Cloud Foundry micro and Iron Foundry micro installation of those things

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In the second half of August and early 9, Cloud Foundry micro and Iron Foundry micro. Also really toss about two words, and now from the beginning of the first contact between the two talked until successful installation is completed.

Here is no longer on the Cloud Foundry, or Iron Foundry to talk about. In my opinion, Foundry Iron is a.Net framework for the application can be in the Foundry push DEA Cloud service. Then simply say that the role of Iron Foundry micro. Micro iron foundry in simple terms is a DEA service, but it has been successfully installed in a virtual machine, then the already installed good iron foundry of virtual machine packing, a micro iron foundry. Users only need to run on a particular physical machine on the virtual machine on the initial installation of the micro Foundry Iron. Why is it said that it is a particular physical machine, not all physical machines, the following will be immediately involved.

Although not to say Foundry Cloud, but Cloud Foundry micro still have to say a little bit. Cloud Foundry micro is also a complete installation of a complete Foundry Cloud virtual machine, but at the start of the time to have some configuration.


Now that we have a preliminary understanding of the Iron Foundry micro and Cloud Foundry micro, the next step is to install the. A lot of people will feel, should be the next step, on a single physical machine installed both, or in two physical machines installed on each a, or on the server to open a resource rich, large memory of the virtual machine, and then come back to run the two. This idea is very realistic, I also do so, the variety of the wall, and listen to me speak slowly.

If you intend to install them on a single physical machine, then choose a physical machine casually, that I have to say you choose the physical machine probably does not meet the requirement of micro iron foundry and micro cloud foundry. First of all we know, like the iron foundry, micro such a Windows Server Core virtual machines running on the physical machine will have some requirements, such as memory limit must be greater than a certain value must then be hard disk requires large enough space. The following is a description of the official websiteHttp://, Micro Foundry requirements: Mem: 2GB Iron, 13GB Disk:, 1GHZ+ CPU. So if your physical machine is less than 2GB or the hard disk is almost saturated, then please change a physical machine. So as long as you can change a physical machine to meet the above two conditions on the line it? The answer is natural. Because, after all, still running a Cloud Foundry micro, it is also required to account for the memory of the. Although the official website and not some of the detailed description of the micro cloud foundry installation requirement, but the installation after feeling, the occupation of the memory will around 1GB, so the machine physical memory size generally at around 3gb, run the machine's memory 3.6GB, no pressure.

Is it as long as there is a large memory, large capacity hard disk space on the physical machine it? I'm sorry, the answer is no.. Because, Iron Foundry micro and Cloud Foundry micro these two virtual machines on the underlying hardware is still required. We all know that micro iron foundry and micro cloud foundry is a 64 bit virtual machine, and the two virtual machine run on a physical machine, if the physical machine CPU technology can not support virtual technology virtual 64 bit system, then the physical machine or not installed the two. Here say about CPU needs the support of technology, name for VT (Virtual Technology) technology, because I just contact PAAS rookie, just when the contact, the problems encountered, to consult the lab IAAs Daniel knew. If you intend to use a physical machine, then please refer to the machine CPU model, and then check whether the CPU support VT technology, if supported, can be installed, otherwise, it can only be said that the machine.

Since it comes to the VT technology, it is also here to say, on the server to open up a virtual machine to install the two virtual machine is feasible. To say is, the same will encounter the bottleneck of VT technical problems. First server virtual machine is through a virtual virtual technology, such as VMware virtual technology, such as KVM and so on. So you want to install Iron Foundry micro on the formation of the virtual machine installed on the virtual machine, so you will encounter a problem VMs nested. We can look at the document:Http:// Although the server CPU will be very strong, many of which are VT technology support, and out of the virtual virtual machine virtual CPU, is obtained by virtual technology, the CPU in a large extent is VT technology does not support. If you want to pass this method, you can access the specific functions of the server virtual technology.

Said so much, in fact, just a mounting environmental requirement, but if not clear, it will be very frustrating and maddening.

Next is the real installation process, and that naturally is installed in the condition of a physical machine (why not talk about separately installed in different physical machine, will say later). How about that, it's interesting.


I think Cloud Foundry micro and Iron Foundry micro is a master-slave relationship, Cloud Foundry micro Lord, that naturally is to install Cloud Foundry micro. The steps in Cloud Foundry micro's official website are like thisHttps://

1 InstallPlayer VMware(free) orVMware WorkstationWindows and Linux users. forFusion VMwareFor OS X users. Mac

2 LoginYour credentials* Using

3 DownloadMicro Cloud Foundry virtual machine Your image

Here have to say about, 1 in the installation and operation of the virtual machine tool, 2 used in registered account and log in, get the domain name domain name and the domain name get token, 3 download micro cloud foundry mirror.

