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Seeking the reciprocal of the linked list N node Expert

Recently to see a book list for the reciprocal of the N nodes, a simple realization of the linked list, implementation scheme are as follows 1, without the aid of chain length of the sequential traversal of the penultimate n nodes GetReserveN is the realization of such. 2, of course if the list records the node length can also be directly out of the lenth-N node traversal sequence is the last node. Class LinkedList template { Public: T {return () m_data operator;} Virtual...

Themselves to achieve StrToInt function Expert

StrToInt int (char*pStr int, defaultVal const) { / / null pointer access If (pStr==0) DefaultVal return; Result=1 tem=0, int; / / number BitNum=0 int; / / symbol Sign=1 int; Char *pTem const...

Basic financial accounting rules in fund management system Expert

The principle of financial institution to follow the principle of equality of loan and loan. The group settlement center or financial company system design for involving accounting related foundation can according to the identities of accounting treatment. ...

Fund system Design

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[technical] use agile, why do you want to use, how to? Expert

Methods are summarized, so others can be summed up, you can...

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Contrast the next Google and Baidu, the difference is so big Expert

Google search and Baidu search, the use of the effect of the difference between programmers really great. A search for "angularjs", opposite results appear immediately...... ...

Google Search Programmer Baidu In China

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CentOS7 uses NTP for time synchronization Expert

NTP clock synchronization mode There are two kinds of clock synchronization methods in Linux under NTP, which are direct synchronization and smooth synchronization: Direct synchronization Using the ntpdate command to synchronize, direct time change. If there is a 12 point run on the server, the current server time is 13, but the standard time is 11, using this command may cause the task to be repeated. Therefore, the use of ntpdate synchronization may cause risk, so the command is also used to configure the clock synchronization service for the first time when the use of synchronization. Smooth synchronization...

CentOS Linux NTP Time synchronization Clock

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React-native unit testing framework -Jest Expert

Jest Install install jest-cli --save-dev NPM to install the Jest command line: wuxian$NPM install jest-cli --save-dev localhost:TesterHome Node_modules/jest-cli jest-cli@0.7.1 Just -- jasmine-pit@2.0.2 Just -- object-assign@4.0.1 Just --...

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DevOps related books Expert

From china-pub, Dangdang and other online bookstore search on DevOps's book, only a few of the few: DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux server operation and maintenance best practice, in-depth site development and operation and maintenance, especially in the DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux server operation and maintenance best practice for the amount of more extensive, high visibility, DevOps is also visible in the domestic technology, tool level as the focus. DevOps De Delivery and, a few of the most recent publications that have been published abroad are not translated...

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Attention DevOps Expert

Recent concerns from the testing, quality assurance field began to migrate to DevOps, because the DevOps field is a little more, covering the development, QA, operation and maintenance. Since when did you start to talk about DevOps? From the book of the Amazon to see in 2012 there is a book called "Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide Continuous," the book, as there is "for Developers DevOps (Voice in Web Devel Expert's...


Iceberg Expert

Copyright to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author to obtain authorization, non commercial reprint please indicate the source. Author: Dong Keren link: source of know almost to the iceberg algorithm, referred to in the title, I just have some understanding, can tell us. A lot of people on the "quantitative trading" understanding is too one-sided, basically the same as the student money, I do not agree with this view. Trading is the first of the transaction itself, has its own economic significance, ignoring this...

Ubuntu 14.0464 bit machine with Caffe+MNIST training Lenet network operation steps Expert

Ubuntu 14.0464 bit machine with Caffe+MNIST training Lenet network operation steps...

Example of the high frequency trading of the case [interpretation] Expert

Examples of high-frequency trading harvest [graphic explanation] FanFan - 25 days after strictly speaking, in fact, full title should be: with examples explain why ordinary individual investors don't in the secondary market under the situation without hedging with high leverage streaking the play high frequency trading (HFT)? But if such a precise definition of it would be the title is too long, so the above title party abbreviations, please forgive me. Please refer to the following three diagrams, hand in hand...

MNIST database introduction and conversion Expert

MNIST database introduction and conversion! ...

Business sentiment: a low-key and pragmatic is the most valuable spirit of entrepreneurs Expert

Though, is now a Internet + shuangchuang (public entrepreneurship peoples innovation era, many exciting entrepreneurial story after another, this time for the society created a large number of distinct personality, dare say dare, high-profile Niubi entrepreneurs myth figures, I think they are really badly, is good at the application and integration of resources and rapid viral Internet communication, which in itself should Internet + era entrepreneurs need to have the innovation ability. Today, I put forward the theme is not to deny the mythological figures, but from a personal point of view constantly to remind themselves and other entrepreneurs and reflection, outside no matter what it felt like cattle and scenery, back...

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These 8 kinds of weapons to light the personal brand of programmers Expert

We will remember Li Xunguan mentioned, Li flying. Mention Torvalds Linus, we will think of Linux. Mentioned Lei, we will think of WPS and millet. Mention you...... ...

Programmer Brand Grow up Job wanted

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