The use of environment variables in Foundry DEA Cloud startup application instance

In the cloud foundry V2, when the application user wants to start the application examples, users through the CF cli is sent to the cloud controller request, and cloud controller through NATs to DEA forwarding a request to start. Implementation of the real start is completed by DEA, the DEA is mainly doing the work for starting a warden container and copy the contents of the droplet into the interior of the container, finally finished configuring the specified environment variables, under these environmental variables start application startup scripts. This article will explain how to use the Foundry DEA as an example of the startup configuration loop Cloud...
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Cloud gorouter support for StickySession in Foundry

Foundry Cloud as the industry's outstanding PaaS platform, in terms of application scalability is very good. Specifically, in an application to lateral extension of time, the cloud foundry can easily help users to do extension work, that is, to create multiple instances of an application, multiple instances of equal status, multiple instances together for service users, multiple instance share access to the pressure. Roughly speaking, that is shared access to the pressure, but not for all the application access, balanced, distributed to different application examples at. For example: when Foundry Cloud's access to the user's application, the first visit, goroute...
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Foundry DEA in Cloud and warden communication to complete the application port monitoring

In Cloud Foundry V2, DEA control module for a user application, the real operation of application is dependent on warden. More specifically speaking, cloud controller request is received by the DEA; DEA sends a request to the warden server; warden server to create a warden container and droplet of user applications such as environment configuration; DEA send application startup request to the warden serve; last warden container execution startup script to start the application. This paper mainly describes how warden interacts with DEA to ensure that the application of the end user can be successful...
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