Source analysis of Stager components in Foundry Cloud

Foundry Cloud in a component, called Stager, it is mainly responsible for the work of the user is deployed into the Foundry Cloud source code packaged into a DEA can extract the implementation of droplet. About droplet production, Foundry V1 Cloud in a complete process for: 1 users will use the source code to upload to Controller 2.Cloud; Controller Cloud through the NATS to send requests to Stager, request the production of dropet; 3.Stager from Controller Cloud download compressed application source code, and decompression; 4.Stager will extract the...
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Source analysis of collector components in Foundry Cloud

In Foundry Cloud there is a component called collector, the function of the component is through the message bus found in the Foundry Cloud registered in the various components of the information, and then through the varz and healthz interface to query their information, and finally collected the various components of the data sent to the designated storage location. This article from the function of collector, mainly about the above three functions of the realization of the source. ...
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Startup and resource monitoring of DEA component in Foundry Cloud

All applications in Foundry Cloud are run in a component called DEA, the full name of Droplet is Execution Agent DEA. The main functions of DEA can be divided into two parts: running all applications, monitoring all applications. This article mainly explains how to start an application of Foundry V1 Cloud version of DEA, and how to monitor the use of DEA resources. Although DEA two functions to achieve far more than that, but I believe that the application and monitoring of the application is to monitor the essence of DEA is located, a lot of other content is in these two points on the package or strengthen. ...
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