If you download The installation if installed in accordance with the conventional, I am afraid you are not successfully installed, should this version of the micro cloud foundry is originally to have wrong (this I also not understand, a bug version was also released, but the official released amendments).

In the official installation of the time, just go into the interface, according to Alt-F2 into a landing interface, forget it, or posted information posted on the official website:

To access the FYI Micro Cloud Foundry VM before it has been configured do the following:
Alt-F2 in the 1.Hit console (switches you this to a new virtual console)
Log on using the 2.Now Vcap user with the very secret VMware password ca$hc0w
You're done hit, Alt-F1 to switch back 3.Once to the first virtual console

After the completion of the second step, according to the following steps

Fix is The to log on to the Micro Cloud Foundry VM see above for to how do it and edit line 50 the file in /var/vcap/micro/lib/micro/network.rb and add.To_s so it looks like this
# create a class variable?
Self.ext_lookup def (name)
Network.resolv_guard (name) do
Resolv:: (['']: nameserver = > do |dns|)
Dns.getaddress (name).to_s
The letter added that, VIM can be used to edit, save and exit. Back to the first virtual console. And then press the following operation:

You are done editing Once go to the console and hit ^C and answer yes. This will force the console to restart and load the code change.
You are Now ready to configure the VM using (options in 4 the console menu)

The above is the modified part of the operation, so that it can be a micro Cloud Foundry bug micro Foundry can be changed to the normal operation of Cloud.

The following is the specific operation. Because just in a personal notebook to edit the document, there is no specific operation of the Cloud Foundry micro laboratory physical machine, so some of the operation is inevitable error, you can wait to go back to the lab to do correction or on the map.

Installation steps:

     First step: select 1, configure.

       Second step: modify the Cloud Foundry micro password, this password need to remember, because later in the Iron Foundry micro need to use.

       Third step: select DHCP

       Fourth step: None, press enter

     Fifth step: enter the token to get, press enter

After the fifth step is done, after the update play DNS, that is, to start the installation of Foundry Cloud, about 5min

       Sixth stepShould be installed after the completion of the carriage return to complete the installation of Foundry cloud, the next need to connect the Iron Foundry micro.

Overall, the installation of Iron Foundry micro should be a little bit simple. In the start Server Core windows, is automatic, do not need to do anything. When you start, you just need to do the following steps (take a few steps to take your own notes, don't bother to translate):

The directory to C:/IronFoundry/Setup 1.change in the current directory
The type of micro Cloud 3.choose Foundry
In the identity registered in micro Cloud Foundry website mine as the password and changed the configuration of micro Cloud Foundry 4.type (in).
To install Iron Foundry 5.begin and connect to micro Cloud Foundry automatically
The end it will display a sentence Press any key to continue.Please press nothing to keep the Micro Iron Foundry connected to micro Cloud Foundry..

When 6 of the situation occurs, it shows that the two have been connected to the end, it should also run in a healthy state. By the way, there is a need to note that the two virtual machines should work in the bridge state, and the state of the network to copy the physical machine.

Since the installation is completed, it should be to push applications to test, is it?
Well, in order to be able to.Net push applications, the official website provides three ways to push, we are here to introduce the following vmc. This time, the original VMC has evolved into a vmc-IronFoundry called the East, in fact, the core of the source code is the same, but the increase can be applied to.Net push module. So just need to gem under install vmc-IronFoundry Linux it is a. Think it should be on the line, in fact, like this has drawbacks, it is a physical machine will VMC and vmc-IronFounry two tools, but crazy sad is: these two tools can file execution is VMC, and you are in some specific operating system (such as CentOS) installed on the vmc-IronFoundry, the latter of the executable file VMC does not cover before a VMC executable file, so will make the final push unsuccessful, and if you pay attention, it is difficult to detect the error, I have is in the official website of the IronFoundry repeatedly consult God of Luke, only to find the error. But the problem seems to be in the Ubuntu will not appear. But still remind everyone to pay attention to the installation of the time it. Have toThe first gem VMC uninstall, and then install vmc-IronFounry gem.The following is a link to application push:Http://
Amount.. Amount...
So fast... Actually talking about the last step, since it is almost over, it would be useful for Foundry Cloud enthusiasts, and then say a Foundry Iron official website on the end of a word about the meaning of a word.
It and feel the love. Do

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