VC6 compile and use STLPort

VC6 compile and use STLPort...
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V1.71 XnConvert

Is XnConvert a powerful and free cross-platform batch to batch image processor, allowing you to combine over 80 actions. Compatible with 500 formats. Hanging (fried days. Download:
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V8.0.91 FolderSizes

This change seems to be very big. First is to support WIN10 download (released January 5, 2016) feature: added official support for windows 10.Feature: significant performanc...
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Baidu antivirus V5.0 official version

There is a large version of the update, a new generation of snow wolf engine, the name but is pretty cock Download: Http:// setup Http://
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V1.30 KeePass

Changes from 1.29 to 1.30:New Features:Refined application icons (thanks to Victor Andreyenkov).Added option'UUID'in the'Find' dialog to search in UUIDs of entries).Added option'Delete attachment...
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V8.7.0 MKVToolNix

Function powerful MKV encapsulation format video files tool to create and edit, support the encapsulation of the tracks, subtitles, HD fans necessary tools. Baidu cloud: password: ll64360 cloud: password: 5786...
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V5.6.6.3516 Winamp

Said it was the last edition, and now there are many people remember it? Download.: the "full" Http:// Http:// [special information]: ThumperDC in 1C52M-TVS6H-O3JBZ-QD49EName: ThumperTM in 6U74J-TSCCX-172KP-W4NFDName: ThumperDC.COM
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V1035 QTTabBar

Download: Http:// Http:// change Log: (updated each time all is a) in look and feel of rate1 view - "focus rectangle" is almost removed.- Incre improvement...
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Hunter V1.4 PC

Download: Http:// Http:// Http:// hunter is a powerful windows information system view software, is also a powerful manual antivirus software, use it not only can see all kinds of information system, also can ferret out the computer latent virus trojan. Supported system: 200 bits 32...
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Acrobat Reader DC v15.7 Adobe

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC formerly known as adobe reader and Adobe's a free PDF reader, it can view, print and Management PDF documents and with all PDF documents were interactive form and multimedia content. PC version: (jane...
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Dbgview a rare error problem solving

Recent computer accidental poisoning, the virus called Virus.Win32.Sality.I, 360 antivirus software do the a comprehensive scan and repair the infected EXE file, but today in the debugger, the output information to Dbgview (version V4.81), Dbgview unexpectedly thrown error tip: R6002 floating point not loaded, then Dbgview directly linked to the. Began to think that the output information is not correct, or is suspected of system memory has been a mess, heavy...
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Using the ADB command to install new software for TCL smart TV

Smart TV is now more and more intelligent, the purpose is to make the user into a real fool. Home TCL view of the king is the typical, the Android Software to copy the U disk plug into the USB installation of the TV, found that there is no method to install, the TV Android closed very good ah. Had no choice but to use ADB commands install new software: 1, first of all let TV connected to WiFi (at the same time, the TV set to obtain dynamic IP 2, the use of any a contracting function software (I use the iPOP 4.1), the connection IP TV 192....
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And a strong shot tool ShareX

Prior to the use of PicPick, but ShareX strong in the open source and powerful. In the same case, we should try to use the open source software as much as possible. Download address:
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DLL under the Windows search order

This article has been written in a very good way, directly with the way of the picture...
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Server VisualSVN Installation Tips error is not a valid file short Repositories name repair

Recently installed visualsvn server version of the total in the process of installation error: "'Repositories'is not a valid short file name." to determine the installation process is terminated and cannot continue. Find the cause of the problem, that is because before may place repositories library directory on top of another mobile partition, but this time the mobile partition does not exist, so visualsvn server installation program to find before the library catalog.
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Windows 10 official version of the original ISO image

Family of simplified Chinese edition, professional edition Win10 official version 32-bit simplified Chinese Version (including home edition and Professional Edition) file name: CN windows 10 multiple editions for x86 DVD Cn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x86_dvd_6846431.isoSHA1: 21B824F402927E76C65160B62EB8A4EBBABE9C6Ecn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x86_dvd_6846431.iso windows 10 multiple editions x86 DVD 21B824F402927E76C65160B62EB8A4EBBABE9C6Ecn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x86_dvd_6846431.iso (3.01 GB E)...
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V8.2 MKVToolNix

32 bit version: bit version:
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V1026 QTTabBar

Download: (2015-7-19 fresh out of the oven. Http:// Http:// Log: (New York) - view border color option for windows 8.x/10. (Options->Folder view) - High-DPI supports - breadc...
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V3.28 Proxifier

Changelog version 3.28 (2015.05.28) windows 10 (technical preview build 10041) support.Compatibility issues that may appear on some systems that run windows 8.1.DNS inclusion list added to the name resolut...
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V12.1.1 iTunes official version

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