Sogou XUtils3.0 framework for learning notes

XUtils is an open source framework for open speed development of Android project, open source project address: It is very convenient to use. Main functions include: XUtils supports large files (more than 2G) upload, a more comprehensive HTTP request protocol support (11 kinds of predicates). Has more flexible ORM, more event annotation support and not affected by confusion. Image binding support GIF (affected by the system compatibility, part of the GIF file can only be static display), webp,...
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Android common file operations

1, modify the file name / * * * file rename * * @description: * LDM @author * 2016-6-12 3:20:30 PM @date parameters: f: File to rename the new name of the file newName: String * / Void reNameForFile private (f File, new String...
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Android notification bar to achieve progress bar effect

/ * * * notification management tools * * @description: * LDM @author * 2016-5-3 9:39:56 am @date * / Class NotificationUtil public { Context mContext private; NotificationManager: / / is the status bar notification management, responsible for the notice, notice clearly. ...
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Quick to use AndroidStudio development tools

From the beginning of the second half of 2015, Google in order to simplify the development of Android work, no longer support the development of Eclipse and other tools for updating, the main push AndroidStudio development tools developed by Google. So far, I believe there are a lot of Android development counterparts to use the Eclispe as a development tool, in order to order the trend, in order to facilitate the development of efficient Android applications, we should be as soon as possible Eclipse transferred to the AndroidStudio development tool up. From go...
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Exception capture in the Android project and the corresponding Log log file save

Do program development, certainly can not be separated from the BUG to deal with, more can not be separated from the emergence of procedural anomalies. In the development of the time, we can pass the breakpoint debugging, log printing, abnormal capture tools, such as the way to find or processing procedures Exception in. That customers in the use of our application, the program has a problem, how can we know? Of course, we can add alliance statistics and three party tools. And what else can I do? Then Exception information is stored in the form of documents, if the user in the use of the program out of the exception, you can allow users to the corresponding log information to us...
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Android to pass messages through the EventBus data

Android development can not be separated from the page Jump and data interaction, the third party open source framework for the existence of a Android event bus framework. Its open source is: We can pass data in Android, BroadCastReceiver, ContentProvider, Intent, and even callback methods, and what is the advantage of EventBus? The source address and the network has a lot of, I will not show...
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Copy and paste function in Android

Work used in the Copy and Paste Android function, on the official website read the relevant documents. And Paste Copy module function is very powerful, you can achieve text, pictures, Intent and binary data flow, such as Copy and Paste operation, very convenient. I take the text as an example, make a simple note. / * *...
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Android two-dimensional code tool zxing use

Two-dimensional code in our lives can be seen everywhere, in my eyes can be used to describe the proliferation of! So how do we scan in the Android project to identify two-dimensional code or generate two-dimensional code pictures? The open source framework we usually use is zxing. At GitHub on the open source address:, currently in the project is also used in this framework, so they made a demo, easy to learn and use next time. The recognition of two-dimensional code / * * * scan two-dimensional code sample * / Pub...
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Android application to get the package name and other information

/ * * * get the package name for the current application * context @param context object * @return return package name * / Static String getAppProcessName public (context Context) { The application of PID / / PID int = android.os.Process.myPid...
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ListView commonly used small skills

ListView in our Android project status is obvious to all, believe that almost every App has its presence in the. ...
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WiFi Android scan and connection

The main interface, search information near the WIFI / * * * WIFI and show in ListView Search * * / Class MainActivity extends Activity implements public OnClickListener, OnItemClickListener { Button search_btn private; Pri...
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Android through the broadcast background Service

Android in the 3.1 (Level=12 Api) version of the Intent to add two Flag:FLAG_INCLUDE_STOPPED_PACKAGES: that contains the App does not start. FLAG_EXCLUDE_STOPPED_PACKAGES: indicates that the two FlAG that does not contain the start is used to control whether the Intent is to play a role in the stop state of the App. The main purpose of the App is said to prevent the broadcast of a background service that does not start up the. If stronger...
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UDP communication in Android

Individuals also agree with some of the views of the Internet, Android development as far as possible not to use UDP for data communications. Personal point of view: 1, UDP can not guarantee data transmission. 2, some phones can not receive UDP packets. 3, personally feel that the HTTP protocol is more convenient, but also more able to ensure data transmission. However, some projects, is sure to use the UDP protocol, in the current project used in UDP, it is simple to do a summary. Code needs to be optimized. UDP tools class: Class UdpMessageTool public { Privat...
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ListView data is empty and load error handling

In the project, we will use the ListView or GridView and other list control. In general, we will be used to display data from a network request. If the requested data is empty or there is no network in the request, how should the interface be displayed? When the data is empty, ListView can use setEmptyView (emptyView View) method to the unified interface we need. Data loading failed? We can deal with it. The new year just to go to work, the task is not so simple to write...
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Android study notes: Android update UI several commonly used methods

Android main thread can not perform time consuming operations, we generally perform time consuming operations in Zi Xiancheng, After we have finished the time consuming operation, we can generally use the following ways to realize the UI interface. The first is the layout file: Xmlns:android= "<LinearLayout" Http:// "xmlns:tools=...
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