Gorouter Cloud Foundry in support of StickySession

Cloud Foundry as the industry's outstanding PaaS platform, application in scalability, doing very good. Specifically, in an application to lateral extension of time, the cloud foundry can easily help users to do extension work, that is, to create multiple instances of an application, multiple instances of equal status, multiple instances together for service users, multiple instance share access to the pressure. Roughly speaking, that is shared access to the pressure, but not for all the application access, balanced, distributed to different application examples at. For example: when the Cloud Foundry user access application, first visit goroute...
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Foundry gorouter in the Cloud source code analysis

In the Cloud Foundry V1 version, router as the routing node, forwarding all incoming Cloud requests for Foundry. Due to the development of language is ruby, so the router receiving and handling ability of concurrent requests by the language level constraint. Although in V1, the router has been optimized using Lua script instead of the original Ruby script, by Lua to analyze the request, the request no longer after Ruby code, and go directly to the DEA application access, but the effect is still not very ideal. In order to improve the availability of Cloud Foundry router, gorouter Cloud Foundry recently launched the open source community. G...
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