Xcode 6 after deleting DerivedData, the compiler exception

Xcode 6 compiler exception, always reported to the project name directory can not find. File not found: /Users/dxxxDev/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/xxxx-xx/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/xxxx.app/xxx ld: Error: linker command failed with exit code use 1 (-v to see invocation clang:)...
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IOS can set the time to automatically disappear tips three ways to achieve the box

//============================================================================== Mark #pragma - one, the message to display custom View, time disappears //============================================================================== ...
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CGGeometry class iOS method summary

Https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/documentation/GraphicsImaging/Reference/CGGeometry/index.htmlCGGeometry reference definition of geometric structure and function, the operation is simple. A point in the data structure is represented by a CGPoint in a two-dimensional coordinate system. The location and size of the data structure is represented by a rectangular CGRect. The number of...
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UILabel iOS text automatic upper left corner alignment

The default UILabel in iOS is vertically aligned, and if the UILabel is set up, it will be automatically centered when the content is small. Create a UILabel category code: #import UILabel @interface (LeftTopAlign) - (void) leftTopAlign; @end   UILabel+LeftTopAlign.h "#import" @imp...
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IOS video player VideoPlayerDemo Demo

VideoPlayerDemohttps://github.com/CaliosD/VideoPlayerDemo example of a video player, using pod. ...
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CocoaPods installation

Code4App original article. Reprint please indicate the source: http://code4app.com/article/cocoapods-install-usageCocoaPods is what? When you develop iOS applications, you will often use a lot of third party open source libraries, such as JSONKit, AFNetWorking, and so on. May a class library and used in other libraries, so to use it, must also download other libraries and other libraries and used in other libraries, "children and grandchildren of the endless", which may be...
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The ring letter iOS try Demo

Downloading the SDK and demo download address: http://www.easemob.com/sdk/ direct download: http://downloads.easemob.com/downloads/iOSSDK-20150710.zip second, decompression, Xcode open (6.4 version of Xcode) modify team account for your developer account, compiled 21 warning. In the real machine normal operation. ...
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2.7.2 jar jedis

2.7.2 jedis has been released. Source code https://github.com/xetorthio/jedis/releases/tag/jedis-2.7.2 compile jedis2.7.2 need to use the Apache Commons Poolhttp://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-pool/download_pool.cgi Poolhttp://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-pool/download_pool.cgi or http://download.csdn...
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Installation of 3.0.1 redis on CentOS

1, Download WGet http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-3.0.1.tar.gz2, decompression tar xzf redis-3.0.1.tar.gz 3, into the CD redis-3.0.14, compile make5, start the server src/redis-server6, start the client src/redis-cli...
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IOS Programming Beginning

IOS Programming2014 published Wrox Beginning by...
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Restful 5.17 to file the form of resource Activiti

The interface in Activiti is based on the JSON format and file format. Listed below to accept the document in the form of the API interface corresponding to the resource package name class name HTTP methods file type org.activiti.rest.api.identityUserPictureResourcePut.jpg.Jpegorg.activiti.rest.api.legacyTaskAttachmentAddResourcePut does not limit the org.a...
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Vaadin Spring, Activiti5.17 and Activiti integration and inheritance relations

Activiti uses Vaadin as the front-end development framework, Spring as the background of the supporting environment. The following figure is the relationship between Vaadin, Activiti, and Spring. Request data is accepted by servlet to enter the Activiti environment; Spring provides support for Activiti. ...
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Correspondence between Activiti 5.17 WebService restful and resource class

First, the new URL1, repository part number rest urlclasses1/repository/deployments DeploymentCollectionResource.class 2 / repository/depl...
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The mapping of Activiti 5.17 entity object and class and database table

One, Activiti 5.17 mapping mybatis file declaration entity object relationship mapping. Handler= ByteArrayRefTypeHandler "<typeHandler" Org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity "javaType=...
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Activiti 5.17 Activiti and restlet extension

Activiti5.17 uses 2.2.1 Restlet as the front-end framework for service access. In Activiti, including three applications: activiti-modler, activiti-explorer, and acriviti-rest, multiple applications can use multiple process engine examples. Activiti and restlet inheritance relations as shown in the following figure: restful in the service activiti configuration complete code, through ModelerServ...
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A prototype of the event based system (System Event-based)

Event based systems can improve the flexibility of the system and reduce the coupling degree of the system, and the reasonable use of concurrent technology can improve the performance of the system. Event based systems can be used for business integration between heterogeneous systems. Event based systems can achieve a high degree of reuse of code and business logic, and increase the flexibility of the system. LoginEventNotifier and LoginEventListener do not need to know the registration service and the presence of each other, just do their own thing. Notifier send notice to produce a notice. Listen...
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MyBatis 5.17 - mapping rules from Activiti's business object to SQL Mapping ID Activiti

Activiti's business entity layer uses PersistentObject to transfer data to the data layer; Mapping uses ID in SQL to implement MyBatis logic; this paper describes the mapping rules from PersistentObject Activiti to SQL ID MyBatis. First, the relationship between the data layer and data two, PersistentObject object three, MyBatis ID1 SQL, insert, ....
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Relationship between Activiti 5.17 business layer and data layer

Activiti business layer has been introduced in the previous article, AbstractManager has many specific business entities of the management object. The business entity management object constructs the entity data object. All the entity data objects are passed to the DbSqlSession.PersistentObject by PersistentObject (DbSqlSessionFactory) in the form of SQL. PersistentObject...
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Mybatis 5.17 Mapping Activiti file

Mybatis Mapping Activiti file, according to the file after the database analysis. Handler= ByteArrayRefTypeHandler "<typeHandler" JavaType= "org.activiti.engine.impl.persistence.entity...
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Activiti 5.17 a line of code verification and start engine

By the previous two articles can be found, activiti use spring and mybatis set aside some space to adjust can according to their own needs choose whether the use spring and mybatis and other alternative framework can be used, also can completely according to the need to customize their environment, even directly java code or annotation (annotation) of the engine assembly. Public static main void (String[, the most simple verification and start of the engine...
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