Integration of service JasperReports in Foundry Cloud

The existing Cloud Foundry support services, most of them belong to the traditional relational database and NoSQL database. In these two kinds of database service, providing service, equivalent to data storage service provided by the database server, in other words, is by the end of the server database, create database, then the database transferred to the cloud foundry apps. JasperReports service first need to complete the form in JasperReportsservice and data storage form. As in the last part and the abstract se JasperReports...
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Server iReport+JasperReports development process Troubleshooting

This paper deals with the content: is mainly to achieve a subreport masterreport success in the jasperreports server (hereinafter referred to as the JRS) report is generated. First is the use of ireport were designed masterreport and subreport, and successfully preview; then the two statements of the template in the jasperreports server connected data sources, and eventually generate statements. Problem No suitable Dr 1...
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Server on Cloud Foundry JasperReports

Recently due to the needs of the laboratory work, some time in the cloud foundry on the famous report the jasperreports engine support. On the official about can reference address:
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