Analysis of cloud_controller_ng architecture in Foundry Cloud

In this paper, the architecture of cloud_controller_ng, and a simple analysis. Cloud_controller_ng is an important component in the Foundry V2 Cloud version. Where cloud_controller_ng is the meaning of next generation cloud_controller (NG), and cloud_controller_ng design is not compatible with the original old version of cloud_controller. The old version of the cloud_controller using MVC Rails framework to achieve, while the cloud_controller_ng is using S...
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Talking about the Postgres database of cloud_controller in Foundry Cloud

Familiar with Foundry Cloud technical staff, certainly not unfamiliar to cloud_controller. Cloud_controller as Foundry Cloud management module, on the one hand, the management of the user's RESTful request, on the other hand, some of the important configuration information persistent, stored in the cloud_controller node database. On the node of cloud_controller database, Cloud Foundry is deeply understand...
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