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Master of software engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 years experience in the development of iOS mobile terminal, work during the design and development of a number of iOS projects have been involved in the development of iOS development tutorial iOS application Methods and practices of order development and practice in June 2012 by the people's Posts and telecommunications press.
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Programming language 66:Plus One LeetCode

A non-negative number represented as an array of digits plus, one to the number. Given Digits are stored such that the most significant digit is at the head of the list. The D: / / an integer bit stored in a int number...

Programming language Leetcode note: Substring Without Repeating Characters Longest expert

To the effect of the problem, given a string of strings, find the longest string of no duplicate characters, the output of its length. You can use two pointers, one pointing to the head of the current sub string, a point to the tail, the tail pointer to continue to scan, when there is a character in front of the current sub string length and the optimal solution of the comparison results. And then the head pointer continues to scan, until the end of the scan to a character and tail pointer is the same, then the tail pointer to continue scanning, when the end of the end of the pointer to the end of the algorithm. ...

Leetcode C++ String Char Substring

[Internet] DICOM:C-GET service expert

Background: the difference between C-MOVE and C-GET services is the biggest difference between TCP and C-GET, which is based on the two party service of a single TCP connection, and C-MOVE is based on three party services (see DICOM:C-GET and C-MOVE), and C-MOVE and DICOM:C-GET. Coupled with the previous column DICOM:DICOM3.0 network communications protocol of the "open source library implementation analysis" has also been a detailed comparison of the dcm4che and f...


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Programming language Vector series in actual combat c++ - two of the of the terrible iterator failure (delete the elements in the vector). expert

There is the basis of the last blog "c++ series of vector in real combat - the dreaded iterator failure (vector).". Direct line code: #include #include Namespace STD using; Main int () { V vector; V.push_back (1); V.push_back (2);...

Vector C++

[Web front end JQuery custom content scroll bar expert

Using method: First download the plugin: One, HTML Introduce the following file Link rel= "stylesheet" href= "/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.css" / > Type= script "text/javascript" src= "js/jquery-1.11...

Jquery Plug-in unit scroll bar

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Programming language Vector series of c++ in actual combat - - the terrible iterator failure (vector) expert

Vector provides us with a lot of convenience, but occasionally there are pitfalls. When you don't pay attention, you fall into it. In the final analysis, or the mechanism of vector is not enough to grasp. Very easy to write this Code: #include #include Namespace STD using; Main int () { V vector; V.push_back (1); std:: vector<i...

Vector C++

[integrated] Operating system learning notes: I/O input system expert

Computer two main tasks: IO operation and calculation. In many cases, the main IO operation is calculated with the two tasks that are handled by the operating system. Operating system in the IO role is to manage the IO operation and IO devices. I. overview There is a big difference between the function and speed of I/O equipment, so we need to use a variety of methods to control the equipment. These methods form the core of the IO subsystem, and the other parts of the operating system kernel do not need to be involved in the management of complex IO devices. IO equipment technology...

operating system IO

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Mobile development What is Context Android? expert

What is Context? A Context means a scene, a scene is a process of interaction between us and the software. For example, when you use the micro channel, the scene including the chat interface, communication, circle of friends, as well as some of the data behind. So from the point of view of the program, Context is what? In fact, a Activity is a Context, a Service is also a Context. An application can be considered as a working environment, users will switch to a different scene in this work environment, it is like an assistant,...


Because an old acquaintance of the structure of a sentence and pull him. expert

A P8 from Ali, now a small company. Even as some point of madness: the following is the original microblogging: [often see before "good architectures have evolved, not design", and also a lot of people agree, I will not only MLGBD, really tears trickling down cheeks, summer insects can not speak of ice ah] a Ribaba P9 P10, P11, P12, so many architects level is inferior to you a person ah. It looks like I have never let you to design the Ali architecture is wasted. Well, a company is...

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[database] Oracle GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include Does 8 (document ID 1147116.1)

Oracle GoldenGate requires Xlc.Adt.Include Does 8 (document ID 1147116.1)...

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Programming language A thorough analysis of the JavaWeb Item24 - jsp2.X custom tag development.

