Foundry Iron and Foundry Cloud of those things

In the first part, it talked about the matters relating to the installation of micro iron foundry and micro cloud foundry, the next natural is installed iron foundry and cloud foundry, and understand familiar with both. Requirements First need to understand the installation of some of the conditions. The installation environment seems to be much more relaxed than last time, here need two machines (physical machines, virtual machines can be, here does not involve the issue of VMs nested and VT support, and the author is...
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Cloud Foundry micro and Iron Foundry micro installation of those things

In the second half of August and early 9, Cloud Foundry micro and Iron Foundry micro. Also really toss about two words, and now from the beginning of the first contact between the two talked until successful installation is completed. Here no longer say Cloud Foundry, or Iron Foundry to talk about. In my opinion, Foundry Iron is a.Net framework in order to make the application can be in the Foundry push D Cloud...
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