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Step by step to learn C:LinuxFrom entry to master, master c linux programming skills and methods.
Linux kernel practiceIn this paper, the Linux kernel learning is divided into four levels: a comprehensive understanding, master basic skills; interest oriented, select the focus depth study. Wait for something, let's start the Linux journey together!
Linux technology learningLinux is a set of free and free use of the class Unix operating system, is a POSIX and UNIX based on multi user, multi tasking, support multi threading and multi CPU operating system. Supports 32 bit and 64 bit hardware. Is a stable performance of the multi user network operating system. Hope of AC Linux technology together with everyone here, I am from the stars in the sky, a people who love the Internet art.
Linux kernel network stack source code analysisAnalysis of the Linux kernel network stack source code, in-depth understanding of the Linux network protocol implementation methods and techniques

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Oracle boot from start to mount (DG single target)

Wrote a small script, used in the preparation of DG boot from the start: # /bin/sh! Auto be mount status when OS restart #db #20151224 Oracle - -c'sqlplus as / sysdba'<<EOF Su Nomount startup; Database mount standby database alter; Database rec alter...
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Text3 sublime in the modification of the TAB key for the indentation of four spaces

When writing code, you need to convert the TAB key into four spaces. What is in the Text3 Sublime, how to operate it, under the study, The specific steps are as follows: 1 menu bar click on the Setting-User Preferences->, as shown in Figure 2 out of the text, add the following two lines: { / / note that only a brace, if you have the properties, such as property before before ensure, (comma) "Tab_size":...
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Linux basis (twenty) ----linux programming base ---- subroutine ---- function

Write a large and complex procedures, one of the techniques is that the program is broken down into a number of small programs called subroutine, and in each subroutine, and can be repeated to form a function of the code together to form a function. Function and subroutine execution is the main program of a particular task. The work we have to do is to write a main program that calls them when they need a function and a subroutine. This chapter first understand the function of. When writing Linux program, sometimes have to be rewritten over and over again some of the same order. Cases...

Linux based (nineteen) ----linux programming based ----linux loop control statement ----break interrupt and continue continue

The use of break and continue is closely linked to the while cycle. Use break to quickly exit Have you ever run into something you want to run a mile to ride a mile? In fact, this is the same thing that happens in the process of implementing the while cycle. The bike has a safety brake to force it to stop, and in the while cycle this safety brake is reserved word break. While cycle has been circulating to its conditions become false to stop. If you want to change the condition before the cycle...

Linux basis (eighteen) ----linux programming basic ----linux loop control statement in ----for cycle

When to use the in for cycle We have learned in front of the while cycle, then what is the case under the use of in for cycle it: When you want the program to execute a series of instructions on the condition that the condition is true, use the while loop. It will run into the program and has an instruction to terminate the condition when the condition is changed to false. However, if you know the specific number of instructions executed in the loop, then use the in for loop. The in for cycle is generally formatted as follows: For VariableName in wordlis...

Linux basis (seventeen) ----linux programming basic ----linux loop control statement ----while cycle

The general format of the while cycle is as follows: While [Gondition] Do Instruction Done In the while loop must add a result is true or false in the variable or expression, and in the while loop body can put any instructions. The use of the while loop in the Linux code When the program encounters a while cycle...

Linux basis (sixteen) ----linux programming based ----linux conditional control statement - nested control structure

Have you received a gift in a large box? When you open it quickly, there is a little box in it. Then open the small box, and found that there is a small box...... Until you find a gift. In programming, the box and the box is called nested (nesting). If you put more than one if statement or case statement together, it is nested. If nested structure The following is an example of using the if statement: [$office -eq if "1" Then...

Linux basis (fifteen) ----linux programming basic ----linux conditional control statement ----case statement

Case statement If there are many layers of else if, it is best to use case to replace. The function of the case statement is to compare the value of the left side of the reserved word case to the right and to the left. The syntax rules are as follows: VariableName in case Value1) Instruction ;; Value2) Instruction ;; ESAC You can see from the above...

Linux basis (fourteen) ----linux programming based ----linux conditional control statement else ----if statement

If statement When you need a program to detect a condition is true or false, you can use the if statement. If statement simply tells the program: "if the condition is true, then the instruction is executed, otherwise skip these instructions."." A condition is true for a program to execute a set of instructions, a condition that is false statements to skip these instructions. The rule of the if statement is as follows: If[Condition] Then Instruction Fi In general, if Condition exists (i.e. conditional Conditio...

