Docker source code analysis (1): Docker architecture

PaaS is an open source LXC based Docker application container engine, based on the Go language development, to comply with the Apache2.0 agreement. Over the last year, Docker in terms of cloud computing continues to heat up the heat, the community and other active degree also continued to rise, so that people generally hold a positive attitude toward Docker. During the graduate student, mainly engaged in the research and practice of PaaS, the specific research platform for the open source Foundry Cloud. Recently Docker is hot, let oneself in the learning process of Docker, inextricably bogged down in. ...
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Architecture and implementation of warden in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud, when the application developer's application by the Foundry Cloud component DEA to run, the application of resource isolation and control is particularly important, and the existence of warden is a good solution to this problem. Cloud foundry warden projects for the primary purpose is to provide a simple interface to manage the isolation environment. These isolated environment can be called "container", they can be used in the CPU, memory usage, disk usage and equipment access to do corresponding restrictions. Starting with the warden architecture, this paper briefly introduces the client warden, server warden and container warden...
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Analysis of cloud_controller_ng architecture in Foundry Cloud

In this paper, the architecture of cloud_controller_ng, and a simple analysis. Cloud_controller_ng is an important component in the Foundry V2 Cloud version. Where cloud_controller_ng is the meaning of next generation cloud_controller (NG), and cloud_controller_ng design is not compatible with the original old version of cloud_controller. The old version of the cloud_controller using MVC Rails framework to achieve, while the cloud_controller_ng is using S...
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On the performance and reliability of computer system structure

Computer system structure is a science, and it is also a kind of art, on the one hand, it choose how to design each part of computer hardware components, on the other hand. It is also a reasonable and efficient will these hardware components are linked together and at the hardware level constitute a whole computer. Although there is a computer in the scientific community, but there is no perfect computer. But the goal of the computer system structure has been the same, that is, in the hope that it can design a higher performance, more complete and more efficient computer on a smaller cost. Can be seen is that this is almost impossible to achieve...
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