Principle of tunnel VMC and Caldecott in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud, the user can create a create-service service instance VMC, but under normal circumstances, the user can not manually further the design of instance service. In mysql, for example, the user can create a MySQL instance, but under normal circumstances, users can not directly to the MySQL database were schema design, or for CRUD operations. For service MySQL...
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Integration of service JasperReports in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud supports the existing services, most of which belong to the traditional relational database and NoSQL database. In these two kinds of database service, providing service, equivalent to data storage service provided by the database server, in other words, is by the end of the server database, create database, then the database transferred to the cloud foundry apps. Service JasperReports implementation requires the completion of the data in the form of JasperReportsservice in the form of storage and storage. As in the last part and the abstract se JasperReports...
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