Get rid of the command line, configure the Android development environment under Ubuntu

Author: Song Zhihui Micro blog: installation of the required tools, the new apt (Synaptic) is the Debian and Linux Ubuntu operating system package management tool for the graphical front end. It combines the simple operation of the graphics interface and the powerful function of the apt-get command line tool. You can use a new software package to install, remove, configure, upgrade packages, browse, sort, search and manage the software package list, or upgrade the whole system. You can do some series of operations to form a parade...
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(domestic) the perfect download Android source Ubuntu version

Today, I wrote an article that is not so wonderful, so I have to write a new one. First of all, for the sake of convenience, I have replaced the system to Ubuntu, because the official recommendation of the use of the Linux distribution (alas, CSDN to me, I lost the article, and no power to write things.) First to a system of screenshots: The Ubuntu version is 15.04 (which is recommended in this version). Next, we might use the software. Git: use the repo tool will use git, GIT and Ubuntu in the, so you need to install the GIT, use the command:...
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(domestic) the perfect download Android source code (article has been lost)

We need to download the Android source code for a lot of time, because we can't visit the official website for the well-known reasons. Is there a way (of course, in addition to disk, outside) can not use VPN (you know) case download Android source code? OK, Let's go! Before downloading the source code, you need to install the machine Linux system. Now there are a lot of issues that can be used by Linux. The most popular Linux operating system is more than Ubuntu, and even Android official are recommended in U...
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Eclipse Ubuntu menu bar display problem

In the new version of Ubuntu is eclipse, many people will encounter eclipse open after no menu bar, in fact, is the lack of a UBUNTU_MENUPROXY. environment variable built this variable in the /etc/profile and the export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 value written after the 0 reboot OK...
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Google code base has more than 2 billion lines of code, they are how to manage?

How large is Google? To answer this question, we can see the income, see the stock price, to see the number of customers, see influence. But it's not enough. When it comes to scale, Google is definitely a huge computer software empire. In order to prove a point, we can also look at the code size of Google. On Monday, the amount of code to the problem mentioned Google Rachel Potvin staff held in a Silicon Valley project meeting (here to see the video, please Internet Science). According to her estimate, you usually use the Google Internet service software (...
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The framework of data collection

Before going to pull the bullshit zero zero article introduces some well-known Web site architecture. Recently D melon brother also want to study the structure of the major well-known websites. So, just to collect information on this aspect. Limited to the problem of time, this article to share articles and not all read, so do not guarantee the quality of all articles. In addition, if a friend found a better article, welcome message to inform. Come in. Google App Engine Google (1) - Google core technology to explore the mysteries behind App Engine...
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Studio Gradle using Android Jar

Studio Android playing Jar package has been a troublesome thing, according to the existing online tutorial, packing a confused jar need to complete the following steps: 1 will be plugin library after build AAR, and then extract the classes.jar inside the AAR 2 use JarJar and other tools to remove excess class Second the 3 step to get the jar to confuse any step, do a lot of work. In my personal case, it is very troublesome...
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Android official order in-depth analysis of the hprof-conv

The hprof-conv tool can generate a standard format for the Android file generated by the SDK HPROF tool, so you can use the tool to view: [-z] hprof-conv...
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Android official Hierarchy Viewer

Viewer Hierarchy allows you to debug and optimize the user interface. It provides a way to display a layer of visual. Start Viewer Hierarchy, as follows: In Studio Android, select Tools > Device Monitor Android. Enter the tools SDK folder, enter the command line Monitor...
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Android official order in-depth analysis of the etc1tool

Etc1tool is a command line tool, you can compress the PNG image to the ETC1 standard, and can be extracted. Usage: infile [--help --encode --encodeNoHeader [--showDifference --decode] [-o outfile] diff-file] option Description INFILE To compress the file - help Help - en...
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Android virtual machine for in-depth analysis

SDK Android contains a virtual machine running on a computer. This virtual machine allows you to develop and test Android applications without any physical devices. keyboard command Virtual device key Corresponding keyboard keys Home HOME menu F2 Back ESC dial-up F3 hang up F4 search F5 Power button F7 Sound + Ctrl+F5 Sound Ctrl+F6...
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VirtualBox Win10 new virtual machine can not set up 64 system solutions

Problem description In Win10, after the installation of virtualBox, the new virtual computer, all operating systems are not 64. Solve Go to control panel - > > uninstall program to enable or disable the function of windows - > cancel Hyper-V in front of the hook. ...
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Android official command depth analysis of the rendering 9-patch

9-patch is an editor that sees you, allowing you to create an bitmap image that automatically changes the size of the screen. The selected parts can be horizontally or vertically scaled. Here is an example of using the 9-patch tool to create a 9-patch image. First, you need a PNG file. To find the sdk/tools directory, run draw9patch to start the 9-patch tool. Drag the PNG file to the 9-patch tool (or File > 9-patch Open... Open the appropriate text...
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Android official order in-depth analysis of the dmtracedump

Dmtracedump is a tool for generating graphical call stack based on log files (except for Traceview). Dmtracedump usage: [-ho] [-s sortable] [-d trace-base-name] [-g outfile].Key tool for the next dmtracedump data from.Data and log. The following table lists the parameters of the dmtracedump: Parameters...
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Android official Device Monitor

Device Monitor Android is an independent tool for debugging and analyzing the Android application. The Monitor tool does not require a IDE environment, such as Studio Android. Include the following tools: DDMS For OpenGL ES Tracer Viewer Hierarchy Systrace Traceview Perfect magnification viewer Pixel Use...
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