XSS vulnerability detection technology based on Web Crawler

1 background and significance In the early design of the website, the existence form of the web page is static. Static web content is stable, will not be updated frequently, but in the late but not easy to maintain. If you need to maintain and update the web page, you must re edit the HTML page, so when the site is very large, to maintain the workload of static web page is almost intolerable. With the development of the times, the development of a large number of dynamic web technology in this area, such as JSP, ASP, PHP, etc.. The dynamic nature of these web sites is mainly reflected in the process of the formation of the corresponding web pages is dynamic, that is, web content will be based on...
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Security window communication in a browser

This paper is the paper "Frame Communication in Browsers Securing" reading notes. This thesis is based on the browser's security policy, which is mainly focused on the communication frame. Now with the increasing number of Internet users, the browser in the user's network life plays an indispensable role, but the browser in the display of the user's web page, is not safe. Now the vast majority of the site in the window into the third party content, and for the user, the main...
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A general algorithm for document fingerprints of Winnowing:

This paper is the paper "Local Algorithms for Document Fingerprinting Winnowing:" reading notes. In today's era, electronic content will be through the same in many ways, for example: references, revision and plagiarism. And the document fingerprint is an effective way to accurately specify the copy, even if it is a small part of the collection of a large number of documents. In this paper, the author introduces the document fingerprint algorithms, these algorithms seem to capture the arrival...
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Security issues in TCP/IP protocol

This paper is the paper "Look Back at Security" Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite A "" of the reading notes. In computer security course, involves the TCP / IP, have emphasized TCP / IP existence many security problems, but this does not mean that TCP / IP performance or the security is not good, because of the birth of TCP / IP itself is not based on the safe, but mainly to solve the problem of communication network. However, with the TCP/IP...
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On the performance and reliability of computer system structure

Computer system structure is a science, and it is also a kind of art, on the one hand, it choose how to design each part of computer hardware components, on the other hand. It is also a reasonable and efficient will these hardware components are linked together and at the hardware level constitute a whole computer. Although there is a computer in the scientific community, but there is no perfect computer. But the goal of the computer system structure has been the same, that is, in the hope that it can design a higher performance, more complete and more efficient computer on a smaller cost. Can be seen is that this is almost impossible to achieve...
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Function and communication mechanism of Gateway Service in Foundry Cloud

This report describes the functions of Foundry Cloud Gateway:Service Gateway Service and the communication mechanism of Gateway Service from two aspects.   1 Gateway Service features The main function of Gateway Service in CloudFoundry is to receive the request from the controller Controller Cloud in Foundry S, and according to the request type, the Cloud...
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