Android network loading framework: Picasso brief introduction

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Has not used the Picasso image to load the framework, today with the next, very easy to use, simple to write a note!
* Android network loading framework: Picasso, open source address:Http://
* the framework is developed by Square Android for the development of a set of graphics cache framework to achieve the picture download and cache function
* merit:
* can load local and network pictures
* easy to achieve image transformation operations, such as the size of the change, rotation, etc.
* when you use ListView in Adapter, you can cancel and recycle the current download operation in Adapter.

Public Class MainActivity Extends Activity{
    //ImageView control
    PrivateLoader_iv ImageView;
    / / pictures address (a Baidu just to find)
    PrivateUrl= String"Http:// Detail=";
    Protected Void OnCreate(savedInstanceState Bundle) {
        Auto-generated method stub / / TODO
        Super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
SetContentView (R.layout.activity_main);
Loader_iv= (ImageView) findViewById (;
LoadHttpImage ();
OtherMethod ();
    By using the framework of Picasso / / add network image to ImageView, generally only one line of code can be written
    Private Void LoadHttpImage(1)
Picasso.with (This(.Load (URL).Into (loader_iv);/ / this put pictures on the URL to loader_iv ImageView on the loading
    Several other commonly used methods of /
    Private Void OtherMethod(1)
        //1, image conversion, convert image size to reduce memory usage
Picasso.with (This(.Load (URL).Resize () ()Sixty,Sixty(.CenterCrop ().Into () (loader_iv);The 60 is the size of the picture.
        //2, set the picture to load the error when the picture shows
Picasso.with (This(.Load (URL).Error (R.drawable.ic_launcher).Into (loader_iv) ();
        //3, set the picture to load the kind of picture display
Picasso.with (This(.Load (URL).Placeholder (R.drawable.ic_launcher).Into (loader_iv) ();
        //3, load the local file image, such as the asserts file under the picture
Picasso.with (This.load () () ()"File:///android_asset/test.png"(.Into) (loader_iv);


Remember to add Picasso related jar packages and network permissions before use.

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