Open source service discovery project Zookeeper, Doozer, Etcd

This article is Wilder Zookeeper for the common service discovery project Doozer, Jason, Etcd wrote a blog, its original address is as follows: Service Discovery Open-Source. Service discovery is a core component of most distributed systems and service oriented architecture (SOA). This problem, simply speaking, can be considered: when a service exists in a number of host nodes, the client side of the decision to get the appropriate IP and port. In the traditional case, when a service exists in a number of host nodes, it will use the static configuration method to realize the registration of service information. But...
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Design and implementation of warden network in Foundry Cloud -- IPtable rule configuration

In the Foundry V2 Cloud version, the platform uses warden technology to implement the resource control and isolation of the user application instance. In the network, container warden technology to create a virtual network card, dedicated to the internal use of container warden, in addition to the container warden inside the virtual network card in the host host server warden is also paired with a virtual network card, as container external network. Only create two virtual network card, in principle, can guarantee the physical "connectivity", but it is difficult to achieve communication between the network, China Unicom, it is in the physical resources, as well as the situation of virtual physical resources, wa...
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