A simple label (SimpleTag) as a traditional label use three tags to complete different functions, it is too complicated, is not conducive to the promotion of label technology, SUN company to reduce the learning difficulty of labeling technology, in JSP 2 defined a more simple, it is to write and call the SimpleTag interface to achieve the functions of tags. SimpleTag interface to achieve the label is often referred to as a simple label. A simple tag defines 5 methods: SetJspContext method SetParent and getParen...

Web Java JSP Label Custom tags Jsp2-x

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Architecture design Bridge mode and strategy mode of design pattern

Bridging (Bridge) is one of the structural models, and the strategy (strategy) is a behavior pattern. Here are their UML structure diagrams. Bridge mode: Strategy mode: In the bridging mode, Abstraction references Implementor by means of polymerization. Give an example: the strategy mode: I want to draw a circle, to the solid circle, I can use solidPen to configure, drawing dotted circle can be configured with dashedPen. This is strategy mode. Bridging mode: the same is the painting circle,...

design pattern bridge pattern

Programming language [Servlet&JSP] standard label

In the JSP specification, a number of tags (Tag Standard) are provided, and all the containers are supported by these labels, which can help reduce the use of Scriptlet when writing JSP. All of the standard tags are used as jsp: front. These standards are proposed in the JSP JSP JSTL Library (Standard Tag) and the expression language (Language Expression) in many functions can be the original standard label. <jsp:incl...

Programming language Data structure experiment 4 (sorting algorithm implementation and performance analysis)

Implementation of the selection sort, insertion sort, bubble sort, quick sort, quick sort improved, as well as two-way merge sort. Randomly generated by random function of 100 numbers, a variety of sorting, record sort start time and end time, the time to calculate the time to compare the advantages of the algorithm. Code: Iostream "#include" Cstdio "#include" CString "#include" Algorithm "#include" #include...

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Programming language [Servlet&JSP] from JSP to Servlet

JSP and Servlet is one of the two sides, JSP finally will be the container to be translated into Servlet source code, automatically compiled into.Class file, load.Class file and then generate the Servlet object. The Servlet class has _jspInit (), _jspDestroy (), _jspService (), and so on. The name of the class has a (), (), etc., which means that the method is maintained when the container is transferred. If you want to do some JSP initialization or closing work, you should define...

Programming language The Pycharm tutorial (29) - on IDE, quick guide

1, ready to work (1) the Python interpreter is confirmed to be installed, and the version 2.4 to 3.4 can be. (2) Pycharm two releases: Community Edition and professional edition, see Edition Comparison Matrix 2, initialization and installation When installing Pycharm for the first time, the setup program will ask you a few important questions: (1) whether it has already been stored in advance to set up information (such as configuration information for earlier versions) (2) permit...


Programming language In-depth analysis of Item23 JavaWeb - JSP custom tag development entry

One, the role of custom tags for the role of custom tags are mainly used to remove the Jsp Java code. Two, custom tag development and use 2.1, custom tag development steps 1, write a Tag interface to implement the Java class (label processor) to write a custom tag, the first to achieve a Tag interface class. But the Jsp has a class that implements the interface, we first implement a. Me.gacl.web.tag import; impo; package...

Web Java JSP Label Custom tags Introduction

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[Web front end Easily learn JavaScript Nineteen: DOM programming in the HTML document what location to write JS code

In learning DOM programming time and turn back to see the past to write the JS code, and did not consider where to write JS code more in line with the specification When the HTML document is loaded and then run the JS code. In the first contact JS, wrote a blog post: easy to learn JavaScript three: With JavaScript and HTML, is simply the combination of HTML and JS JS code in what position, some may still wrong, now Error correction in the blog post. When you start learning DOM programming, you have a new question...

Web front end development Javascript DOM programming

Programming language C++ vector series - using vector to construct two dimensional array expert

Two dimensional arrays are sometimes used, but few people use vector to construct a two-dimensional array. First of all, it is clear that in the computer world, there is no two-dimensional array, but a concept of the user only. In fact, we are the so-called two-dimensional array must also be a continuous memory. In many cases, we can use a vector representation of the conventional two-dimensional array, as long as the index corresponding to. So, if I do I want to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, vector inside a vector? #include #incl...

