Using notifyDataSetChanged (notifyDataSetInvalidated) and HorizontalListView ()

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Today in the project to use the level of ListView control HorizontalListView, but also I am looking for an open source HorizontalListView directly in the project to use. I put the HorizontalListView in the Tab can be switched in the use of the time found a small problem: when switching TAB page, update the corresponding adapter data, call the notifyDataSetChanged adapter () method found that the desired effect, after the online check up, just know:

NotifyDataSetInvalidated listview (notifyDataSetChanged) and horizontal (and vertical) usage just opposite listview,NotifyDataSetInvalidated () this method will refresh the listview interface, and NotifyDataSetChanged () this to change the interface.

So when I click on the TAB switch, to update the data, call the adapter.notifyDataSetInvalidated () method to achieve the desired effect.

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