Stubborn Android nail households: only 18.3% of users will consider switching to iPhone 13

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The 120Hz never-ending screen, faster A15 processor and larger storage space, and the addition of many new functions have attracted much attention to the iPhone 13.

When the iPhone 13 was about to be released, sellcell conducted a follow-up purchase intention survey to find out how many Android users would consider switching to iPhone 13 and why they switched to or did not switch to iPhone 13.

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Purchase intention of Android users for iphone13

Will Android phone users consider buying after the release of iPhone 13? The findings are as follows:

  • 18.3% of Android users are willing to switch to iPhone 13 at the next upgrade.
  • Last year's survey found that Android users' willingness to buy the new iPhone (then iPhone 12) was 33.1%. Compared with last year's survey data, this year's latest data decreased by 14.8%.
  • Meanwhile, most Android users (81.7%) said they were not interested in the upcoming iPhone series.

So, which one would potential buyers who would choose to switch to the iPhone 13 choose? The findings are as follows:

  • The largest iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most popular, accounting for 39.8%.
  • The standard iPhone 13 ranked second with 36.1%, followed by the iPhone 13 pro with 19.5%.
  • Finally, the smallest model - the iPhone 13 mini - only 4.6% of Android users choose the iPhone.

Why switch from Android to iPhone?

We further asked those who want to change their mobile phones and asked them to choose to replace their Android phones with iPhone 13. The main reasons are as follows:

  • "Longer software support" - 51.4%
  • "Apple ecosystem integration" - 23.8%
  • "Better privacy" - 11.4%
  • "Better price" - 5.2%
  • "Better features (camera, specification, design)" - 4.3%
  • "Compact form factor" - 1.8%
  • "More intuitive UI" - 1.2%
  • "Upcoming child safety features (CSAM photo scanning)" - 0.9%

Why not consider switching to iphone13?

When the remaining Android users were asked why they did not intend to switch, their answers were ranked as follows:

  • "Touch id not supported" - 31.9%
  • "Poor customizability of IOS" - 16.7%
  • "Restricted side load application" - 12.8%
  • "Android phones have better hardware (camera, specification and Design) - 12.1%
  • "CSAM photo scanning function" - 10.4%
  • "IPhone is expensive" - 4.5%
  • "Prefer the old iPhone" - 3.9%
  • "Prefer Google assistant to Siri" -- 2.6%
  • "Lack of split screen multitasking capability - 2.3%
  • "Multiple user profiles are not supported" - 1.5%
  • "No collapsible option like galaxy Z fold3" - 0.8%
  • "Lack of application lock function" -- 0.5%

Nearly one third (31.9%) of respondents said that "not supporting touch ID" was the main reason why they did not switch to iPhone 13. Fingerprint recognition is a feature of most Android devices, but the latest iPhone still doesn't have a touch ID. Although Apple's alternative feature face ID is also fast and safe, it has proved to be less effective when wearing a mask.

For 16.7% of Android users, the biggest concern is "poor customizability of IOS"“ With the introduction of widgets and custom application icons in IOS 14, iPhone has indeed made great progress in this regard, but it still lacks some customization options - including support for interactive widgets and launchers - to reach a level comparable to Android competitors. "

For 13% of Android users, IOS limits the support for side loading applications, which is the main reason why they do not intend to switch to iPhone 13. Unlike Android, IOS devices do not allow users to install applications downloaded from the network or third-party markets.

About 12.1% of people think that the hardware (camera, specification and Design) of Android phone is better than that of iPhone.

More than one in ten (10.4%) users pointed out that the upcoming "icloud photo scanning" function is the main reason why they don't choose iphone13. In order to curb the spread of child abuse pictures, Apple will launch a new scanning function to check whether the hash value of the pictures you upload to icloud matches the known child sexual assault material database or CSAM hash value. However, this feature of IOS 15 has received more criticism than praise. Many privacy experts and users worry that this feature may affect privacy.


The survey shows that only 18.3% of Android users will consider switching to iPhone 13.

New data show that Android users' willingness to buy a new iPhone has decreased by nearly 15% compared with last year's survey. In other words, compared with last year, there were fewer Android users who wanted to replace existing smartphones with new iPhones (from 33.1% to 18.3%).

The survey shows that "longer software support" (51.4%), "Apple ecosystem integration" (23.8%), "better privacy protection" (11.4%) and "better price" (5.2%) are the main reasons for Android users to consider using iPhone 13.

At the same time, "touch ID is not supported" (31.9%), "IOS customizability is poor" (16.7%), "limited side loading applications" (12.8%), "Android phones have better hardware" (12.1%) and "icloud photo scanning function" (10.4%) are the biggest reasons why Android users are reluctant to switch to iPhone 13.

Recently, the dispute over icloud image scanning function may be the most important factor in the decline of users' purchase intention, because the other important factors mentioned above have hardly changed or have not changed at all since the last survey.

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