Linux basis (thirteen) ----linux programming based ----linux operator

arithmetic operator An arithmetic operator can add, subtract, multiply and divide the data to the computer or the variables that contain it. Plus operator (+) The two together, with the addition operator (+), as shown in the following example: A=30 let B=10 let Pay attention to let sum= "a + B", on either side of the equal sign (=) no spaces, and plus (+) on both sides of the spaces, and of all the operators on both sides are required to have a space. Minus operator (-) Subtraction with subtraction operator (-) Let...

Linux foundation (twelve) ----linux programming based ---- and user interaction

Linux program is not as the same as other languages, such as buttons on the interface, etc., so the general need to get the user's keyboard input. This study how to get user input information through the keyboard and the information displayed on the screen. Read keyboard input The user interface information is displayed on the screen, prompting the user to press the button on the keyboard. User interface is to guide users to do the program designers want to do. An example is given to show how to instruct the computer to read human characters, and assign them to a string variable, as shown in the following example: # /bi...

Linux foundation (eleven) ----linux programming foundation ---- variable

Linux programming based programming language with other similar, related to the variables, grammar, process control. Ps: Linux program is compiled to parse the line is a line of compiler analysis, so do not write; can also be. We still have a general idea about it. Linux variable classification Linux uses the following two variables: Local variables: by the programmer, and only for programmers to use the program design. Environment variables: the programmer or other people to establish, programmers and others can use the program. Each...

Linux base (eight) ----linux command system learning - other commands

Other commands: tar, unzip, gunzip, unarj, mtools, man, unendcode, uudecode. In the previous few, we have the Linux command in accordance with the role of the system is divided into several parts were introduced. However, there are some commands that are not well divided, but learning is more important.   Tar Effect Tar command is a reliable method of backup files in Unix/Linux system, which can work in almost any environment...

Linux basis (seven) ----linux command system learning ---- system security related commands

System security related commands: passwd, Su, umask, chgrp, Chmod, chown, chattr, sudo, PS, who; Although Linux and NT/2000 Windows system is a multi-user system, but there are many important differences between them. For many administrators accustomed to the Windows system is concerned, how to ensure the safety and reliability of Linux operating system will face many new challenges. This article will focus on the Linux system security commands. ...

Linux basis (six) ----linux command system learning ---- network operation command

Network operation commands: ifconfig, IP, Ping, netstat, Telnet, FTP, route, rlogin, RCP, finger,, mail, Nslookup; Because the Linux system is the origin and development of the Internet, it is born with a strong network functions and rich network applications, especially the realization of the TCP/IP network protocol is particularly mature. Linux network commands more, some of which commands like ping, FTP, t...

Linux base (five) ----linux command system learning ---- system management command

System management commands: DF, top, free, quota, at, LP, addUser, groupadd, kill, crontab; For Linux system, whether it is the central processor, memory, disk drive, keyboard, mouse, or the user is a file, Linux system management command is the core of its normal operation. Familiar with the Linux commonly used document processing commands, the understanding of the system and the user to manage the order of the. DF 1 role DF command to check...

Linux basis (four) ----linux command system to learn ---- file processing command

File processing commands: file, MKDIR, grep, DD, find, MV, LS, diff, cat, LN; Linux system information is stored in the file, the file is similar to the ordinary official documents. Each file has its own name, content, storage location and some other management information, such as the user of the file, the size of the file, etc.. The file may be a letter, an address book, or a source statement of the program, the program's data, can be included in the executable program and other non text content. Linux file system has a good structure, the system provides...

Linux base (three) ----linux command system learning - installation and login command

Different Linux distribution version of the order number is not the same, but the release of the Linux version of the minimum order also has more than 200. Here to compare the most important and the most frequently used commands, in accordance with their role in the system is divided into the following one one parts six introduction. Installation and login command: login, shutdown, halt, reboot, install, mount, umount, Chsh, exit, last; Login Effect The role of login is to login to the system, it's...

Linux (ten) ----linux remote communication network configuration - bridging mode and the detailed steps of the two machine

This article records how to set up the bridge network configuration to the Linux to arrive can Linux the system to be able to get online the goal. Configuring Linux network configuration Now I have a virtual Linux are as follows: (reference Hadoop based virtual machine (2) - virtual machine installation and install Linux system) Virtual machine network mode setting bridge Edit configuration file Start editing network configuration file after startup /et $vi...

Linux dual network adapter

1 determine whether Linux supports bonding [root@lmsin modinfo bonding ~]# Return bonding information, support, blank, is not supported. No support needed to re compile the kernel (????????) 2 check whether the ifenslave tool exists [root@lmsin which ifenslave ~]# /sbin/ifenslav If not, it needs to be compiled separately (?) Below the eth0 and eth1 network card device binding...
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