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Graduated from the Department of mathematics, Fudan University. Has in the company of much home Internet as wireless technology department director, trek in Android, IOS, WP, multi wireless technology in App item There are many years of practical experience in project management. He is a Microsoft MVP in 2008, author of "research and development of APP recorded: architecture design, crash analysis and competing products technical analysis", and adhere to a written six years of Technology Blog: Http://
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Graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. On the big data machine learning / data mining has a strong interest, keen to use algorithms and machine learning data mining useful business letter Interest. Years experience in machine learning / data mining. Done NLP, text retrieval, recommendation system, click rate prediction, deep learning image classification / retrieval related projects. Willing to organize and share knowledge, to maintain good quality blog column, Ensure the quality of each blog.

Linux multi thread practice (six) using Posix conditional variables to solve the problem of producer consumer

In front of an article we have talked about the use of signal to solve the problem of producer consumer, then what circumstances do we need to introduce conditional variables? Borrowed here explained: Assuming a shared resource sum, and the associated mutex is lock S. assume that each thread on the sum of the operation is very simple, sum and the state has nothing to do, such as just sum++. so only the mutex enough. Programmers as long as the correct...

POSIX Linux Conditional variable Producer consumer problem

CRM Dynamics 2016 Overview Series: expert

Small partners, Microsoft has finally launched the dynamics CRM op (On-Premise) version of 2016 installation package, which for the majority of OP version of the students is in use is definitely a good news, at least we need not everyday face dull UI. Of course, CRM Dynamics 2016 in addition to UI has changed, a lot of API has changed, for example, I mentioned before the API Organization Web will be replaced by API, as well as a more powerful Client Mobile and some new feat...

Linux desktop system using plain text SSH password to log on to the remote server expert

1 Linux system under the most secure login remote server or with the 2 principles of password free login through the public key encryption, the private key to decrypt to achieve. Save user machine is the key, remote machine is corresponding to the public key. The remote machine through the public key encryption "text" to the user machine. The user machine through the private key to decrypt, and "the text", and then in cleartext to remote machines. Remote machines to verify whether the received text messages and the given text information, consistent determine trusted user, the user is the real users. Achieve 1 first through the SSH log on the remote machine...

Linux Installation Tomcat Recommend

This example uses the centos6.5 version First, the first to download the official Tomcat service: Http:// Two, will be uploaded to the Linux server Tomcat I in the root directory to create a rommr folder under the general /usr/ directory to see their own Start installation steps 1 access rights +x apache-tomcat chmod...

Tomcat Linux

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Window7 slide font display chaos, is it really a virus expert

The problem has been a few days. Is in other people's PowerPoint2010 to do the PPT file, sent to the problem on the computer (PowerPoint2007) will show completely different, as shown below. The normal file display is this: the beginning of the problem is that the software, re installed 2007 of the symptoms still, the follow-up and re install the 2010 version, but the display is not normal. It seems not a software version of the problem, that is the most likely system font problem, and then download the font installed, there are several times in the middle of a part has been shown, but...

Windows PowerPoint

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Xamarin deployment encountered an error: [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE] Failure expert

1 add the ADB command to the environment variable. ADB's position: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools2. uninstalling packages, run (APK name, without APK suffix): ADB uninstall com.companyname.xxx3. use xamarin studio or vs re deploy...

Apache set to prohibit access to the website directory expert

Apache default no index.html entrance will display the root directory of the web site in the current directory, let the site directory file are exposed on the outside, it is a very dangerous thing to do, for example: database password is compromised, hidden pages exposed serious security problem! For example, trip meter rush toward the root directory of the web site: will list the root directory this paper will detail how to suppress the display of Apache Web site root directory into the Apache configuration file, httpd.conf found: VIM /etc/httpd/co...

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