ZTree call is set to use

Polyphonic polyphonic 1, downloaded from the official website of the ztree ztree package, ztree's official website is: Http://www.ztree.me/v3/main.php#_zTreeInfo2 Http://www.ztree.me/v3/main.php#_zTreeInfo2 introduced ztree required dependencies, for example (JS jQuery oneself, introduce): page language= "Java" to a number java.util.* "pageEncoding=" UTF-8 "% > include file =" co...
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Laydate date space and time selector

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UI resizable - JQuery

- an overview of the resizable plugin allows the selected element to have the function to change the size. Official sample address: http://jqueryui.com/demos/resizable/ all event callback functions have two parameters: event and UI, the browser has its own event object, and the object ui.helper is encapsulated by the UI object ui.originalPosition - the JQuery object of the current is changed to the size of the element {top - indicates the position of the element before the change is not changed,...
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10 selection of color selector Javascript script and jQuery plugin

Polyphonic polyphonic color picker that color picker enable us in web development may often use components. Today we have specially selected 10 cool color selector achieve, including JavaScript script and legends of jQuery plug-ins to achieve color picker, hoping to help people work and projects. JQuery plug-in class 1 Picker2. Farbtasic3. jQuery Colors Pickers HSLjavascript Color script class...
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Mybatis action mybatis (in), mybatis entry to the master

Polyphonic polyphonic directory (?) [-]mybatis combat tutorial mybatis in action of development environment build mybatis combat tutorial mybatis in action to the interface programming mybatis combat tutorial mybatis in action to achieve data additions and deletions to change search mybatis combat tutorial mybatis in action to achieve data association query mybatis combat tutorial mybatis in action and spring3...
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Maven+springMVC+mybatis+junit detailed construction process

Polyphonic polyphonic springMVC+mybatis framework to build the first, we must first clarify the project to build the general process, need to pay attention to what, to what kind of effect, their function? (assuming the effect: the project directory structure is clear, can query the contents of the local database. 1. The project directory structure in order to clear in the Src / main / Java folder, the new package cn.springmvc.model (storage JavaBean),...
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20 code generation framework

Polyphonic and a popular very flourishing foreign based on template dotnet code generator official website: http://www.codesmithtools.com official forum for the: http://forum.codesmithtools.com/default.aspx form of Copyright: 30 days trial open source: no need to first after registration confirmation to download 1.2 MyGeneratorMyGenerator is a very good foreign code generation tools, people feel than CodeSmith is simple and easy to use. The...
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Element method for obtaining the parent form of the element in Js/Jquery in Iframe iframe

Polyphonic polyphonic in web development, often use the iframe, will inevitably encountered in the parent window use iframe elements, or in the iframe frame using the parent window elements JS in the parent window to obtain iframe elements 1, format: window.frames["iframe the name value.Document.getElementByIdx_x x (" iframe control ID "). Click (). Example: window.frames[IFM].doc...
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Ibatis dynamic (dynamic) query

Polyphonic polyphonic ibatis dynamic query the data operation become very flexible, next time cited the attribute information of the commonly used dynamic query: ibatis configuration information for the XML code typeAlias alias= "student" type = com.ibatis.Student > typeAlias alias= StudentDTO type = com.ibatis.StudentDTO > select...
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Ibatis dynamic SQL

When will the direct use of JDBC a very common problem is the dynamic SQL. Using parameter values, parameters, and data columns are dynamic SQL, which is usually very difficult. The typical solution is to use a bunch of IF-ELSE conditional statements and a string of string connection. For this problem, ibatis provides a standard set of relatively clear methods to solve a problem, here is a simple example: select * from user...
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Correspondence between jdbcType and javaType

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About Maven in the package command (item in the use of patch)

Polyphonic polyphonic playing the jar package way MVN package -Dmaven.test.skip=true MVN install -Dmaven.test.skip=true MVN compile -Dmaven.test.skip=true...
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Multi table join query in ibatis

Check in at present, when I do the project, use the Spring + Struts2 +ibatis framework. Usually used is a simple table, to carry out data, delete, change, check. And now suddenly need to use a table, or a number of tables to join the query, so, in this case, in the XML Mapping file, it can not be like a single table map. Well, what do we need to do? Here I would like to explain: 1, if there are two tables in my database table: TOPO table and device table; 2, they are corresponding to two entity class...
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Linux modified DNS, IP command

Polyphonic polyphonic under Linux modify IP, DNS, routing command line version of Ubuntu command-line settings set IP cat / etc / network / interfaces # this file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more information, see I...
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01_ based on the application of the technology framework

Technology framework based on Application split...
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Nginx reverse proxy and load balancing Deployment Guide

Installation 1. 1) from nginx's official website to download page (http://nginx.org/en/download.html) to download the latest version of nginx (currently version 1.5.13) installation package; 2) decompression copied to the deployment directory. Start and stop NginxNginx currently only supports command line operation of 2.. before the operation to enter DOS command environment, and enter the nginx deployment directory. 1) start N...
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PLSQL import export table, data, sequence, view

Polyphonic polyphonic are obtained: 1, open the plsql--> ---- "derived user object (you can export the table structure and sequence and view) PS: if the above does not select the" owner ", so that derived table structure does not include owners, so that you can will import a owner of table structure to the owners of the B table space 2, export the table structure and data table; second, introduction: 1, first of all to create users and table space (1) to create user: (2) create a table space: computers began to menu --" find Oracle directory, "find the data you want to import into the data base ---"...
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Oracle create sequence

Polyphonic and create sequence DM user Dm_user_seqminvalue 1maxvalue 999999999999999999999999999start with 1increment by 1cache 20...
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Open source project Git address

Polyphonic polyphonic 1. Chen, bright 3. Bear Li Jianxun, Deng Tansi fog-aliyun https://git.oschina.net/dengqinsi/fog-aliyun.git 2. Wu Jun, Luo Zhongjun, Yuan Liangfu CDN H5 assistant tools https://git.oschina.net/langford/cdn-assistant.git, Xiang Wang, Yao Lin based aliyun H5 page generation tool HT...
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Studio Android related data link

Polyphonic polyphonic AndroidStudio Chinese community: http://www.android-studio.org/index.phpAndroid studio delete project: http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2014-03/97451.htm in the history of the most detailed Android Studio Tutorial Series: http://segmentfault.com/a/1190000002401964Androi...
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