source code, and extract; 4.Stager will be extracted after...
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Source analysis of collector components in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud there is a component called collector, which functions as the information of the individual components registered in Foundry Cloud, and then through the varz and healthz interface to query their information. Finally, the number of individual components is collected and sent to the specified storage location. This article from the function of collector, mainly about the three functions of the source code to achieve. ...
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Foundry Cloud DEA components within the application of the start and resource monitoring

All of the applications in Foundry DEA are run in a component called DEA, the full name of Droplet is Execution Agent Cloud. The main functions of DEA can be divided into two parts: running all applications, monitoring all applications. This paper mainly explains how Foundry V1 DEA version of the application, and the use of DEA to monitor the application of resources. Although the implementation of the DEA two functions is far more than that, but I believe that the application and monitoring of the application and monitoring of the application of resources is the essence of DEA, a lot of other content is in the two points on the packaging or strengthen. ...
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Analysis of syslog_aggregator implementation in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud, used to collect the components of the Foundry Cloud log information, called syslog_aggregator. Syslog_aggregator can be easy to collect all the components of the Foundry Cloud log information, and these information will be processed. Syslog_aggregator module mainly includes monit module, log management module. ...
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Foundry Cloud gorouter source code analysis

In the Foundry V1 Cloud version, router is used as a routing node to forward all requests for Foundry Cloud. As the development language is ruby, the ability to receive and handle concurrent requests from router is limited by the language layer. Although in the V1 version, router has had a certain optimization, the use of lua script instead of the original Ruby script, Lua to analyze the request, so that part of the request is no longer through the ruby code, and directly to the DEA access application, but the effect is still not very ideal. In order to improve the availability of Foundry router Cloud, Foundry Cloud open source community recently launched gorouter. G...
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Foundry Service Gateway Cloud source code analysis

Foundry Cloud is an open source platform, the service product, which provides the developer freedom to choose the cloud platform, the development framework and application services. While Foundry Cloud, the service is reflected in the application of advanced features, it is due to the presence of Service services, users can accelerate the application of the deployment and simplify application management. First of all, or a brief introduction to the Foundry Service Cloud. At Cloud Foundry Service mainly includes three aspects: 1...
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