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Dpdk Intel learning exchangeDpdk Intel is a data packet forwarding processing package released by Intel company. It is suitable for network packet analysis, processing and so on! For large packet forwarding, multi-core operations have a certain performance improvement! I am currently studying dpdk this suite, wrote a bit about the source of their article, just to learn to use, do not use for other commercial purposes!
Agile development one thousand and one seriesAgile development for a long time, feeling a lot of things, of course, increasingly feel that the problem is very valuable, recent training collected some questions, too late to answer the scene of many, one by one: here, and also welcomes the readers' questions and insider. Problems in general will include questions, answers (temporary programs, the ultimate program), case, analysis and other chapters, in order to solve the problem in depth.
Agile development user story seriesFull range will involve what user stories for customer value to write the story, user modeling, product to be development of classification, granularity of the story, story structures, etc. some problems, and strive to this problem to try to resolve the clean.
Agile loose pair programming seriesIn fact, we always had a method like pair programming "and system". Is each new company came to the company, are assigned a master with, in the technical and operational aspects of providing guidance. They neither a computer nor laosibuxiangwanglai, this is actually a "loose" pair programming.

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