Use the environment variable DEA start Cloud application in Foundry

In the cloud foundry V2, when the application user wants to start the application examples, users through the CF cli is sent to the cloud controller request, and cloud controller through NATs to DEA forwarding a request to start. Implementation of the real start is completed by DEA, the DEA is mainly doing the work for starting a warden container and copy the contents of the droplet into the interior of the container, finally finished configuring the specified environment variables, under these environmental variables start application startup scripts. This paper will elaborate from Cloud Foundry DEA to the application startup configuration ring...
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DEA and warden communication port to monitor the Cloud Foundry to complete the application

In Cloud Foundry V2, DEA control module for a user application, the real operation of application is dependent on warden. More specifically speaking, cloud controller request is received by the DEA; DEA sends a request to the warden server; warden server to create a warden container and droplet of user applications such as environment configuration; DEA send application startup request to the warden serve; last warden container execution startup script to start the application. This paper mainly describes how to interact with the warden, DEA, to ensure that the end user can be successfully applied...
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To investigate the Cloud Foundry warden container security

This paper from the warden Cloud Foundry container with safety of warden container. Mainly focus on multi tenant container, security problems may exist between container and cloud platform. ...
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Architecture and implementation of warden in Foundry Cloud

In the cloud foundry, when the application developer's application by the cloud foundry component DEA to run, the application resource isolation and control is particularly important, and the existence of the warden good solution to this problem. Cloud foundry warden projects for the primary purpose is to provide a simple interface to manage the isolation environment. These isolated environment can be called "container", they can be used in the CPU, memory usage, disk usage and equipment access to do corresponding restrictions. This paper starts from the warden architecture, this paper briefly introduces the warden client, warden server and warden container...
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Foundry dea_ng in the Cloud source file analysis

The role of each file in the /dea_ng/lib/dea/ directory. Bootstrap.rb: mainly responsible for the allocation of DEA ng other modules, was also responsible for will start these modules work, the main modules are NATs, logging, loggregator, droplet registry, instance registry and staging task registry, instance manager, snapshot, of resourc...
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Analysis of the application of life cycle in the process of file directory Cloud Foundry

In the cloud foundry, application running on the DEA, and the application of in its life cycle, its own file directory will also with different cycle to make different changes. In this paper will be from the creation of an application (start an app), stop a stop an app) application, delete a (delete an app) application and restart a (restart an app) application, application crash, the closure of the DEA, start the DEA, DEA abnormal exit and restart after the...
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Start with the resource monitoring DEA components within the application of Cloud in Foundry

Cloud Foundry in all applications running on a component called DEA, the full name of DEA is Droplet Execution Agent. The main function of DEA can be divided into two parts: runs all the applications, monitoring all applications. This article mainly explain how to start an application of DEA Cloud Foundry V1 DEA version, and how to monitor the application of resource use. Although DEA two functions to achieve far more than so much, but I think that start the application and monitoring the application resources is the essence of DEA and many other content is in the two point package or strengthening. ...
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