Custom CheckBox check and no style

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When we do APP applications, we often use CheckBox controls, but the system's original CheckBox style and does not meet our needs, we want to customize the CheckBox selected or not, in fact, the same as Button, set its choice or no background.

Layout is as follows:

@+id/foot_mark_cb "android:id="
Wrap_content "android:layout_width="
Wrap_content "android:layout_height="
True "android:layout_alignParentLeft="
15dp "android:layout_marginLeft="
True "android:layout_centerInParent="
10dp "android:paddingLeft="
            Android:button= "@drawable/common_radionbutton_selector"
Select "android:text="
12sp "android:textSize="
#333333 "android:textColor="

The key is "@drawable/common_radionbutton_selector", as follows:

<? Version= encoding= "1" XML "UTF-8" >
Xmlns:android= <selector "" >
<item android:drawable= "@drawable/common_rb_checked" android:state_enabled= "true" android:state_focused= "true" / >
<item android:drawable= "@drawable/common_rb_checked" android:state_enabled= "true" android:state_pressed= "true" / >
<item android:drawable= "@drawable/common_rb_checked" android:state_enabled= "true" android:state_selected= "true" / >
<item android:drawable= "@drawable/common_rb_checked" android:state_checked= "true" android:state_enabled= "true" / >
<item android:drawable= "@drawable/common_rb_nomal" / >

Then you can achieve the effect you want, such asCommon_rb_checked picture is UI to cut, ha ha

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