Sogou Have you ever regretted entering the IT industry?

Introduction recent article Bowen probation growth hackers, corporate entrepreneurship must know the black technology, have friends asked, "have you ever regret into the IT industry??" Triggered the idea of writing this article. Have you ever regretted entering the IT industry? This is not two words can say that finish, I believe that many years of the program ape to see this problem can not help but some meditation it? Why did I enter the IT industry? I chose the IT industry as a junior high school teacher in charge of a word, twenty-first Century will not be a computer illiterate". Because of this sentence, I decided to learn computer. I was born in Jilin city of Jilin province (the only province in China...
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Sogou C# software development examples. Private custom their own screen capture tool (a) function overview

summary The main reason for the development of the software is to achieve their desired functions, such as: automatic preservation, the bubble tip box type of tagging work (mainly used for functional description of the document writing). Tray icon and menu Add the tray icon, because some of the functions or need to use the menu, can not use the shortcut keys. Some things (menu, prompt box) can not be intercepted by the shortcut key screenshot, so set a delay 5 seconds screenshot function. Basic set QQ screenshot hotkey "Ctrl + Alt + A...
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Sogou MySQL learning (two) graphical interface management tool for MySQL Navicat installation and use

For MySQL Navicat is a powerful MySQL database management and development tools, it provides a powerful tool for professional developers, but still easy for new users to learn. Navicat for MySQL based on Windows platform, MySQL provides tailor-made, similar to the MySQL management interface tool. The emergence of this solution will liberate PHP, J2EE and other programmers as well as database designers, managers of the brain, reduce development costs, to bring users a higher development efficiency. ...
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Sogou ThinkPHP learning (a) Windows under the Nginx+PHP5+ThinkPHP_3.2.1 installation and configuration

Tool material: Nginx153: Web site to download address: Php-5.3.28-nts-Win32-VC9-x86 Web site to download address: ThinkPHP_3.2.1 Web site to download address: RunHiddenConsole is...
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A Windows PowerShell Practical Guide (Second Edition)

See PowerShell Windows actual combat Guide (Second Edition), remember the first birthday gift my girlfriend sent me, what is it? A book, the name of the book is: Windows 2000 script programming practical encyclopedia; time is really fast, a blink of an eye ten years later, why choose such a book as a birthday gift? This is a secret, I want to go! Back to the topic, why do we see windows PowerShell Practical Guide (2nd Edition) will let me think of Windows 2000 script programming utility Daquan it? Look under...
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The difference between.Idl.Odl and ActiveX

.odl and IDL in COM in the same function. The former is ActiveX in the ATL. May be in the files of the former with #import "XXXXX.idl" contains the latter. In turn, no tried. When using IDL, you must declare the interfaces that will generate the C + + source files outside of the lib...
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"Node.js entry" Windows 7 under the Web Node.js development environment to build notes

Recently wanted to try to use IBM on Bluemix Node.js to create Web applications, so it is necessary to build a local Web Node.js development and testing environment. Node.js what is it? We look at how the encyclopedia said? JavaScript is a run in the browser's scripting, it is simple, lightweight, easy to edit, the script is often used to browser front-end programming, but a developer Ryan has one day found the front-end scripting language can when running on the server, a seat volume global storm began. No...
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About air conditioning installation outside the frame of the other charges

This is the developer of the world, should be related to the program, also used to record the point of nothing to do; but from the other point of view, the programmer is not it? Does not need to live? Do not all aspects of the management of all aspects of the trivial trivial? Just bought an air conditioning, the results received a phone call that the machine may need to support the other charges! Now the buildings there are arranged outside the machine platform, and some do not, but this I order you before the distribution to tell me, don't wait to equipment that! There are several points of view to discuss: 1, thousands of pieces of air conditioning you have bought, but also the dozens of pieces of the cost of the stent? Buy now...
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Occurred during the build. Errors Errors running builder'Integrated External Tool Builder'on proje

Errors occurred during the build. Errors running builder'Integrated external tool Builder'on project'xinghe-base'.The builder launch configuration could not be found.The builder launch configuratio...
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To execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.3:compile Failed (default-compile)

Complete error message: [ERROR] failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.3:compile default-compile on project xinghe-interaction: compilation failure[ERROR] no compiler is is provided.
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Jquery1.8.3 upgrade to several issues encountered in 2.1.4

Jquery1.8.3 upgrade to 2.1.4 encountered several problems from the beginning of the jQuery 1.9 has live and die removed, replaced by is on and off$("#crawl_web web UL Li span").Off'Click'; .off ("UL Li input #crawl_web") ('focus').Off ('blur'); ("UL Li span #crawl_web").On ('c)...
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Reflector is already out, try ILSpy

Http:// is an essential tool for the development of.NET. Even if it is not used in the field of anti compilation, it is often used to examine the naming conventions of assemblies, whether the namespace is reasonable, and whether the organization type method needs to be improved. For example, it has a complete name of the program can view the function, please see the following figure here Name, is to identify the complete identity of a program set, when GA...
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A chart to see the best Linux kernel operating principle

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Python simulation HTTPS request return unauthorized 401 HTTP error

Python simulation HTTPS request returns HTTP 401 unauthorized error in the python web rest API use examples based on the cloud platform + cloud services to build the own online translation tools, use the python simulation HTTPS requests; start is used serve protocols module, the code is as follows: header = {"content type", "application / JSON" and "accept": "* / *"...
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Web REST in API Python using the example - based on cloud platform + cloud services to build their own online translation tool

Do a programmer may in learning technology, understand industry trends, solve the problem often need to read English; and as I like English white can only use translation tools to understanding about, often can not help but sigh with emotion and English to learn computer related knowledge is very important! Recently discovered IBM cloud platform Blumemix, and provide language translation services, feel good, to bring the research learning about; here would like to share my research learning process, how to use Python invoke the rest API to create their own online translation tools, and demonstrates how to release it to the cloud platform...
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Python helper function to get the object's properties and property values

Python help function debug function for acquiring object attributes and attribute values, just touch the python, very convenient to the "Introduction to python," the first Python web application, simple web server debugging, don't know object, what the specific attributes, contains what value, so write the a function, used to obtain the object's attributes and attribute value function code is as follows: # debug function for output object attributes and attribute values GetAllAttrs def (obj): StrAttrs = '' O in for...
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Python implementation based on HTTP file transfer instance

This article mainly introduced the python implementation method based on HTTP file transfer, in the form of example a detailed account of the implementation of the server end and the client side code, very practical value, need friends can reference this paper examples about Python implementation based on HTTP file transfer method. Share to everyone for your reference. Specific implementation methods are as follows: first, the problem: because we need to look at the recent POST request to transfer the contents of the file and write their own Server and Client to achieve a simple opportunity HTTP file transfer...
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"Python entry" the first Web Python program - a simple Web server

On a talk about the "Python entry" Windows 7 Web Python development environment to build notes, then talk about the Python language Web service specific implementation: the first Web Python program - a simple Web server. Different from the other end of the Web language, Python language needs to write their own Web server. If you use some of the existing framework, you can omit this step; if you use the CGI Python programming, you can also omit this step; with Python to establish the most simple web services...
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"Python entry" Windows 7 under the Web Python development environment to build notes

Recently wanted to try to use the Python language on Bluemix Web to create IBM applications, so the need to build a local Web Python development and testing environment. On the Python version of the site into the Python, the mouse moved to the navigation bar to download, we will find to provide two main version of the download link! What is the difference between the two? Personal understanding, 2.7.x version for a more stable version, and the version of 3.x is a more advanced version, contains a lot of new features and the like; but if you want to use Python...
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