Android development resources recommended in the second quarter

Turn from:, D CPU Android monitoring ideas, ideas, core technology and code Http:// General analysis of App /Task/Stack Android Http://www...
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Android open various types of file method summary

Turn from the original:, thanks w Very simple, by calling the intent system, we can open a variety of documents, not familiar with the friends can understand the next action, datatype, URI, the relevant knowledge. General methods are as follows: [java] view Plaincopyprint? ...
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Using HTTP services in Android

Turn from the original:, thanks wvyb In Android, in addition to the use of package under the API access to HTTP services, we can also change a way to complete the work. SDK Android comes with HttpClient's API Apache. HttpClient Apache is a perfect HTTP client, which provides a pair of HTTP...
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Android in dealing with the collapse of the exception

The original turn from: As we all know, now installed Android mobile phone version and equipment vary widely, in the simulator running good program mounted to a mobile phone maybe there is phenomenon of collapse, individual developers can not buy one by one all the equipment debugging, so the program hair cloth after go out, if there is a breakdown, developers should be timely access to information on the equipment lead to the collapse of the, which for the next version...
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WebView Android development problems and optimization summary

We are in the process of combining native with web pages, it will inevitably encounter some of the common problems of WebView. On my current development problems encountered in the process and the final optimization program will be listed here. There are some individuals a commonplace talk of an old scholar, work out solutions. The following is the arrangement of some dry cargo. 1 speed up the completion of the HTML page loading speed By default HTML code is downloaded to the WebKit, WebView start parsing each node, found that there is an external style file or an external script file, will be different...
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Android database master Cheats (four) - use LitePal to establish the association table

Reproduced please indicate the source: At present, we have to LitePal usage have a certain understanding, learned to use LitePal to create table and updating table, so today let us together to advanced, to explore how to use LitePal a table and the relationship between the tables. Have not read the previous article of a friend recommended to refer to the first Master Android database (three) -...
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Android database master Cheats (three) - the use of LitePal to upgrade the table

The directory (?) [+] The traditional way to upgrade the table using the LitePal upgrade table Reproduced please indicate the source: In the last article, we learned the basic usage of LitePal, and experience the convenience of using the framework to create table operations. However, as we all know, creating a table is just one of the most basic steps in database operations. We created the table structure at the beginning with the changes in demand...
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Android database master Cheats (two) - basic usage and create table LitePal

Reproduced please indicate the source: In the last article, we learned some basic knowledge about Android database, and several useful SQLite commands, which are directly in the command line operation. But we all know that database is to program and combined in use, alone on a database to Zo deletion check operation and no meaning, so today we are going to learn about how the Android...
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Master Android database (1) - SQLite command.

Android database master Cheats (a) SQLite command - Classification: The Android 2014-09-04 09:107247 database master cheats people read comments (42) collection report SQLite master LitePal Android database. Reproduced please indicate the source:
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Android development of multi-level drop-down list menu to achieve (like the United States, Taobao, etc.)

We used in the electricity supplier or tourism APP, such as the U.S. group, mobile phone Taobao, etc., are able to see that there is a kind of drop-down list of the two list menu. Specific as shown in figure: (should be required to provide download address: The above two pictures is a list of the U.S. group's two list of a display. I believe that a lot of people want to develop a function with it into their own APP. Good...
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