Fourteen, the bubble formation and rupture of the reasons

This round of stock market bubble begins in November last year about, said the reason it as a bubble, because index rose rapidly without any basic disk support and leverage to the huge boost. Since 2007 after the crash, the stock market into a long bear market, the way down to about 2000 points down. From the end of 11 in 2014, the stock rose rapidly, to the beginning of 2015, has reached more than 3300 points. After a brief shock, from mid March 2015 onwards, the stock began to rise in a longer time, and finally reached a peak in June 12th reached 5178 points, and then began to avalanche...
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Thirteen, margin with capital, speculate on the stock market, and leverage

Chinese retail investors, the profit opportunity is always so: optimistic about a stock will rise, money to buy, if really guess, shares rose after a moment to sell. For example, Wang Eryou 10000 dollars, to buy the stock price of 10%, he made 1000 dollars. So what if he really is so bullish on a stock, it is very much to buy more. But he himself only 10000 dollars, how to do it? Right. And other loans, to borrow money to his institutions in the stock market is certainly two conditions, one is the interest, the two is a deposit to offset the risk. This is called a bull to borrow money in stocks. On the contrary, if Wang Er finds a...
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Twelve, the characteristics of the Chinese stock market

Most of the above is the general rule of the stock market, and many of China's introduction of the Western invention, the stock in the current China also has obvious Chinese characteristics. The stock market of the people's Republic of China began in 1990 (when the Republic of China, Shanghai stock market), from the perspective of economic reform, the development of the stock market is to promote the market economy. But because the Chinese government's power is too strong, the lack of genuine rule of law, and planned economy of the traditional thinking, the Chinese stock market from the onset to the present has been many serious drawbacks. First of all, the stock market from the founding to the very long period of time, are for the state-owned enterprise financing services. Even later...
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Eleven, how to choose stocks?

The theory and method of selecting stocks are varied, and it is always the two big ideas: value investment and trend investment. Value investment school believes that the price difference with the frequent changes, a stock has a relatively stable internal value. Such as a car company's assets, liabilities, how much debt, management level, how to develop the ability of research and development, how market share, brand value geometry (analysis of these are known as basic analysis)...... All these factors are combined to determine the value of the company. Then the value of each stock is equal to the value of the company divided by the number of shares. Of course, many of these factors are very difficult to quantify, in particular...
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Ten, the transaction price

The above discussion is the price of a single bill to buy and sell a single transaction. The number of hosts to set up a huge number of transactions, such a transaction information is usually invisible to the user. Investors from the TDx, flush, great wisdom, such as stock trading software to see is time-sharing chart per minute stock prices, or more detailed the so-called transaction details (in different software name may be slightly different in every several seconds to clinch a deal the price. How to determine the price of a stock in a minute on the price of a time when the price is on the map? A natural idea is that the average price of all transactions in a minute. But when we look closely at the points, it will be...
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Nine, stock turnover

Stock turnover has evolved from the initial exchange of artificial offer to the current information exchange. Shareholders from the computer mobile phone and other terminal to submit the bill or sell orders, they are gathered through the network to the host (respectively, to the Shanghai stock exchange and the Shenzhen stock exchange), the host automatically set the deal. Daily stock market transactions include the 9:15 and the rest of the time of the collection at in the morning and at 9:30. During the auction, the stock of a stock of all the pay and sell a single cumulative, and finally by the host at 9:30 to calculate the opening price, the principle is to facilitate the possible amount of transactions. For any period of time...
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Eight, why should the company issued shares and why investors buy stocks?

Why is the company issuing shares? Simply said that in order to finance, that is, to raise more funds. The owner of a company has two ways to raise money for the purpose of expanding its scale. One is to borrow. Enterprises can also issue bonds to bank loans. Lenders and buyers of the bond to the enterprise charged interest returns, they have is creditor's rights of the enterprise, once the enterprise to repay all principal and interest, debt relationship ends. Creditors can not directly affect and interfere with the operation of the enterprise, nor assume the risk of business, that is, whether the business or business to repay. Another way is to issue shares. ...
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Seven, the stock is what?

Even if you are a veteran of the stock market, it may not be a bad place to look back at the basic knowledge of stocks. The essence of the shares is very simple, is a part of the ownership of a company. The stock is the certificate of ownership, representing the shareholders of the company's rights and interests, including the company's assets, liabilities, income and so on. Holding a company's stock means that you are one of the owners of the company, so it has a right to be owned by the company. Wang Er if he has a car company issued a total of 1/100000000 of the stock, in theory, he has the company building, trademarks, patents, cars, reputation...... 1/100000000. One in history...
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Six, which refers to the

Face smile often, and never speak and stammer a little bit of the king to find a job as a television presenter, and a week to start work. This show, the first seven points on the stock market, the ratings are very high. Wang Er in order to be familiar with the content of the work ahead of time to enter the state, a day at seven o'clock, will keep in the TV side, the eyes of a direct saliva DC to stare at the former director of the smiling face of a systematic analysis of the stock market changes. The stock market fell yesterday by Europe and the drag, today the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city dikaidizou. Although the European stock markets fell last week, today in Shanghai and Shenzhen two driven by market share, there is still a slight rise. By...
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Five, intellectual questions

Teacher: "today we do a few mental problems." Observe the following sequence, write down a number of X: 0, 11, 12, 0, X Big fat classmate: "X is equal to 13." Teacher: "answer right." Chubby classmate: "teacher, I can feel 1." Teacher: "tell me why." Fat: "this series can be as a piece of the whole point timekeeping clock every half hour sounded times, after a 12 point is, of course, 1 point." Teacher: "well, it makes sense. Look at the following questions." Find out the rules of the sequence below, write down a number of X: 1, 4, 3...
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