Iron comparison of Foundry Cloud and Foundry Vcap

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The previous stage, doing Foundry Cloud and Foundry Iron laboratory work, after the successful completion of the Foundry Cloud and Foundry Iron communication, specifically to understand the source of Foundry Iron and Foundry Cloud.

So in the official website of Cloud Foundry GitHub Vcap Iron and Foundry Vcap of the source code to do a back contrast.

Due to the contrast degree relatively shallow, so certainly there are omissions. But from what has been done, Foundry Cloud only on the basis of Foundry Iron made a very very small change.

The following is my comparison results:

OneFoundry.Iron is bound to add some information about the in the installation process. So in Vcap / dev_setup / / cookbooks / templates / default / / there are a number of changes in the Vcap / cookbooks / dev_setup / cloud_controller / cloud_controller.yml.erb / cloud_controller / Templates / default / runtime.yml.erb added aspdotnet such as runtime; in Vcap / dev_setup / cookbooks / cloud_controller / templates / default / / standalone.yml.erb added clr20 and clr40.

Two. of course as iron foundry in the installation will join some of their service, for example, MSSQL and mssb (Microsoft Service Bus), so in the Vcap / dev setup / cookbooks / directory will MSSQL and mssb file.

ThreeWhen executing the installation is running in the Vcap / dev_setup / bin / vcap_dev_setup files, and Foundry Iron of the file also made a small amount of changes. Change part is more clear, specific see the following code:



-a CLOUDFOUNDRY_REPOS= declare (router cloud_controller DEA)

-a IRONFOUNDRY_REPOS= declare (stager Vcap)

Thus it can be seen that when installation, some a downloaded component library is different, the DEA router cloud controller from GitHub cloud foundry directory under, and Vcap stager is from GitHub iron foundry's directory.

Four. in this component modules stager, iron Foundry/stager gemfile will be slightly different, a Vcap stager gem package, cloud foundry Gem'vcap_staging'Gem'vcap_staging','~>0.1.63'.: git=>''.: ref=>'bea99970', and iron foundry Gem'vcap_staging' Gem'vcap_staging','~> 0.1.63',: git=>'',: branch=>'aspdotnet'. Specific in the CF and IF run time, what will be the difference, not yet studied. Then Gemfile.lock also has the corresponding change.

All in all, Foundry Iron and Foundry Vcap Cloud difference is very little.
The main feature of the Foundry Iron is the addition of a node to install support for DEA's service Cloud_Controller, which is connected to the.Net.

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