Vector C++

Mobile development Android uses String.format ("%.2f", 67.876) to define the language (Russian, Spanish) will change the decimal point to a comma

Marketing staff to reflect the company's app system to set up Russian, Spanish, double data will be the number of points to a comma. Debugging, it is a custom language (for example, Russian, Spanish) to convert String.format ("%.2f", 67.876). Will appear. 1, Android system, set the steps of the system language Android [setting] - [language and input method] - [language] the list of the corresponding language in the list item 2, problem analysis Java.util.Loc...

String Format Russian decimal point comma

Programming language International support for Java (I18N problem) expert

One, read the locale Locale PC information is composed of language with the national code, in Java, provides the Locale class corresponding language information. * * / / Locale = Locale.getDefault to obtain local information defaultLocale (); * System.out.println ("country:" + defaultLocale.getCountry); * System.o...

internationalization language Java

Mobile development USB MSM8909+Android5.1.1 connection mode expert

MSM8909+Android5.1.1 USB connection is introduced using WIN7 computer test default. 1 MTK6582+Android4.4 USB connection Figure 1 (1) recommended USB storage device in XP system, the mobile phone as a U disk file replication. Figure 2 open USB storage devices, computer terminal display for the removable disk, enter the display in Figure 3 are as follows: (2) media device (MTP) so you can...

Mobile development App performance optimization expert

Introduction to the company's small partners on the app performance optimization technology to share, here I am a little bit to sort out the performance of this topic is very large, involving a wide range, can be very deep, I have limited capacity, not to tell you particularly difficult, especially the bottom of things, we are able to start to do the point, we are talking about performance optimization, but for the project experience is not rich enough to have a concept, do optimization will be more at a loss, here I give you directions. From where to talk about? I do product development, also encountered performance bottlenecks, measurement...

performance optimization App

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[Internet] Use OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming first parts expert

Using OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming first part of the reference: 1) the use of OpenSSL to create a simple CA Win32 platform for the preparation of SSL, TLS 133100.htmlch

OpenSSL SSL Linux Ca

Mobile development MSM8909+Android5.1.1 is unable to identify the problem through the USB connection XP system expert

MSM8909+Android5.1.1 connected to the XP system through the USB cannot identify encounter this problem, can install the application treasure, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper and other mobile phone management software, can be normal let Android devices and XP normal communication system. Like tossing a friend can look at the following practice summary. USB connection: Figure 1 1 media devices (MTP) Figure 2 automatic installation of software that the installation failed, reference to solve the problem of

[Web front end How to empty the file from the file to upload the selected file (path) expert

I have to pull the trifles. Saying, life is too short to be trifles, but my work is composed by countless trifles What can be done about it?? Today the chicken feathers and garlic skin is: how to empty the file upload control in the selected file (path)? The scene is jiangzi: There is an upload control and a button, which upload control to hide. Click the button to trigger the upload control click event, then the pop-up file selection dialog box, select the file, and then trigger the upload control onchange event. In this event, the file upload. A little force, that is to hide the upload control. This may be out of bounds...

Javascript File upload

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Mobile development Media files scattered problem - iOS HLS flow only without sound image expert

Media files scattered problem - iOS HLS flow only without sound image...

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[integrated] List of books you have to read expert

You have to read a list of books, time flies, in the twinkling of an eye in 2015 will be in the past, this blog will also come to an end! After all, the cumulative down year after year, this article may lead to failed to load (laugh, laugh), Wanna date me? Let us next year! ...

Programmer Have to read book

[integrated] Interesting programmers around expert

Hurry to vote! It bloggers have been waiting for you for a time! In recent days CSDN was elected CSDN blog star, I hope readers can give me our vote I will continue to write more articles!! Easy to take! Look at those interesting programmers appeared! To understand customer needs!! Do some high-end = and wide, thick caps I feel not conspicuous = with bright, bold shit to look a little more friendly = bold style of handwriting do like apple in the font = true ipad...

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